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    Hello DBONU Community, A new server update is up, thanks for your patience. To Download the Updated version of the game, please visit: System Fixes: Trading system now works. Fixed Scouter slots on client side. Skills now work (Buffs, Debuffs, DOT, and Damage) Skill Buff now saves in the database. Skill Cooldown now saves in the database. “Whisper” now works in the Chat. Play time (Character) + total played time (Account) => need client UI integration RP can now be Charged properly. Scouter Chips now work. Item Attributes now work. Some RP Effects on Skills are now working (Knockdown and Guard Break do not work yet) Consumables (Common items, Popo Items, Food and Potions) now work. Vehicles and Mounts now work. Party target sharing Multiple new objects have been added to the world. Bug Fixes (All issues stated below have been fixed): Learning skills sometimes caused a server crash. Moving around the map when teleporting resulted in a server crash. Mob Respawn time was buggy at some points. Player Characters sometimes had the ability to walk after they die. Players couldn’t see other players casting any skills. Character Arrow sometimes didn’t show up in the minimap. Teleporting to Cities caused some issues. Many server issues were also fixed. Know issue: Auto attack does not work as intended. Mob life is sometimes left unchanged about skill is used Skill duration bonus is not completely working Mob can stay dead on the ground for longer than proper time Party missing features Items are not removed when used (Potions, food, etc) (This issues is intentional as of now!) Dash can be a little buggy when using keyboard. To-Do List: Guard / Counter Skill time & bonus Attributes (funny, honest, etc) Transformation Stats: Super Saiyan Stats: Dodge rate - increased by 30% Hit Rate - increased by 20% Physical offence - increased by 30% Energy offence - increased by 30% Movement speed - increased by 25% Attack speed - increased by 25% Pure Majin Stats: EP - increased by 200% Physical offence - increased by 40% Energy offence - increased by 40% Movement speed - decreased by 20% Hit rate - increased by 10% Dodge rate - increased by 20% Block rate - increased by 20% Curse resistance rate - increased by 10% Attack range - changed to 35 Giant Namek: LP - increased by 30% EP - increased by 30% Physical offence - increased by 30% Energy offence - increased by 30% Physical defense - increased by 200% Energy defense - increased by 200% Movement speed - decreased by 30% Attack speed - increased by 20% Dodge rate - decreased by 20% Block rate - increased by 40% Curse resistance rate - increased by 50% Attack range - changed to 6 Great Namek’s 10 minute time limit has been removed, more EP is drained from usage instead. Kaioken is still under testing. For more information, visit: Development will be paused for a few days after the release of this patch in order to fix the upcoming bugs and features. With much more coming on the way, I wish you all a great time until then, B4D4SS, DBONU Staff
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    Client 2.0 Released Greetings(xd) New Launcher now available along with new registration page. Click the register button on the launcher to register your new registration. But in all seriousness. We have come a long way to bring you this update. There are still quite a few things that don't work properly(TMQ/TLQ for example) We need some die hard bugtesters out here making some bug reports so we can bring you a flawless experience. There have been major overhauls done on both the client and server side of things, and we will bring you patch notes this afternoon. But for now enjoy the smooth goodness of a higher than 60fps experience with tremendously larger render distance. You can download the new launcher from https://universe.dborevelations.com/download/ And you can register your account here: If you have downloaded this launcher already please do so again, there was an update to the launcher to allow self patching. Look forward to seeing you all out there! o7
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    Hello travelers ! Here is some update from the developpement, Authentification server 100% Characters server 95% Game server can log in game and walk around multiplayer almost ready NPC / MOB spawned Attributes are almost correct formulas are almost correct Stay tune for next update ! Atidote, Special thanks to: @luiz45 @SanGawku@ArakJim For keeping me interest of dragon ball online. Thanks guys
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    Update Date: 25th January 2019 Update Details: Server Stability has been increased. Korin Tower has been added to the map. Damage notifications added (Hit, miss, critical, dodge, etc.). Skills and items now have IDs for ease of identification and translation. Bug with inventory bags going off screen when opened has been fixed. Bug with setclass has been fixed. Bug with Skills not showing for other players has been fixed. Crash due to playertypes becoming nullpointers has been fixed. Player position syncing has had multiple fixes. Preparation for player scaling. New Gui for player scaling added. Some slight modifications to the Character Creation Screen have been made. Game logo changed. Other Details: Kami's Lookout has been re-textured and redesigned to fit what it truly looks like rather than being boring and empty. For those who support this project, thank you so much for your support. Our most sincere regards to all of those who will continue to support us. With much more coming on the way, I wish you all a great time until then, B4D4SS, DBONU Staff
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    Hello community, I only would to make some clarification about our CashShop goal. 1) Not a P2W. 2) Only item that don't affect gameplay will be sell. 3) Almost only cosmetics (Almost because we don't know if Vehicle etc will be on Shop but again not stone or cheat item) 4) CashShop will be one of the system wich will allow the server to keep runing 5) The other is patreon wich allow you to support us monthly: https://www.patreon.com/dbour Or to use the forum donation: https://universe.dborevelations.com/forum/donate/ Thanks for all your support
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    Here is a small overview of recent things done in this update. Added GM tag for GMs.(Now you know who is really a GM) Fixed a bug in DRP Fixed multiple crash bugs in Cell Games Area. Fixed multiple crash bugs in Buu Memorial Area. A work in progress Stats tab has been added to the character page. *You will see why its WIP* Several performance fixes on the client. Thanks for taking a look, have fun bug hunting. -SanGawku
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    Here is a short overview of the patch notes with the latest patch. Fixed scouter placement bug Fixed multiple crashes with some animations being incorrectly defined Updated several 3rd party libraries for more modern ones. Increase Dash Distance Fixed Client Crashing on client close Fix Client Disconnect without notified. Discord Rich Presence Fixes. Added New Tatami in Karin Town Fixed Mound of Poop on Dojo login screen. Keep your eyes out for more fixes and content coming your way. Along with keeping your eyes out for these patch notes. We will be doing them more often. Other than just saying "New patch out, fixed things, etc"
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    Freebattle, repair mechanics has been completed. Buff data and cooldown are now save on database. Durability and item attributes has been fixed. Exchange is on the way. Update will be delayed for unknow time due to alot of rework because of skill attributes wich are taking alot of time. 14/01/2019: A very big refactoring of attributes has been done, we had to rework all attributes logic to fit with Skills (buff / debuff) and item at the same time.
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    Hello Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Community. First of all, on behalf of the team I would like to welcome everyone to Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations. The purpose of this thread, is to help explain to you all about Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations as a project, how the merge came to be, and to hopefully answer any related questions you might have. Dragon Ball Online Revelations This was the original emulation/private server project that the community from dbocom decided to support/work upon. This project was lead by @Luke[Dumke], however throughout the life cycle of this project there were many setbacks that occurred due to unfortunate circumstances. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, it lead the project to be put on hiatus. Dragon Ball Online New Universe Fast forward to 2018, the birth of a new project Dragon Ball Online New Universe. This project was lead by @SanGawku, who was the main developer for the project (along with the help of others). This project gained traction through mainly the use of discord, in which there were members with talents discovered. Talents such as, modeling and animation, and being skilled in graphics design. The Merge (Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations) As Dragon Ball Online Revelations had still a big following, although lost developers, it was decided that it would be beneficial for both projects to combine their strengths and make the ultimate and final Dragon Ball Online server. DBO R had many resources that DBO NU utilize, while DBO NU had the people to make use of those resources. It was decided a merge would be the best course of action to take, as therefore years of work was not lost while still retaining a fresh new start for the community. The goal of Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations is still the same that DBO R and DBO NU, which is to create/replicate and bring back a functional Dragon Ball Online server for the community in which we as a community can experience once again. DBOUR aims to be the top Dragon Ball Online server with an active playerbase with also succeeding past the original game (by including additional content), which is more than the original Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong servers had to offer. Thank you for the constant support that you all give all of us throughout this journey. It's certainly been a long one (for those that have been around since 2013), and hopefully you will join us for when we finally reach our destination. If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to ask in this thread, or contact myself or another staff member over discord, as we would be happy to clarify any queries you may have. Regards, Tempest DBOUR Staff
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    Hello community ! We just release the server update, the V2 is not complete yet, we are running over several headache with skill Here is the patch : Several client crash fixed. Repair system Respawn fix (staying dead state even after clicking respawn) Party sharing zeni text Swap item between different bag Attributes logic to get it ready for skills / item (debuff / buff) Freebattle V1 (pvp) Trading incomplete Cooldown and buff save on database an reload at login Skill casting animation Mob move Better Mob AI Kokarra BUS (incomplete) Several server performance improvement Item use (only food atm is mostly handled) Aggro Critical known issue: Swimming can make you stuck First login you can't move till you click Mob respawn time Please refer to https://universe.dborevelations.com/forum/index.php?/forum/23-bug/ to get all current known bug. Reminder: Skills are not working as they should, we only manage it to deal damage +- correct, do not open Bug issue containing skill bug complain. Thanks for all your support much love
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    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is this topic all about? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here you will be informed about DBOUR Client and what this client missing, what might be added/changed and so on. As you all know, at least those who care about this project, you asked yourself, what to expect in client. In order to explain it to you, I will make list of stuffs, what does exist/what might exist. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What to expect in DBOUR Client right now! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scouter System ( I would not call it NEW but for those who never saw it before, it is new) Skill Tree ( It have a bit different order of skills in skill tree) Skill Tree Level up ( Now in order to learn/level up skills you will need to visit NPC Skill masters) Missing Skills in Skill Tree ( Since it is a bit older client that latest retail one, some skills does not exist here) Missing maps textures ( Some maps are not even added since this client is based on cap 55/60 ) Events ( Dragon Ball Hunt is currently event that only works, you need to get Dragon Radar Chip from Scouter NPC to hunt dragon balls and mobs needs to be 5 level higher or same level as you) Tutorial ( Currently it does not work, press cancel when you see that option) TLQ ( Currently all Time Leap Quests does not work, that means you won't be able to get dash, charge, guard ) Flying ( Currently does not exist, but will be added in future ) Quests ( Some of quests work and those that might not, will be fixed shortly ) Korin does not spawn ( Korin le mighty cat, does not spawn in his temple soo adult quest, adult form and class change can not be achieved and this will be fixed shortly ) War Fog Revealers ( They work but still needs to save progress in database, will be fixed ) UD's/TMQ's ( Currently does not work ) Token Shop ( Token shop somewhat works but you still can't exchange tokens for items in it and it might be changed/edited in future) Cash Shop ( It does not exist ) Upgrade System ( Upgrade system is different it require different types of upgrade materials ) Gear Disassembly ( Still needs to be added so you can get craft materials ) Crafting System ( It does not work for now) Party System ( It works and it might need some tweaks ) Character Stats ( Unlike TW, KR retail stats are better in every way and are added in this client ) PVP/PVE Balance ( Currently idea is to make server, client workable without bugs, crash and freezes, after that expect balance based on KR or even better) BID's ( Currently this does not even exist in this client, since maps are missing ) CCBD ( Currently it does work in some parts, but still it needs to be edited and new floors added with maps) Guild ( It does not work, nor any of its features including guild bank, guild mail and similar ) Mail System ( It does work ) Auction System ( Since it is old client, currently it does not even exist ) Private Shop ( Currently does not work ) Account Shared Bank ( Entire bank storage is accessible via any character on same account) Bus System ( Needs to be fixed ) Teleporters ( You can teleport to other maps via Yadrat NPC to teleporters in maps you unlocked ) Pet Mascots ( They are currently does not work ) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What to expect in DBOUR Client in future ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skill Tree Updated ( It might get latest cap 70 look with same order) Skill Tree Level up Updated ( It might be changed to retail so you can upgrade skills by pressing + on skills) Missing Skills in Skill Tree Updated ( All skills that were added in retail might be added back) Missing maps textures Updated ( All maps that existed will be added back to prepare client for CAP 70 with all previous content ) Pet System ( Pets added, fixed ) Events ( All retail events will be added, some edited and new events added as well ) Tutorial ( It will be fixed) TLQ ( Time Leap Quests will be fixed and you will be able to get dash, charge, guard ) Flying ( Will be added and it will be added high speed flying as well ) Quests ( Most of quests work and those that might now, will be fixed shortly ) Korin will Spawn ( adult quest and master class quests ) War Fog Revealers ( Will be fixed 100% ) UD's/TMQ's ( Will be fixed ) Token Shop ( Token shop will be fixed and it might be changed/edited in future) Token Shop ( Edited and it might not be AFK Farm but it will require to move your ass and get tokens instead ) Cash Shop Added ( It will not be P2W, but it will have some cosmetic and other stuffs that still needs to be decided ) Upgrade System ( Upgrade system is different it require different types of upgrade materials ) Gear Disassembly ( Still needs to be added so you can get craft materials ) Crafting System ( It does not work for now) PVP/PVE Balance ( Currently idea is to make server, client workable without bugs, crash and freezes, after that expect balance based on KR or even better) BID's ( Will be fixed ) CCBD ( All bosses, all floors and all rewards added, including fixed craft recipes, gears in NPC outside of CCBD ) Guild ( Will be fixed/added and will work, with all of its features including guild bank, guild mail and similar ) Auction System ( Will be added in future ) Private Shop ( Will be fixed shortly) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: In case I missed some parts, send me DM on discord or on forum and inform me to change them. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    15/05/2019 Major features: Bank is now account based Some new moderation commands have been added for GM / SA Some new debug commands too to allow us do some deep in game testing (quest related debug) Some name checks at creation has been added to avoid racist nicknames. Bug fixes: Dragon Ball event fixed Tutorial temporarily removed Network socket wasn't deleted on logout (memory leak) Faint/death by using a 'casting' skill is fixed. mob movement should be back to normal. Duplicated skills on save is now fully fixed Using a bike multiple times to get a speed hack is fixed All Quests Mobs / NPCs have been removed from the map (will be only spawned by quests) => (implementation in progress) Possibility to learn skills between classes fix (upcoming in future update don't learn another classes skill, It can result in your character(s) to be required to be deleted.) Map Revealer progress is now saved Items upgrade remove now stones. Items upgrade now removes broken items (rates need to be adjusted with your return) Moving item stack sometimes made your game crash when the stack was greater than the max stack Fixed Kaioken reuse issue Cant use vehicle anymore if you are transformed you will need to cancel the transform first (includes Kaioken) Nerfs: Mobs damage decrease by 15% Tweaks: Auto attack speed has been increased by 0.3s Auto attack damage increased by 5% Crashes fixed: 5 Known issues: Several quests are not working Generally the interaction of the world object quests are what don't currently work. Tutorial is not working if you hit OK you'll be teleported to your starting point instead the tutorial now. Bank Moving a stack on another stack is not implemented yet Due to the major update with account & inventory, A character wipe is planned once the update is released.
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    Hello, everyone! Welcome to all new players who have joined us in our universal adventure, thank you so much to everyone who supports us. We are extremely thankful for your patience and love! Here's some information about the Download link that everyone has been asking for so much... Where is the download link? Even though the forums are available, the game's download link is not. Our development team is currently working on some big updates, so the servers will be up soon! We apologize for the inconvenience. We all have ideas for improvements that can be made for this project, but you must understand that everyone on all the teams are not paid, none of us have this as our jobs. We've all put time, effort, heartache and sweat into building this community, and we all do it out of love for this game! I hope you all have a great morning/afternoon, and I look forward to seeing you guys in game when our download link is posted! Thank you. Stay Tuned With Us♡
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    Hey there. Small patch for you guys today. Client Performance fixes for the client Added Fight Indicator on status bar. Fixed bug with some admin tools Fixed aggro conditions. (within 5 levels of the mobs to be chased) Some graphical changes on the character creation menu. Added A couple GM items so you know who we are. Added more options to option window Added "Your name" toggle to turn it off Added "Other Names" toggle to turn all other names off Texture updates All windows are now in English. Attack Textures Updated with English (Thanks Ebon) Server Character deletion timer Mob energy overflow Fix auto attack from command Test with auto attack smoother Aggro on direct damage Party timer increased to 10 minutes Scouter value fix Might have some more for you guys later today Dragonball Black GIF from Dragonball GIFs
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    Can you please stop killing my mob !!! This is a very first version not prod ready !
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    09/07/2019 Added 'Superior' drop table. Updated all items to Latest Version. Updated Merchant(s) to Latest Version. Add All Latest Items to devdata. Updated Item property Data. Add All Latest Item DFF. Add all Latest Item Animations. Updated Mini-map GUI for new scouter types. Add Master Class Conversion. (Still requires GM). Add Child/Adult Conversion. (Still requires GM). Add random grade to rank 2 items or higher on drop. Convert to Latest Item table, Merchant Table and Newbie Tables. Enabled Netpy shop (Token Shop) Several minor Crash Fixes. Fix crash for Passive Skills Fix Crash for Equipping Items. Fixed crash for consumables. Fix a crash in Trigger System when the rewards table can't be found. Fixed Crash when you have invalid NPC jobs. Updated Skills to be Learn-able without a skill master. Added Channel tags to chat. Fix some logic for showing level on mini-map. Update several functions that required changes due to new item struct. Fixes in the mob structures to actually use the increased rates for XP and Loot Increase available darkness on chat windows. Fix sell price bug Fixed error with incorrect Netpy cost. Fixed items that expire to have actual time on them. Fix Mini-map for Dragon Balls Fix for a couple hairstyles clipping
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    Greetings, The tools from DBOCOM are now live on our site (Skill Calculator, World Map and Translator), as-well as our own emblem creator. You can find them in the navigation bar above and on our Home or below; Skill Calculator World Map Emblem Creator If you're interested DBOCOM has gone in-depth on the basics of skills in DBO, and which skills have anime/manga inspirations. You can find that here: http://dbocom.com/skills/ While you're there, feel free to explore the history of DBO, as DBOCOM was the #1 Community Hub for DBO while it was alive. I've also gone an extra step and re-designed them and added some extra features, the Translate Tool will available to those with the Translator rank, which we'll be giving out after we've reached a stable alpha, we'll announce when that is. Skill Calculator The Skill Calculator is now Mobile Friendly. (You can use the Tool on Mobile) You can download the Skill Calculator App on Mobile using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari by using the "Add to Home Screen" in the menu. You can save the Build via either Bookmarking the page once you're done, or by sharing the url generated. You may notice the skills/values don't match up with ours in game, we're working towards these however. Emblem Creator The Emblem Creator is now Mobile Friendly. (You can use the Tool on Mobile) You can download the Emblem Creator App on Mobile after first visiting the tool using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari by using the "Add to Home Screen" in the menu. You can preview what the emblem will look like using our Simple Preview, use the arrows to change race. You can directly save an emblem to a device, or share it via url. (on Desktop/PC you can download or share via right-clicking the large emblem and choosing either "Save as" or "Copy". World Map The World Map is now Mobile Friendly. (You can use the Tool on Mobile) You can download the World Map App on Mobile after first visiting the tool using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari by using the "Add to Home Screen" in the menu. You can mark and share locations with other players by right-clicking an area to mark a location and sending them a link. You may notice the Revealers/Teleporters don't match up with ours in game, we're working towards these however. Translator The Translator is now Mobile Friendly. (You can use the Tool on Mobile) You can now download the Translator App on Mobile after first visiting the tool using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari by using the "Add to Home Screen" in the menu. The Translator Theme has been upgraded to Dark Mode. The Ability to Download all of your contributions. The Ability to Download the translation efforts thus far This works for all the currently supported languages
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    Some update ! We were working on a side project for some days so the server developpement was suspend. It was a full rework of the launcher which will be release soon there is some missing design ! Some roadmap update, Almost all skill integration is complete, only missing some feature such as "casting time down" - "keep time up / down". Transform are complete too, missing time duration, (GN 10 minutes). -> will maybe be reworked for improvement. Some of the feature as: Bank, Party missing feature will maybe be delayed into another update to release this one as soon as possible.
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    Nothing to show but some news: We fixed major client crash due to some bad data sent from the server. Some perf upgrade. Mob get a better logic, and some random move. Aggro system has been added. We realized we don't have any path table, so we'll have to make them by ourself. Skill are such a pain we are skill working on.
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    Spending money is the best thing ever ! Let's do some shopping.
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    During the last few day we've made a big rework on the server: The entire server has been review due to the lasts freezes & cpu usage we've encounter. Over 10000 lines of code has been edited, review and optimised. From the data loading, network packet management, network core, memory allocations. The last version pushed on live (23/05/2019 : 9:30pm) may be the most stable & powerfull version we made until now. There is still alot of optimisation to make on the server, there is still possible crash to expect dur to the amount of code review. We'll keep working on side on the quests system and some other incomming surpise. The useless Atidote,
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    It's been a long time my old friend. 11/05/2019 Major features: Broly (DBS Movie, Currently has DBZ voice will be replaced for release) Quest system (isn't fully implemented yet, but able to complete all quests without interaction of object) Dragon Ball Event Party share target Open PVP (allows you to be in PvP all the time) Warfog ( Map Revealers ) Upgrade System (functional, but not fully implemented) Dungeon Map System (functional, not fully implemented) CPU management optimisation EventManager (allows us to plan events) Banned names at character creation (more to come) Bug fixes: Cell management for small maps were all incorrect. Mobs collided with hit-box when fighting Mob properties has been reduce by 0.15% Players collided with hit-box when fighting Free Battle fixes (Duel) When a player had logged out in a dungeon, they were teleported to the entrance Upgrade system was not upgrading the items Inventory and skills weren't being saved On use of buff ( Lvl 1) expire and upgrade to ( Lvl 2 ); as it was possible to stack them Added possibility to get dismount from bike of 10% chances (when hit) Added fix for when you faint while on the bike which was giving you speed hack Dragon Ball event reward was not given Dragon Ball event drop rate set at 7% Dragon Ball event sometimes all 7 dragon balls were dropped from a single mob Dragon Balls were not removed after a wish was granted Trading issues Consumable items at use should now be deleted (Report if they don't) Lots of issues fixed with our MySQL implementation Buff drop is now removing the buff even at re-login Map manager fixes; west city is now accessible Nerfs: Auto attack speed has been increased by 0.3s Auto attack damage reduced by 20% Crashes fixed: 12 Deadlocks: 3 Known issues: Upgrade system doesn't remove stones or broken item yet. Several quests are not working Generally the interact with world object quests are what don't currently work. Tutorial is not working Please press cancel when asked to start tutorial after creating a new account for now
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    Currently we are looking for 2-3 Content creators for the server. They will be in charge of adding new content to the game. Currently, we are looking for people to add new maps/quest lines to the game. Shortly we will have quests working so right now the main thing is to add new areas to the game. We have a suite of tools available for this reason specifically. (World editor, quest editor, cinema editor) If you are interested drop an application in the Staff Application form with your experience and other important infos you can find in the staff application announcement thread. Looking forward to hear from some future content creators. -SanGawku
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    A few suggestions I would like to address, First of all, I am not sure why TW murdered Disastrous Blow, I think 50% range decrease maybe a bit much but I don't think dropping it down to 10% instead was a good idea. I would personally start it at 30% and level 2 should be around 40% (I believe it didn't have more than 2 SP). Attack Speed should drop to 20% for 1/2 (instead of 26%) and should become 30% for 2/2. I really dislike this skill, so do you two it seems, but I disagree on how to change it. In a 5v5, a party is very hard to kill when there is a DW and an Ultimate present, there is too much tankiness (for lack of a better word) going on in one side. Buffing and small heals can be very annoying to deal with. That being said, I think having it be an AoE Grab would be a generally bad idea that will cause nasty setups. My suggestion makes it pretty useful the way I see it. Increase your Hit rate by a % and Decreases your own Dodge Rate by a 5. Hit rate: 1/5 = +5% 2/5 = +8% 3/5 = +12% 4/5 = +15% 5/5 = +25% Dodge rate: 1/5 = -5% 2/5 = -8% 3/5 = -12% 4/5 = -16% 5/5 = -20% Duration is 10 minutes instead of 1 minute. Same Cooldown, Same EP Usage. Reasoning behind this is because I was the one to consistently nag at the DBOG team back when I was a Mod about a change to the Passive "EP Boost" from EP to FOC. The change was later implemented. If we do the same, we'll be trying to copy them (even if the idea was originally mine, the community will see it negatively). So instead of doing that, make this skill have that effect! The reason for decrease in Dodge rate is simply because there is no use for it to begin with (and I personally think Dodge and Hit rate should work differently) Otherwise, I would keep it with just increasing hit rate. A simple increase in Damage and effective range will help this skill go long ways. Change to 10m Radius instead of 8m. Later, when % Damage is discussed more closely, we will have a better idea of where this skill should be in terms of damage output. Adding a KD effect to this skill at level 2 will help DW very well in PvP. That also means this skill's cooldown needs to be increased. I am heavily against adding a KD effect to this skill because I think giving an AoE move a KD effect generally gives bad results. I am also against giving this skill any sort of CC effect. However, a change to it will be decrease opponent's Dodge Rate. 1/5 = -10% 2/5 = -15% 3/5 = -20% 4/5 = -25% 5/5 = -30% You can see what I'm doing here. Just slightly decrease the gap between hit rate and dodge rate so DW has an easier time landing a hit. Same Duration, Cooldown will be changed to 15 seconds instead of 12. EP Usage stays the same. Instead of making this just a Taunt curse, this will have no Curse properties (meaning it doesn't revolve around Success rate and Resistance Rate). A reliable taunt that works 100% of the time instead of missing it against CC bosses 3 times in a row -.- These are some of the changes I would like to see being buffed in the DW toolkit. Have Fun, B4D4SS
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    Hey ya'll, hope you're doing well! So I wanted to start a discussion for both the purposes of both helping others as well as myself. As many of you are aware TW (Taiwan) was the main server that most of us have played on and is the server that DBOR and DBOG were based on. While the different projects had their own takes and changes, it was still based around the same core meta, and concepts. And as you may know, DBONU is instead using KR (Korea) as its server and while adding TW elements in, is going to be primarily based around KR's system. To be honest, I really don't know ANYTHING about KR. I know it was different and more "balanced", but I'm very unclear as to why and in what ways, and how the game overall played differently. I am also guessing I am not the only one who is in the blank about this, as I've been running into people that didn't even know KR existed. It seems to have been a much more unknown server compared to the far more utilized TW. Therefore, I would like to ask those of you who either played KR or are well versed in its mechanics and gameplay if you could explain to us, those who aren't familiar with it, what the key differences between it and TW were as well as just how people played the game in general. I'm aware DBONU will have its own balancing and its own changes, but understanding the core gameplay will help understand what to expect as well as what improvements could be made, what could be added, and just understand more about DBO's origins as a whole. I feel like this discussion has a lot of benefit to it, and so I pass off the question to you all. Thanks!
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    Hellooo ! Here some news about the current server developpement, - Lot of server crash fix (related to teleporter and learning skill) - Skill a close to be completed (still need some work with) - Scouter chip are now enabled - Rp bonus are working (knockdown - guard crash not yet) - Added some better calculation on fighting - Guard not ready yet, same for counter attack - Server optimisation Some record from skills: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyp5qyifrlyzc7v/2019-01-27_21-37-59.mp4?dl=0 Hope to bring the update soon !
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    Here some update, We are working on: Party Mail Bank Item / Zenny drop Chat (shout / say to begging with) Fighting (auto attack / basic skills) Async networking This will result of the first major update once all the bug fixed and a possible open test release.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5dr0u00a6nc9o0f/2018-11-03_21-42-21.mp4?dl=0 Some advanced fight, still working on, pretty hard.
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    Deal with skills and formula !
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    Can now load Taiwan World files.
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    Some advance fight test, This is not the final result. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqak2ed5hamdf3f/2018-10-28_18-06-46.mp4?dl=0
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    Welcome, DBOUR Players Sorry, the past few update patch notes weren't the most in depth, I will try my best here to explain everything. Some of these changes you might already know about, but never put explicitly in previous patch notes. In-Game Changes: Text Size Increased. Added Hourly notifications. Open PvP Battles by command now work. Netpy points now accumulate. Dragon Balls drop during hunt. Party: LP and EP values are displayed numerically, not by percent values. Characters: Name Rendering distance increased from 40 to 100. Frame Rate: Increased from 55 to 200 FPS. Textures: Rendering distance increased for both Objects and Terrains. New Levels: 256 → 512 → 1024 → 2048 Old Levels: 200 → 300 → 400 → 512 Upgrade Rates have been changed. Old New 1 100% 100% 2 80% 100% 3 30% 100% 4 60% 100% 5 30% 100% 6 20% 100% 7 0% 70% 8 20% 70% 9 10% 50% 10 5% 50% 11 0% 30% 12 2% 20% 13 0% 10% 14 0% 5% 15 0% 3% Break Rate on item rarity has been changed Old New Common 50 25 Uncommon 60 30 Excellent 70 35 Rare 80 40 Legendary 90 55 Miscellaneous Changes: Several Server Crash issues were fixed. Login Screen has been changed to the DBOUR. The multi-client feature has been disabled. An In-Client Bug Reporter feature has been added. Modding Feature: a folder has been added for YOU (the player) to add textures, GUIs, music, sound effects, ETC. To add a modded texture for a specific item, put your correctly formatted file into For Example: If you want to replace the existing SSJ Texture, you would put the "ik_super_saiyan_01.png" in "mods/texture/effect/" and the client will load your new one as a replacement of the older one! Easy as 1, 2, 3. WORK-IN-PROGRESS Changes: (These are the changes you might expect in the upcoming patch notes) Increased amount of Hair Styles increased amount of Hair Colors. An all new "Who's Online" Menu to help players out. Added Sound Effects on Scripted entities. New Textures, Sound Effects, and Music to be added in. Please Stay Tuned for further updates, and thank you very much for your very appreciated support! DBOUR
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    This is the part where it's time for this thread to be locked. After silently sitting back and watching this thread unfold, it's become apparent that @ExaltedGeico can no longer be treated seriously. Go spread your propaganda regarding that garbage project somewhere else. Propaganda regarding that project in any kind, is not allowed on this forum. Thread locked and this time the decision is final.
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    Behind the scenes, rare footage of dbonr born.
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    No, players running dual/multiple clients should not be allowed, for the following reasons: It will make the game more accessible and actually assist players who run third party software (such as botting software) which will have a ton of negative implications (zeni sellers) being one of them. The player base becomes more introverted, which impacts the overall activity of the server. Back in DBO TW/KR/HK (when you didn't have players who ran 100 clients at once) the game was overall more enjoyable. Buffers felt more useful and helpful, and same for other classes. It risks for the population of the server to decrease. Due to the player base becoming more introverted, players just rely on themselves. This is a problem because there are some events such as dragon ball scramble, and dojo war which you need other people. Not to mention, if botters become a problem this also encourages people to quit. You can see with those reasons listed above, that if we want DBO NU to be an overall healthy and active server, it's best for dual/multi clients to be disabled. Don't believe me? Go look at that failed DBO project that allows dual/multi clients to be run. There were countless threads being made as to why the community was unhappy with dual/multi clients, and hundreds of complaints made on a daily basis about issues that would arise. The leadership of that project was just outright filled with stupid buffoon's who didn't care about the community or the complaints. DBO NU actually cares about the community/player base and the server, and that is why dual/multi clienting will be disabled. If you dislike it, please re-read my post again. Unfortunately there are too many negative consequences that come along with the decision of allowing players to dual/multi client.
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    Those who voted YES But for some reason, your poll says "". Seems like you bugged it somehow. Either way, this is not a topic that is open for Discussion. Dual Clienting ruins every game it is ever allowed in, there is enough evidence to prove it. Want a buffer? Ask for one, that's why the game is online and relies on forming alliances. Can't get one? Tough luck, the game is not meant to be that EASY. Have Fun!
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    Some of the same tools. A lot of the tools we have reworked for our specific causes, and we have made several of our own tools as well. For example, a Table editor for all the files in game, and several other tools we won't disclose.
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    Just wait til you get Mac banned for using cheat engine... ahhh that will be nice. I have done pentesting for the last several years, and implemented my own anticheat on "The WarZ" as well. Don't worry cheaters will be dealt with harshly.
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    Some night coding: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm0se30t3auwcsg/2019-02-03_22-38-41.mp4?dl=0 Trade should now be fully working.
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    We are moving onto V2 wich will include: Here some preview from what we work on this weekend. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nn684bbzya7g4py/2018-12-16_14-11-28.mp4?dl=0
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    Newest Progress On Client. We can now import custom models, and objects into game.
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    It seem every entity we are adding in the game add a delay to the server, we are investigating on it.
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    Added zenny drop, mob exp + levelup. No database save at the moment. Some crash fix.
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    Hello, Since the poll has voted yes, The account shared banking has been successfully implemented; https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhoe9em4clrsoxl/2019-05-14_23-54-47.mp4?dl=0 I'm fixing some remaining issues and this should be available on the next server patch! Atidote.
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    that Dude suggested Everything lmao