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  1. Dumke

    You're welcome.
  2. Dumke

    As we make further updates, Windows 7 will increasingly have more issues as It has be completely discontinued by Microsoft. However we will provide any work-rounds or support that we can provide for users on that platform.
  3. Dumke

    You can pick up high rarity items using cap lock. We manually add to the filter ourselves, we eventually can make it customizable, and that will be later down the track.
  4. Dumke

    Excuse the poor German, Spiel- und Forenkonten sind unterschiedlich.
  5. Dumke

    We just launched a new patch, is it still doing it now?
  6. Dumke

    That's wonderful news. For reference, how did you solve your issue?
  7. Dumke

    Is your Mailbox, full? Clear some mail and then click refresh.
  8. Dumke

  9. Dumke

    You don't see this post in the announcements channel?
  10. Dumke

    Sounds like your anti virus has deleted the game files. possibly delete the file in dbour/game/user/systemEnv.txt
  11. Dumke

    https://universe.dborevelations.com/download You are running an outdated client. (3.85GB Download)
  12. Dumke

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?
  13. Dumke

    For anyone else wondering, you can just press the toggle video button. or just mute the launcher in the volume mixer. Whatever gets your Ki up.