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  1. Dumke

    https://universe.dborevelations.com/home/usercp/ If you can't log in to this, either you've been making forum accounts, or the account doesn't exist on the game server.
  2. Dumke

    No, I was under the assumption it was the account name, the character does exist, I've just confirmed this.
  3. Dumke

    if Soyo is the account name, it unfortunately does not exist anymore.
  4. Included in the Download We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location. If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you do download another version you will need to uninstall the current install. Until we put up a new installer you will need this launcher. https://dbour.xyz/DBOURLauncherUpdate.zip You can now clear the cache on your own characters using @reload use this after using "FIX" from the user control panel or after being asked by a staff member. Bitter Tea, Turtle Book, and Autopots are now disabled in Budokai. Dragon Ball Hunt is now 18 hours a day. https://universe.dborevelations.com/forum/calendar/4-event/ Starting at 1am Server Time Sunday, starting one hour later each day to 6am Server Time, on Saturday. Dragon Ball Hunt is now also enabled on Thursday as it previously wasn't. NEW COSMETICS God of Destruction For all races and genders now Several Commission Pieces Bababi's Majin Mark Mask Teen Gohan (Piccolo/Blue) Xeno Gotenks Dogi for all races and classes View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ doesn't give Experience Fixed Crashed due to unable to read skill table F5 crashing the client, due to the client thinking it was still in lobby. Fixed several kid sounds from using their adult sounds instead Including Pure Majin's Charge Changed the main world spawn location from "the mountains" to eureka park Fixed Flash Slash for now Fixed Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 for Hair 19 on Human Male Child & Adult Fixed the attachment of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Two Hairs on Human Male Childs Changed the design on the launcher Patching information show be a lot more visible now Using the launchers auto updater again it should now automatically ask to run as administrator now. no more patching failures due to that. Vulkan is now opt in. Click Enable Vulkan on the launcher to test it out. To learn more about this Vulkan implementation check out https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API) Hellzone Grenade should now work inside Ultimate Namekian for Dark Warrior. Time between matches and sign up is now 5 minutes instead of 10. We might revert this back, it was just in the idea of speeding up the delay between matches Serverside improvements and fixes Dragon Ball Hunt drop rate decreased to 4% from 8% on all common mobs Add preliminary error handling for items that are unhandled.
  5. Dumke

    I can't see your images, but I'll assume it's one of these two issues. Update your launcher, and then run it as admin. https://dbour.xyz/DBOURLauncherUpdate.zip
  6. Dumke

    run as administrator.
  7. Dumke

    please upload that image, here or to a image hosting site like imgur If you cannot login to the user control panel, unfortunately the account is gone. https://universe.dborevelations.com/home/usercp/
  8. Dumke

    Hi, you will need the new launcher, found here: https://dbour.xyz/DBOURLauncherUpdate.zip guide here:
  9. type @addskill2 in the chat.
  10. Included in the Download We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location. If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you do download another version you will need to uninstall the current install. Added Wagu Capsules (Wagu Machine Capsules) These Replace Gamble Capsules. Basically Wagu Machines. Silver Boxes have been added to Shenron. Low grade Gamble Box for Dragon Hunt High grade Gamble Box for Scramble Break has been removed from Upgrade High rates until +13 where rates drop drastically. Great Namek Duration is now unlimited has an EP drain, if less than 10% transformation ends Increased Zeni rewards from Shenron x10 increase on both Scramble and Dragon Hunt New Emote effects/sounds on Clap and Sad Added four Beards/Moustaches Walrus, Verdi, Ducktail and Dutch These work for both genders and all three races. Only Walrus works for Majin Male needs his own specific models. Added Super Saiyan 2 Has Hairs done for Human male Hairs 1-8 Added Super Majin Male and Female Mighty has Blue eyes, Wonder has Red Eyes New Voice files for both Male and Female Majin Size is close to canonical as possible Can use all skills from master class and base class Slightly Increased Auto Range for Wonder Super Majin Added Ultimate Namekian Has Red eyes on transform can use all skills from master class and base class has increased animation speed. Stage 2 Transformations can be Unlocked from Both Scramble and Hunt Dragon Balls Requires previous Transformation Requires Level 65 Great Namekian can now use additional skills Dragon Clan Antenna Beam Warrior Mystic Attack Charging Fist Great Namekian can now also Dash and Jump Pure Majin can now also Dash Pure Majin and Great Namekian Lv1 Skills require no SP LV2+ require SP however Increased the melee attack range for Martial Artist, Mighty Majin and Warrior from 2 > 3 Brand new Textures for Yahhoi East, Yahhoi West, and Namek biomes. Grass, Stone and Dirt Textures have been improved. Experience required per crafting level has been reduced by 25% across levels 11-49. CC Battle Dungeon has been squashed from 150 Floors to 90. Bosses are every three floors instead of five. Tickets have been adjusted. Gift Boxes have been completely overhauled Brand new gifts, such as a level up 25 stone for those who reach level 65. Poko Dragons got another level, they are now level 70 dragons, at character level 70. You can now summon both land and sky dragons. Stats on these dragons are subject to change Auto Attack speed has been capped. You can now enter Party Budokai as a party as small as one. Bee Event can now run up-to 24 hours now previously capped at 6-12hrs Unstuck has been reworked If used in overworld, it will work as it always has. If used in a dungeon, or instance, it will return you back to the beginning. If this bugs out in anyway, please report it to any staff member. Added new Namekian Texture colors Default Green Olive Manga Piccolo Tanned Green Dark Green Black Lemon Tundra Purple Blood Orc Added Vulkan DirectX as the default renderer Adds considerable improvements to FPS https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk Heavily reduced the cost of repairing gear. Dragon Soul Buffs can now be used after Transforming into any of the Transformations. NEW COSMETICS All Available Cosmetics are now viewable and purchasable in the Cash Shop Vehicles, Masks, Dogi, Back items, Hair, and Halo. Transformation Stage 2 Bio Electricity Titles Hybrid Saiyan Boo's Progeny Demonic Conflict Added all Chinese Zodiac Vehicles Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Bunny, Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig Added all Pirate Skiffs Red, Orange, Purple and Green. Added all Flying Saucers Blue, Orange, Purple, Green Added Three more Speeding Beasts Orange, Purple, Green Added Time Breaker Masks Time Breaker Bardock Regular and Broken Time Breaker Broly Added Summer Fun Cosmetics Pool Donuts Chocolate, Pink, Rainbow, Half Eaten Pink and Chocolate Surfboards Flamingo Porunga Shenron Wave Swimsuits & Summery Hats Finished, just not accessible in the patch. Added Azula Commissioned Dogi Added Buster Sword Commissioned Weapon Added Xenoblade Commissioned Blade Added Time Patrol Goku to all races Added Pride Trooper Added Teen Gohan Added Tien Added Xeno Gogeta Added GT Goku for all races Added End of Z Goku for all races Added Xeno Goku to all races Added new Item type [DBOUR Exclusive] Added Saiyan Battle Armor Added Power Pole Fighter Dende Added Two and Three star Dragon Ball Backpack to Token Shop Added Time Breaker Drone to Token Shop Added Xeno Vegeta Dogi for all races Added Xeno Vegito Dogi for all races Added Saiyaman Outfit and Helmet to Token Shop 600 for Outfit 300 for Helmet Added Shenron Cap Added Hollow Mask Added Goku Wig Added Vegeta Infant Backpack Added SSJ4 Wig for Females View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ doesn't give Experience Super Majin can crash the client if returning to lobby while transformed. Missing Shenron Text for non English locales (it's at the very bottom) Character and Account restoration hasn't happened yet, I'm currently unwell with the flu. Will begin when I'm better, so until then, I've reopened the thread so you can still submit your claim. Fixed ASSERT MISSING RESOURCE: Radar Crash Potentially Fixed Baby Goku Character Crash Fixed Bacterian Gem Crash Budokai Crash both Party and Solo Should no longer crash, if it does, submit dbolog.txt found in DBOUR/GAME/ Fixed Crash relating to light maps Fixed Crash on Effects missing on Certain Axes Bitter Tea (Dodge Pot) has been decreased from 30 minute Cooldown to 5 minutes Great Namekian has the size increased by .5% You will no longer be knocked out of vehicles when entering combat You can still take damage. Fixed Scouter and Weapons be left behind after transforming, or using a vehicle Should no longer have case sensitive usernames on the launcher. Remove outline from appearing while in a vehicle such as Saiyan pod. Notice from joining a Ranked Battle Queue is now appropriate correct Fixed Dragon Ball backpack always being visible. Fixed Flash Slash, now hits multiple targets again Increased width from 4->6 units wide. Fixed Crane DoT Explosion skills from instakilling the caster always. Fixed Crane DoT Explosion skills from never lighting up or showing cooldown Ranked Scoreboard has been reset, It's new season ya'll. You will not be kicked out of Super Saiyan two until EP is less than 5% All Mobs over 200k have had their LP proportionally decreased by 50% Fixed Adult head on Namekian Child, he grew into it. Glasses, Masks and beards are now correctly scaled to fit all races and classes. Increased Swimming Speed from .5 to .75 Don't clear buffs when entering a dungeon, such as CCBD. Disable HTB and Spin moves when in Super Majin, due to Balance and not client stability. Corrected some popup messages. Fix missing shadows and broken decals Fix broken flight aura Added a Brighter Yellow Hue to Super Saiyan Two Added Physics to Super Saiyan Two Pony-tail hairstyle Disabled the use of Kami's Healing Technique in Budokai. Great Namekian now has a sound cue for loss of transformation. HTB's now have icons when wishing for them. added Sky dungeon language tag as it was missing from the text files CC Dungeon Potions now correctly show all places it's disabled. Fixed Stat boosting potions icons, as they were corrupted. Vehicle prices were decreased across the board. Tons of skill and animation sounds have been returned HTB KD, Damage Taken, etc. Ask Popo Exhausted (Super Saiyan, Super Majin, after Spin) Great Namekian loss of Transformation Damage Taken while in water some Emote sounds Ask Popo now has a working animation for all classes. Changed the hover text from "This skill isn't learnable" to "This skill is learnable" as this was a remnant from the old skill learning system. Decreased the price of the Deadly Sins Aura Decreased the price of the z20 in the token shop from 2200 to 1800 Decreased the price of the z24 in the token shop from 2800 to 2400 80% chance of failure when upgrading from +13 -> +17 Added occlusion culling back to the game from better performance Added correct checking for scouter detach/reattach Fix Great Namekian State issues Fixed Missing Effects on Certain Upgrade Levels Add Adjust move Position Event So Client should stay synchronized a little better. Slightly decreased Super Saiyan animation speed boost Slightly Increased Super Saiyan 2 animation boost over what Super Saiyan's was Fixed Ranked Battle for Players over level 70 Vehicles have been fixed Vehicles have also had increase in speed to match our increased movement speed. Dark Blue Angel wings are now dark blue Retired Hidden Supplies, Portable Mini Fridge and Oil Heater Backpacks in favor of better backpacks. Fixed RP Boomerang Pig Texture UV Mapping Fixed missing dialog windows for all languages that aren't English such as training point and hair salon Fixed all missing GUI text for non English languages such as training point and hair salon. Removed Gamble Caps Fixed Several Typos Fixed Several Item Descriptions Fixed Transparency on 11~ Dogi (17 Ranger, 18DBS, Pride Trooper, Teen Gohan, Tien, Xeno Gogeta, Broly Armor, EoZ Goku, Goku GT, Kale and Soldier) Updated Mini-map to include the lookout Patched Poko's Kami Awakening, so it can now be used on your dragons. Added u60 white stones to the token shop Added icons to all WP craft Dogi You can now use Ask Popo! while transformed Added Backpacks to the Token shop at 400 each Dojo ownership has been reset. Fixed a non-existent effect error Fixed Sorrow Aura name, position and color. Metric gigaton of refactoring and more minor bug fixes. Experience and Zeni rates have been increased by 25% when in a party instead of being decreased. Tons more skill changes, almost every skill, which are still in progress and will get their own special patch for, some will be included in this patch, and you're welcome to figure them out, but they will be noted in the next patch notes.
  11. Dumke

    As mentioned in our Announcement, since our total system failure covers the range before this event, we'll be re-handing out the existing players reward to all players.
  12. Dumke

  13. Dumke

    Hi all, We're going to offer account recovery for the next month, past this date, it will be by a case by case basis, Due to the recent event of hardware failure outlined in our post in announcements found at this link; What is recoverable? We'll require proof for almost all claims, but if you don't have anything, you'll still be eligible, you will just be more restricted. Any Zeni Amount up-to 200kk (200,000,000 Zeni) Levels Crafting Levels Shenron wishes Transformations Dragon Buffs Items (stat rolls are unfortunately not feasible) Weapons Armor Accessories (Case by Case basis for specific items) URP (will be handled without this form, unless you had paid for, and never received) Account playtime (visible on the user control panel) If there is something not listed here, and you would like to enquire if it's possible to recover, do ask, and we'll inform you whether it's possible to recover. The form follows as such: Character Name: Proof of ownership for claim(pictures, videos): What you would like to recover: ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////// 46 / 65 //////////////////////////////////////