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  1. Dumke

  2. Dumke

    Definitely not before Christmas.
  3. Dumke

    Hi, We are currently on Hiatus to catch up on important things in our lives. We appreciate the support you've given us thus far, and hope you'll continue to support us when we return from this hiatus. DBOUR Team.
  4. Our servers are currently down for an unspecified amount of time. We'll inform everyone when they're are available again.
  5. Dumke

    You're right, it's not just you, We're currently experiencing heavy server issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Dumke

    What's Zpevdo.b?
  7. Dumke

    We're currently experiencing technical difficulties, sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Dumke

    We're currently experiencing technical difficulties. Hang tight.
  9. Dumke

    It's still kicking. We're currently in Heavy Alpha.
  10. Dumke

    Yes, this most likely has corrupted some files.
  11. Dumke

    Did you at any point close the launcher, or lose internet connection during the patch?
  12. Dumke

    Can you attach the dbolog.txt from your client folder?
  13. Dumke

    Where did you download the game from? and have you ran the launcher/dbo.exe as adminstrator since you are installed into C:\Program Files?
  14. Dumke

    We already have mobile readiness for the website. all you need to do is go into browser options and click "Add to Home screen" but for an in-game companion app that would be a great addition, and we'd love to put that on the table.
  15. Dumke

    no that is the way to download it, but we've had users download it from other locations. which always had issues. We've been looking into this, and it appears to be solely an issue with Windows Defender and our setup packager, as it seems, just about everyone that uses the same software is having this issue. https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/issues/285 example of another developer having the same issue.