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  1. Collect all seven dragon balls then wish for the skill.
  2. Dumke

    you can create it.
  3. Dumke

    Sorry fixed, issues with SSL and new year.
  4. Dumke

    once I'm back from Christmas break, I can give you level, HTB and dragon buffs.
  5. Dumke

    try running the application UniverseRevelations instead of the one generated by installer.
  6. Dumke

    can you upload the launcher log found in dbour/log/? also can you take a screenshot of the launcher folder?
  7. Dumke

    please provide video or screenshot of your issue.
  8. Dumke

    If you are windows 7 32bit, you will require msvc 32bit, https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/vc_redist.x86.exe as we assume everyone is now x64, or at least should be. if the game crashes after logging into the launcher you will need to run windows 7 fixer with administrative permissions, alternatively, set the client.exe found in the game/ folder to compatibility Windows XP SP1 a video tutorial of on how to do this can be found here: You can also install everything found in the redist folder included with the launcher. if you are missing any of these files, the launcher will not run.
  9. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 5

    The Dragon Ball Online: Universe Revelations staff is looking for Game Balance and Mechanics Members to join our team! Help a growing community of dedicated fans update and improve DBO with new content and improvements to old content! Game Balance and Mechanics Staff will work closely with the Core Team, World Designers, Quest Designers and the community to improve the balance of old content, and work new content into that balance while helping to provide a fair, fun experience for everyone! At least 18 years old Have significant experience with Dragon Ball Online and its classes, skills, items and content. Have experience with PVE and PVP content and the unique needs of each. Bonus: Experience creating or working with various RPG systems including Tabletop games or other MMORPGs. Experience with Excel spreadsheets The ability to work well within an existing workflow and team. Being available to communicate and cooperate on Discord. Keen sense of humor! When applying, please include the following information for consideration by the staff: About You! (Name, age, occupation, hobby?) What's your typical availability? (Weekends, weekdays after 5PM, etc.) Your geographic location Some information about your experience with Dragon Ball Online (such as retail or other emulators you've played, classes you're familiar with, etc.) We greatly appreciate taking the time to apply, and your willingness to volunteer your time to help DBOUR grow and expand! Your application, once submitted, will be studied by the staff and, if you're selected, you will be contacted by an Administrator! -The DBOUR Team
  10. Dumke

    Just use both, the first level of Great Namek skills are free.
  11. Dumke

    in the top left of your inventory click the star.
  12. Dumke

    Yes. https://universe.dborevelations.com/tools/worldmap/
  13. Dumke

    as I have already explained to you previously and anyone else that may see this thread, All Transactions are done manually, they are done usually within the hour for Ko-Fi and Patreon, if not same day. if we do miss it, message me on the forums, and or the staff in Discord, and I'll/They'll process it immediately after I/They see it. In Regards to Cashapp, we will need to contacted straight after(with receipt), as I personally am Australian, and I don't have cashapp in Australia, so I cannot check that account personally. Sorry to inconvenience you, but this is just the process.