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  2. Dumke

    the file is rather large, is your connection timing out during the download?
  3. CondeTepez

    already did
  4. Yesterday
  5. Lunfardo17

    It's absurd, take my ban off.
  6. Last week
  7. aries

    You were banned from the discord from mass advertising to people in DMs. Not from being inactive.
  8. Lunfardo17

    For no reason or reason, I was banned from discord after being inactive for 1 month. My Discord is Pescado# 1684
  9. Dumke

    Please try another download link, than the one you've already tried.
  10. CondeTepez

    Hello, I have a problem different from everyone on the forum. It does not allow me to unzip the file, I tried to install C ++ and Direct X and even so the error occurred that said the file is damaged.
  11. Maikel

    Kinda late reply but sure. Just join the discord server and ask any moderator or translator, or find the translator application here on the forums.
  12. Maikel

    It'd be nice of players talked about dbour on more mainstream social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. That way more players would know about the game most likely. My assumption is that when dbog launched it got mainstream and thousands of players played it to the point people where struggling to get a spot in the overfull channels. After it died most people probably thought the entire dbo game died with it. Sad to see that they're wrong about that. So yeah, there you have it. Talk about dbour on twitter and instagram and reddit, open up interresting topics, that's how u get the attention of the masses.
  13. Earlier
  14. Hello, I will first start off by saying I deeply apologize for my absence on the forums. And to make up for doing so I will take personal messages regarding any problems. Or if you have or have not received your CP. Since not everybody has discord, or know that we do have a discord. But I will post it at the bottom of this message when I'm done. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING CP THROUGH PATREON OR CASHAPP PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: Date and Time of Purchase : Your tier(Limited to Patreon users): Character Name: Screenshot: ___________________________________________________________ Patreon : Cashapp : $HondaTuningSuite These are the only methods of purchasing CP. ____________________________________________________________ Again, I deeply Apologize for taking so long to make this message, or information available on the Forums. And for any other available questions please comment down below or personally message me. Discord :
  15. karolina18918

    Hello, 3 days ago I ordered cash points and still haven't received them. I'm curious when the transaction will be completed. It is strange that you had time to accept my payment and you have no time to answer my order and my questions! This is not serious and unprofessional of you! Expect a prompt reply!
  16. Deniskam

    new quest bug in popaya island npc name Entourange Eric the call leader quest auto fails.
  17. Goodrick91

    Tem de fazer tradução para este game, esta muito muito melhor, ja jogo a isto a alguns anos mas as traduções nunca foram grande coisa, desta vez tem de acertar xP hahahahah excelente game obrigado
  18. captnblackheart123

    So half of my attacks doesnt count or lagging the whole time. Is this normal? PVP is a mess. too
  19. karolina18918

    hi, where can i see the effects of the new titles?
  20. Vgkisuke

    I fought that day
  21. WindowsPK50S

    Just tested on our server and it is not possible. Can I ask why?
  22. WindowsPK50S

    Hi guys I've never had a Karma but it's a race I'd like to try. I'm looking for a karma full speed for Kraken and similar dangeron. Could you please post here a few builds and the object required? Thanks!
  23. WindowsPK50S

    Hi guys, I'm coming from the TW server and over there both spinning skills for the Ultimate were not available during kaio-ken. Is it possible to use those skills together with kaio-ken on this server? Thanks
  24. Jicala

    Appreciate it! I've added a little translation at the top thanks to Sorot!
  25. Skaly

    Great ideas Jicala! You left me excited haha. Right now I am informing my Latino friends about this, as not many use the forum or discord. See ya!
  26. Jicala

    THE DESTROYER CHALLENGE: Full Rules and Information! Para inscribirse al Destroyer Challenge, contacta a Jicala en el discord o en el foro. Una vez registrado, desafiar una de las tablas de clasificación es fácil: ¡Hazle saber a Jicala cuando tu equipo estará listo! Los fines de semana serán los más fáciles, ¡pero solo pregunte! Para los desafíos de JcJ, habrá horarios abiertos los fines de semana en los que se podrán emitir y aceptar los desafíos. Si quieres registrarte en español, contacta a Sorot To sign up for the Destroyer Challenge, contact Jicala on the Discord or Forum. Once registered, challenging one of the leaderboards is easy: Let Jicala know when your team will be ready! Weekends will be the easiest, but just ask! For PVP Challenges, there will be open hours on the weekends when challenges can be issued and accepted. The Destroyer Special - Easy One team of FIVE fighters, in any configuration and at any level, will attempt to defeat a Punching Machine as quickly as possible. Autopots and Speed Strategies are allowed to be used. Guilds will be ranked based on their team's Damage Per Second, calculated as the machine's total health divided by the number of seconds taken to defeat it. In the case of close calls, runs will be re-timed by video. Legends Challenge - Medium Two manifestations of the Legendary Super Saiyan from history, Broly, will be created and a team of five warriors will race to defeat them both as quickly as possible. Runs will be timed from the moment either of the Broly aggros until the moment the last one is killed. Autopots and Speed Strategies are allowed. Great White Ape - Hard A spirit-manifestation of a mysterious Great White Oozaru from another time and place will be created, and a team of five warriors will attempt to defeat it as quickly as possible. Speed Strategies and Autopots are allowed. West City Team Championship - Team PVP Two teams of five warriors will compete in a best two-out-of-three set of duels in standard matches, and best three-out-of-five in Championship matches, to determine the best PVP Team in the whole Dragon World! Autopots are ILLEGAL, but Speed Strategies are permitted. Winners will receive 3 points in rankings, and losers will receive 1 point in rankings. Universe Revelations Championship - Solo PVP Each individual will compete in a best two-out-of-three set of duels in standard matches, and best three-out-of-five in Championship matches, to determine the best fighter in the Dragon World! Autopots are ILLEGAL, but Speed Strategies are permitted. Winners will receive 3 points in rankings, and losers will receive 1 point in rankings. Challenge Leaderboards: Destroyer Special Guild Score 1. GranguerrerosZ 122,675 2. Sakimiro 96,623 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Legends Challenge Guild Time 1. GranguerrerosZ 02:51.31 2. Sakimiro 02:52.43 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Great White Ape Guild Time 1. GranguerrerosZ 01:10.48 2. Sakimiro 02:20.08 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. West City Team Championship Guild Rank 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Universe Revelations Championship
  27. @ Jicala what a good fight but I won: D
  28. Dumke

    download winrar, or the download failed.
  29. suNocu

    This error message of mine : You are the archive or a unknown format or injured!
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