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  4. namko11

    I am not sure if it will help you as well. However, it helped me install the game via (.exe). At first I tried (.zip) which resulted in exactly this error "........ ACCESS_VIOLATION ....." Now with (.exe) no have problem.
  5. i has been send to your massage box
  6. Thewrld@06

    idk how to fix
  7. EliteDamage

    Same problem
  8. Thewrld@06

    Client.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "C:\Program Files (x86)\DBOUR Team\Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations\Game\Client.exe" at 0023:00EB44F6 everytime i launch the game from the launher
  9. Thewrld@06

    Client.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "C:\Program Files (x86)\DBOUR Team\Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations\Game\Client.exe" at 0023:00EB44F6 everytime i play it any fix
  10. ASGI202

    So I just started playing and wanted to know how much of the series this covers and if someone could link me a quest guide because I managed to find the first time rift to Grandpa Gohan I talked to a robot in the town I started in now I am just stuck with no idea where to go next...
  11. ben1233

    Please answer , on my game the text is still XL what i can do about that??

  13. Darthvezimir

    One of the updates that made me play again every day !
  14. REVERSE Reverted Jan 6th patch. Props readded. Upgrade Rates have been adjusted On break you only lose 1 level with white stone, 1-3 without On Failure you lose 0 levels with white stone, 1-3 without. Dragonball rates have been adjusted. Dragonball Mobs have a 50% chance of spawning now up from 35% Dragonball drop rates are now 5% per mob rank up from 2% Drop rates have been increased by 15% globally.
  15. HadesAidoneus

    I keep clicking the launcher but it won't open or start, i have windows 7.
  16. incoyt

    exception reason: Client.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "F:\Dragon ball online universe\Game\Client.exe" at 0023:016D265F registers: EAX=01F8F818 EBX=08DF474C ECX=6324CEA0 EDX=00000000 ESI=074AE8DF EDI=00000005 FLG=00200246 EBP=0109EEA8 ESP=0109EDC8 EIP=016D265F CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B thats all
  17. DragonJr

    Hola! espero que esten bien, me descarge el dbo revelations recien y cuando coloco mi cuenta, me sale "updating process failed" y esto provoca que no pueda jugar, nose que hacer:( si alguien sabe como solucionar este problema se lo agradeceria
  18. Cloudur

    If this thread is still open, id be curious about an energy fighter build
  19. AM|Kyrie

    this is one trash patch not going to lie. Shit get less fun with each patch
  20. Collect all seven dragon balls then wish for the skill.
  21. I reached level 40 but still cant learn the super saiyan skill, is there a quest I have to do to learn it?
  22. Dumke

    you can create it.
  23. Hi, I've just tried to log in but it keeps saying I cant connect to the Authentication server, is the game down atm or is the issue on my end?
  24. malum

    i never got a mod folder in my game
  25. gojonoku

    as this is the most recent thread, i'll post it right here. after re-entering the game i've noticed there are only 3 pple online on a friday 3pm GMT. Can I assume that the playerbase has dropped significantly or is it because i have an old client version? As I can see patches are still being released quite often and recently there surely should be more online than just 3 close to a weekend.
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