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  3. Nox't

    Indeed! But it's gonna be also an additional way to stay always in touch with the game. Imagine to play your companions and earn additional items for in-game, for example
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  5. Monkey D, Luffy

    I don't know the current server status. The game is online and you can play with your friend though. Always as a reminder bear in mind the current stage of development:ALPHA So expect to encounter problems and bugs you can review patch notes for specifics.
  6. luXur69

    I want to play this whit my friend, but idk if the sv is on...
  7. Monkey D, Luffy

    Imagine being able to view gear setups and items. Get promotional news and forums updates. Dbo tools, control panel, and maybe even guild management and live player stats someday. All on your phone.
  8. Nox't

    That sounds amazing! Just I said it because I was thinking would be cute to have the dbour logo at phone as app Another idea that right now appeared to me, but this may be in the future or is a small dream, is to make a gateway and play with the pets you have in the game to level them up. Sounds selfish, but could be an idea to grind some experience with pets and raise up their levels. I took the inspiration from the old Gateway of Neverwinter :
  9. Dumke

    We already have mobile readiness for the website. all you need to do is go into browser options and click "Add to Home screen" but for an in-game companion app that would be a great addition, and we'd love to put that on the table.
  10. Nox't

    Hello guys, I am not sure if that was posted already, but I am asking: Do you guys plan to make a DBOUR app in future? I think would be cool to have one app and get up to date and more in touch with the website, and surely would be easier instead to navigate with the browsers. (It's a suggestion, just I thought to say it here instead to use the suggestion category because there are mostly games suggests)
  11. Roxas

    Oh some familiar faces :o
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  13. Dumke

    no that is the way to download it, but we've had users download it from other locations. which always had issues. We've been looking into this, and it appears to be solely an issue with Windows Defender and our setup packager, as it seems, just about everyone that uses the same software is having this issue. example of another developer having the same issue.
  14. Aquidon

    From the home website, in the download section. I clicked in "Begin your adventure" and then download. Isn't this the way to download it?
  15. cumcubes

    It said the same thing for me but I also have Norton and Norton ran a check and said it was safe so I think its a problem with windows defenders
  16. Dumke

    Where are you downloading this from?
  17. Aquidon

    Yes, but now I am kind of worried. I dont want to have a trojan in my computer if it turns out to be infected.
  18. Monkey D, Luffy

    That's odd. I have not gotten this issue before but I am now. I ran as exception and re-downloaded and it works fine.
  19. Aquidon

    Hi, I wanted to start playing the game for a while now, but Windows Defenders keeps detecting a malware (trojan) in the download called "Zpevdo.B" I do not know if this is a false positive or if it is actually infected. Does someone have any information about this ?
  20. Monkey D, Luffy

    If you are stuck into an infinite loading screen 1. Quit game 2. Follow this link: 3. Login using your in-game account 4. Press the "Fix!" button on your character 5. Enjoy! Quests state Quests that require an interaction with the world are not completed yet. (Ex: Picking item from the ground, Popo Stone)
  21. leonie

    Nimm die Quest 4,9 und 14 auf der schwarzen Seite an, wo Now Loarding lacht und das Laden nichts kann
  22. leonie

    Ich bin in der Zeitsprung gefangen Ich kann nicht weiterspielen, sonst gibt es nur NOW LOADING
  23. Monkey D, Luffy

    Sorry kirokeishin you will likely experience this error or similar when you have entered a wrong username/password. In this case the authentication server was down. Hopes this helps
  24. kirokeishin

    okay... thank you anyway.... Have fun together and bye !!
  25. kirokeishin

    So what ?
  26. kaiboss

    thats not a bug
  27. kirokeishin

    Here is a screen of my bug
  28. Nox't

    Hey kohi, what you just made is the forum account, not game ones. for play the game you have to make another account on the following link Register for the game . Cya!
  29. kohi

    Just made this account, and I am unable to login. What username do I use? My email? My Display name?
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