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  2. Buny

    DBOGR Merge Complete

    *Sorry, the name of my char it was BunyChin, i found a screenshot*
  3. Buny

    DBOGR Merge Complete

    hello dumke, i cant remember my swordsman char user & password / email i remember, the name is BunySword, but that's the only thing than i remember
  4. Dumke

    DBOGR Merge Complete

    Greetings and Merry Christmas Community, The player database and content merge has been completed, you can view all the details over at their forum All that will be required for the merge; If you don't remember your login details, you can recover them here; Thank you for playing our server, and we hope you see you over at DBOGR and eventually on our Remastered Server when that day comes.
  5. Vegetto

    Dogi ball effects

    The maximum effects may vary depending on what type of Dogi Ball you use: (Excellent, Rare, Legendary).
  6. Morning all, My character is called Avado, only created a few days ago but woke up this morning and for some reason said my log in details weren't recognised despite them being saved. Password reset doesn't seem to work just wondering if there's any advice? I know my username etc.
  7. Hi Dumke, some issue... i follow instructions and it works!
  8. Hi all, i was an older player of DBO since taiwan edition in 2010. I would play again. Some italian's player?
  9. NEW COSMETICS New Dogis Xeno Piccolo Dogi (Namekian Only) Casual Krillin Dogi Raditz Dogi Saiyan Saga Vegeta Dogi Martial Artist Dogi Martial Artist Dogi #2 Great Saiyaman 2 Dogi (Female Only) Heles God of Destruction Dogi (Female Only) Bardock Bandana (Human & Namekian Only) White Bandana (Human & Namekian Only) View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery NEW BOSS MOBS DBS Vegeta Baby Vegeta DBZ Broly Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience Tweaked Female Intro Dogis Tweaked all new Boss Mobs Stats Turles Wrath State Broly Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Great Ape Broly Goku Black Goku Black Rose Fused Zamasu
  10. Login -> Click Fix on lvl 40 majin -> log in to another character on the same account as the level 40 majin -> type @reload into the chat, press enter -> log back into majin.
  11. Client.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:00000000 pasa desde que me telestransporte a la ciudad de lvl 40 con mi majin file:///C:/Users/18093/Desktop/capturas/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202022-08-06%20173743.png
  12. Hi there, i have been away for quite some time, but wanted to start and play again. but when i logged in my depression title and ur point were gone... can some1 help please?
  13. Sorry fellas, one or more of the download links were corrupted, they have now been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. i cant update my game .it said "update process failed!' what should i do
  15. if you don't have the files UniverseRevelations.deps & UniverseRevelations.runtimeconfig in the folder you won't be able to run the launcher either.
  16. please install everything in the redist folder.
  17. I cant install the game?? every time I try the exe it comes up with a message saying i need to install net core I have that install already so what the f lol I've never had this problem before till now anyone no how to fix's it??
  18. the opposite actually, Windows 7 is now officially supported by our Launcher.
  19. O jogo não funciona mais para o Windows 7 ? Eu que tenho um Windows 7 vou para de jogar?
  20. Included in the Download We now have an Installer! If you download a later version of the installer, you will not be able to install it without uninstalling the previous one. Installer now will unpack in the same location that the installer is run from. It will now also automatically delete unpacked files. Install compression has been relaxed so weaker CPU's don't struggle with the higher compression. Instead of installing the prerequisites before the installer, It will install them after the game is installed. There is also an Archive only version available as well if you want a portable install. New Launcher Features: Autologin If you click remember me, on next launch you will be auto logged in. You can press enter to start the game, instead of having to click launch. Design has been streamlined as well as a new design. You can have a custom background again, as it was missing in a preview build. Mod folder is now added default to the client. Shortcut has been added that links to the modding setup guide. Launcher will now automatically adjust your client's compatibility settings if you're running windows 7. ADDED NATIVE WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT The two BAT files Windows 7 Fixer and Permissions Fixer have been now removed. Dende / Kami² / Guardian of Earth has been added to the lookout. NEW COSMETICS Various Commissions View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Bunch of new NPC and MOB Models for events. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience Swapped the Exhaustion condition for Great Namek from EP to LP now at 2% Max LP instead of 5% Max EP Dropped the EP Drain by 66.67% for Great Namek Dropped the Exhaustion condition on All Transformations from 10% Max EP to 5% Max EP Obviously not applicable to Great Namek Dropped the EP Drain for Super Saiyan by 14% Dropped the EP Drain on Super Saiyan Two by 50% (now 8.3% less drain than Super Saiyan) Dropped the EP Drain on Super Majin and Ultimate Namekian by 9.5%
  21. Client.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "C:\Users\d\Downloads\Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations\Game\Client.exe" at 001B:012DA851 please fix this I beg you
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