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  3. wh889900

    I'm still not rewarded. I'm disappointed
  4. entaihdeleter

    se supone que tienes que dar doble click para que empieze a hacer un mini sprint y mantener el click derecho hasta empezar a volar rapido
  5. Earlier
  6. captnblackheart123

    both for fighter would be great
  7. Dumke

    is it your first and only account? and was it created on or after December 1st 2020? do you share your computer with other people?
  8. wh889900

    i are required to reach Level 30, and have unlocked your masterclass.not including flight quests.however, I didn't receive a reward, account number: cd001
  9. Dumke

    If you met the criteria, you should have received them by now.
  10. Junpei_Highwind

    I already asked this in the Discord and InGame with Admins being around but it got kinda ignored which is why I try asking here. Is it intended that Enchanting Breeze only increase the Def stats on a percentage basis? Cuz both atk stats have minor raw increases, which is a huge deal for Grand Chefs. That's all and ty in advance
  11. wh889900

    when will the award be distributed?It's 23:00 on January 5, 2021
  12. BilleyTs

    ok thanks
  13. Dumke

    Stage 2 Transformations aren't complete and haven't been released yet.
  14. BilleyTs

    1) i collected all dragon balls and my first wish is super saiyan 2) and the second time I picked it up all the dragon balls i wanted to wish for super saiyan 2 but i could not find it so, how to unlock super saiyan 2 my second wish by the war is dragon king's strength 3) if i not make a wish and time expires what happened?
  15. Tempest

    Hi @ Superkeng555 , The evil santa's only spawn when the event is active, and only on channel 1. They do not spawn on channel's 2 and 3. Kind Regards, Tempest
  16. Tempest

    Hi @ Leboatskii , What is the exact message you get when the game closes? If it is the "you have been disconnected from the server" error message, then that means it is a problem with your internet connection/range. Kind Regards, Tempest
  17. phase28
  18. Happy New Year! Reminder that there is 2 days and 12 hours left of the new player promotion. Included in the Download Everything that is required for the game and the launcher to run is now included in the REDIST folder Found in DBOUR/REDIST/ This new download also includes the new fixed launcher Windows 7 Fixer and Permissions Fixer are also Included in this download Run Windows 7 Fixer if you are running Windows 7 ONLY Run Permissions Fixer if you are running from Program Files Permissions Fixer can be safely run on any config. You can now see the exact amount of players on each channel when selecting a channel. 90% of Props have been removed from the game, We're aware some are still remaining on titles, and some items. Added Power level under Character status Localized to your system language AP Indicator now correctly updates color Universe Points are manually allocated currently. You can't save login info on multiple launchers Some TMQ Effects don't show/play Fixed the crash when picking up loot when using Chinese language Fixed a crash that was with the drop item GUI Fixed crash from Poko and Plasma Sub weapons This should solve a few CCBD crashes as well. Fix Main Flight UI disappearing when in air Fix Search Crash Fixed the SSJ aura sound loop Mail now has an audible voice prompt for new mail
  19. Superkeng555

    can help me please i can't fight evil santa and can't run.
  20. Dumke

    I'm not entirely sure why it doesn't work, possibly different registry instances between English and Chinese windows perhaps, but it seems to have done what it's suppose to, anyhow, unless you made the change yourself.
  21. Dumke

    Unfortunately it seems we have an error in our language file, possibly on the log when you pick up an item. Resolved. Will be included in next patch. Thank you for the report.
  22. Good work! but just let you kow here is some issue i have win 7 64 , run cmd as admin run #Windows7_FIXER then show this game runs fine in language as english but if change to chinese, game will get crash while picking up item
  23. Next

    Get crash when i try to picking up item , money is fine. this all started after i change the game language to Chinese. the error is happening in WINDOWS 7 x64 and WINDOWS 10 x64. Is there any way to fix this? thanks
  24. joksa96

    when i start the game it says entry point could not be found
  25. sidsayian

    did this just patch or its about to be patched nm its on browser client
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