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  4. garuda

    Hola, hace mucho no juego y me entraron ganas de regresar, pero llevo mucho tiempo desconectado del juego y me gustaria saber cual es su estado actual. Hace poco mas de un año que dejé de jugarlo asi que ando un poco desactualizado sobre como ha estado evolucionando. Si alguien caritativo que me haga un resumen con lo mas importante sobre novedades, les agradeceria
  5. Ace452

    Anyone know if it was implemented?
  6. rubens510

    Hello can sombody help me with a PvE dende's skill tree or build, or at least give me some guidance and/or advice. Thanks
  7. Dumke

    there is a folder included with the game "redist_required_software" just install everything in the folder. and if you're windows 7 set the compatibility of the dbour/game/client.exe to windows xp sp3
  8. Togira4427

    Hi guys, Trying to download and install the game and when I try to run the client it says I need to install .NET core. I have done this, but its still saying I need to install it? Any ideas?
  9. Dumke

    there is a folder included with the game "redist_required_software" just install everything in the folder. and if you're windows 7 set the compatibility of the dbour/game/client.exe to windows xp sp3
  10. Canabyss

    Hello I'm Canabyss. Just downloaded the game today as I've played DBOG before. After unzipping the files and putting the unzip DBOUR folder on my desktop I tried launching game. It says I can't launch because I need to download .NET CORE. I have downloaded it and still can't launch DBOUR. Any advice or tips from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am having problems with the dragon ball hunt. I was able to get 1 to 6 star dragon balls within 1 hour of a single db hunt. and as for the final 7 star ball i have played 3 full sessions of db hunt and have not received the dragon ball yet. I am lvl 34 now fighting lvl 28-29 mobs. Need help please any one know how to solve this problem. i've been stuck for about a week trying to get the final required dragon ball with no success.
  12. TizzyT

    I've maxed out the Flash Slash move on my sm and it only hit one mob at a time, i tried resetting all my SP and im still having an issue.
  13. Zellion

    I just ordered. I don't know if this is standard after purchase, but it was made via Cashapp today at UK time 22:58, so 6mins ago. Character name matching name here.
  14. DarkKnightKhan

    I am also having this same issue on a Human Spiritualist
  15. Ace452

    God, hopefully ASAP. Thanks for the update.
  16. Tempest

    Hi @ Ace452 , It's been in talks for awhile and is being considered for the future however as to when is undecided. There use to be a level up 33 stone back in old DBO KR/TW/HK which was a promotional event. It would be easy to put that item into the CP shop and adjust it as needed.
  17. Ace452

    Well hopefully it's considered
  18. Ace452

    Whatever sound fair, I figure 30-40 for max level, no dragon balls or anything, I assume you'd still have to earn your transformation.
  19. Dumke

    I see it, it wouldn't be too tall of a task. what price point were you thinking?
  20. Ace452

    Correct, do you think anyone will see this?
  21. Gokena2

    Honestly though, it makes alot of sense, because alot of times people really dont want to redo the grind theyd just like to get to end game contnt asap
  22. Ace452

    I've been saying this forever
  23. Gokena2

    Honestly a really good idea.
  24. Ace452

    Honestly there should be a paid donation for a max level skip, some of us really don't wanna go through that grind again. Why can't it happen?
  25. Dumke

    please post your dbolog.txt found in dbour/game/
  26. Osito2000

    Hello good start session from the launcher I put launch and the game opens and the second it closes plz help
  27. ballo17

    a lot of time and no one can comment some items are wrong
  28. Dumke

    The issue should be solved.
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