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  2. Jasoft

    Tengo el mismo problema en 2 maquinas diferentes... y se produce aleatoriamente cuando estoy jugando. Saludos
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  5. Kushjin

    I'm registered to both game and Forum. I've entered register numerous times on client. What else could I be missing? Still saying host can't connect invalid username or password. I promise I'm registered to all of the necessary registrations.
  6. Dumke If you can't log in to this, either you've been making forum accounts, or the account doesn't exist on the game server.
  7. Kushjin

    Hello DBO community. I can't seem to log into DBOUR. I created new accounts and when I press log in after entering my password a scree pops up and tells me to check my credentials due to invalid username and password.... I have entered the right password and username for hours... I even created new accounts and I still can't get in with the right username or password. Keep saying invalid. What is going on? Yes I run as administrator. I was able to launch no problem 2 months ago.
  8. you guys really outdone yourselves keep up the good work!!
  9. checho1196

    Hola como va? soy Checho fan de dragon ball y de este juego, lo jugaba hace un tiempo y me costaba mucho entender cosas del juego por su idioma. Abro este tema para saber si actualmente hay jugadores que hablen este idioma, para jugar, informarnos y bla bla
  10. Honestly couldn't ask for a better team. Amazing work as usuall, you guys deserve all the best!
  11. Dumke

    No, I was under the assumption it was the account name, the character does exist, I've just confirmed this.
  12. jose196

    Soyo is the name of the character I don't remember the id I wanted to know the email, you tell me that the account was deleted?
  13. Dumke

    if Soyo is the account name, it unfortunately does not exist anymore.
  14. Nans38920

    Great Works ! Keep going team
  15. jose196

    Good evening, talk to Sorot and he suggested that I go to this part of the forum to talk with Dumke about a problem that I have with an account that was mine but now I have not been able to recover it, the account was created in 2020 most surely, I have other 3 accounts with 3 other emails that are the ones that I use most frequently with them I had no problems recovering them but this fourth account has made it impossible for me I do not want you to recover me and return my account I just want to know if you could provide me with the information of know the email address to which this account is linked to be able to recover it because it no longer happens to me that email I use to create the account, all my characters have my character as a friend of the account that I cannot recover his Nick is Soyo , is spiritualist has a normal gogeta dogi, not rgb. Thank you very much in advance I hope you can help me solve my problem, good night. PD: Sorry for my English, I used a translator to write this message
  16. yenska93

    Finally db hunt is a bit more challenging.
  17. Included in the Download We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location. If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you do download another version you will need to uninstall the current install. Until we put up a new installer you will need this launcher. You can now clear the cache on your own characters using @reload use this after using "FIX" from the user control panel or after being asked by a staff member. Bitter Tea, Turtle Book, and Autopots are now disabled in Budokai. Dragon Ball Hunt is now 18 hours a day. Starting at 1am Server Time Sunday, starting one hour later each day to 6am Server Time, on Saturday. Dragon Ball Hunt is now also enabled on Thursday as it previously wasn't. NEW COSMETICS God of Destruction For all races and genders now Several Commission Pieces Bababi's Majin Mark Mask Teen Gohan (Piccolo/Blue) Xeno Gotenks Dogi for all races and classes View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ doesn't give Experience Fixed Crashed due to unable to read skill table F5 crashing the client, due to the client thinking it was still in lobby. Fixed several kid sounds from using their adult sounds instead Including Pure Majin's Charge Changed the main world spawn location from "the mountains" to eureka park Fixed Flash Slash for now Fixed Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 for Hair 19 on Human Male Child & Adult Fixed the attachment of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Two Hairs on Human Male Childs Changed the design on the launcher Patching information show be a lot more visible now Using the launchers auto updater again it should now automatically ask to run as administrator now. no more patching failures due to that. Vulkan is now opt in. Click Enable Vulkan on the launcher to test it out. To learn more about this Vulkan implementation check out Hellzone Grenade should now work inside Ultimate Namekian for Dark Warrior. Time between matches and sign up is now 5 minutes instead of 10. We might revert this back, it was just in the idea of speeding up the delay between matches Serverside improvements and fixes Dragon Ball Hunt drop rate decreased to 4% from 8% on all common mobs Add preliminary error handling for items that are unhandled.
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  19. Tony Haze

    Welcome to DBOUR family. You can join and play with us man. There will be no wipes. New features have been added. Join us on discord and watch this too till the end!
  20. Nox't

    The game is released already and there are no wipes. It is still under development phase, but its working! Come on discord, cause there is more activity and fast answers to your questions!
  21. I wanna know when the game will release, I wanna start play the game but i m scared that by the wipe of the release , how is the development , and are you guys ready to release it soon? I m ready to invest some time and even donate , but i wanna be sure my account will not be reset in some months. Hope you understand what I mean and Thank You!
  22. Davi Cavalcanti

    I'm so excited for these upgrades! And I wanna be thankful to heard my request about new dojis!
  23. Dumke

    I can't see your images, but I'll assume it's one of these two issues. Update your launcher, and then run it as admin.
  24. matankli0

    why i cant start the game?
  25. matankli0

    why i cant play?
  26. krloscardrek

    ya lo hice pero no me funciono, alguien me dijo que descargara la actualizacion de laucher ¿donde la puedo descargar?
  27. Dumke

    run as administrator.
  28. krloscardrek

    no me deja iniciar el juego me sale esto Cannot write to the logs file. Probably the Launcher Hineat sufficient privileges. alguna solución ?
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