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  1. Yesterday
  2. wuilian112

    When implement Aggro list? I need that and much player wanna that too.
  3. Dumke

    What does the file in dbour/log/patch.log say?
  4. Nigi7z

    I have not played this game before, so I think the download should have been with the latest update already
  5. I placed a donation thru cashapp @5 donation under the cashapp name " Deborah Hollins". And haven't received my points. My apologies im new to this whole system. Please get back to me as you can! Thanks
  6. Zeno

    Every time I change my capsule kits position it resets to what is in the image when I log out, is there a fix for this? Noting that I play on 1280x1024 resolution
  7. Last week
  8. SkyTamer

    I'm having the same problem and the file in dbour/log/patch.log say: [P.A.T.C.H. - 09/08/2020 20:42:47] Não foi possível localizar uma parte do caminho 'E:\DBOUR\_tmp\\Game\pack\prop0.pak.patch'.
  9. teeuzs

    I dont now why but, my slash flash only hits 1 mob at the time I don't know if the problem is with the skill or with the mobs, because even with the mobs in front of me it seems that in fact they are in another place, sometimes using my majin's spin it also happens, I'm spinning on the mobs but they not take no hits
  10. Dumke

    It's more the issue we have with the vast amount of people's different configurations.
  11. Dumke

    What does the file in dbour/log/patch.log say? Have you looked through this topic;
  12. kami97

    Manually download it again from Whenever they release a big update they re-upload the game on their download page, they should really look into fixing this launcher when it comes to updates.
  13. Xicor762

    I re downloaded the game and nothing. Also re installed it. It is telling me the same thing. Patch failed Try relaunching the game. This is really getting frustrating. Can somone please help me.
  14. Xicor762

    im having the same issue. no one seems to want to help.
  15. Nigi7z

    Can anyone help me with this?
  16. edrink

    ohh ok thank you! your 100% correct!
  17. DarkRage

    You need to be an adult and have completed the master class quest for the lvl30 flight quest to show up
  18. edrink

    Im running into a problem. I completed all the level 25 flight quest. but at level 30 no quest appears.
  19. SanGawku

    Sent your points to you just now. Sorry about the wait.
  20. Dumke

    As you can see you've timed out several times attempting to reach our servers. Can you try this?
  21. wuilian112

    Where are you located? Costa rica Are you using a VPN? No Do you have a custom DNS? No Would you be able to attempt a traceroute on the IP in the ConfigOptions.xml located in DBOUR/GAME/?
  22. Kappa

    I donated on august 5 for cash point , more than 24 hours passed and i did not receive any confirmation mail or any sign. Can someone help me please?
  23. Tabberino

    Hello, I'm not able to use chat, if i type something and press enter nothing it been showed
  24. DarkRage

    This seems to have smoothed things out a lot, thanks!
  25. Dumke

    Give this a try. As you can see you've timed out three times on your way to our servers. Hopefully this DNS fix, makes better jumps.
  26. DarkRage

    Thanks for answering! I'm located in South America(I'm aware this might be a problem). No, I'm not using a VPN. I do not have a custom DNS. As for the traceroute:
  27. Dumke

    Where are you located? Are you using a VPN? Do you have a custom DNS? Would you be able to attempt a traceroute on the IP in the ConfigOptions.xml located in DBOUR/GAME/?
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