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    Use it or Lose it!! TRIVIA!!! We love you all so much, we added a simple trivia game into the client/server You can win money or prizes! @answer will allow you to answer the question that is asked @trivia will let you see if there is an active trivia question. You can win Zeni, Items, or Universe Points! Use it or lose it!!! If you have a master class skill. It now requires your master class item to be equipped So it will use your master item for damage calculations! Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed log overflow crashes Reduce log spamming causing poor performance General System Stability Increased Mail Fix UPDATE: FIXED THE LOSS OF GUILD WHEN CHANGING SERVER Added new(old and disabled) rank battle arenas Server side performance enhancements
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    Summer Vacation!! Launcher Quality of Life This will be the final time you will need to do this, as there is an auto update feature baked into this new version, Hooray. Launcher Download V3.1.1.2 Remember me is fixed. Finally. New Clear data button to clear all saved data by remember me. New Toggle Mods button to enable and disable mods. If you have remember me ticked, you can now login and launch using the Enter key to login quickly. Launcher is now half the size as well. If you didn't already have the new launcher video, you will now have those loaded readme added to media folder explaining steps how to have custom background. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed crashes when using items for quests. (Purify Narak Cottonfield, etc) Fixed crash Mudosa Bus Crash. Fixed Crash with DW Taunt Fix HTB and Skill Crashes. Fix Fullscreen Crash. Fix Cooldown Crash. Workaround for getting stuck in mid-air (now you will just fall if you get stuck) Stop triple landing most of the time. Fixed Missing Text Balloons on Dark Namek Fixed visual bug with Brown Boxes. Fix Speed being Weird. Fixed Halo's having weird effects. Fixed combat regen being too high. Added new charge effects for +0 to ★ Added new flight effects for +0 to ★ Universe Shop Item replacements (Summer Vacation) Dogi Capsule 1 Master Roshi Swimsuit [Male] Master Roshi Swimsuit [Female] Krillin's Cap Dinosaur Head Gotenks Outfit Aloha Outfit Type B Super Colosseum Dogi CC Driver Outfit A Dogi Capsule 2 Swimwear Type A Swimwear Type B Swimwear Type C Monster Carrot's Outfit Type A King Monkey Outfit Type 1 Master Shen Outfit Master Shen Cap Demon King Dabura Outfit Dogi Capsule 3 Frieza Head (Normal) Frieza Head (2nd Form) Frieza Head (3rd Form) Frieza Head (Final Form) Frieza Head (Mecha) Dogi Capsule 4 Halo Type A Halo Type B Halo Type C Supreme Kai Wing Type C Butterfly Wings Fairy Wings (edited)
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    What about some new stuff ? Training Points and Distribution have been reset They will not be reset again. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed party not being teleported outside of tmq. [TEMPORARY] Fixed not being able to dash in tmq. Fixed wrong camera fov in tmq Fixed token shop not being closed properly on npc interaction Fixed auras not being properly loaded Fixed font related crash Fixed font mask related crash Fixed terrain texture loading with mods Fixed crash on missing mob table Quest Radar is now hidden once the animation is finished. Saibamen in tmq 1 are now not respawning. Reworked tori bot message Implemented new Staff Message @unstuck can now be used in instances (tmq, etc) Implemented gamble capsules Reworked display tabs in Hoi-Poi Shop Updated Cash Shop items. Updated some table text. Updated Item Data to add some new items. Added Gamble Capsules. Added Display Percentages and Items for Gamble Capsules Fix Texture loading for Mods Revert Changes to Upgrade Calculations Changed Upgrade Notification Banner to +13
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    The Train(ing) Train. Fixed Client/Server Sync issues Fix Combat LP Regeneration Fixed/Added Quest radar. Fixed T.O.S. from popping up every time you launch game. Removed change attribute title from upgrade merchant. Fixed not being able to learn all skills due to cap. Added ☆ and ★ upgrade ranks Update Game Statistics Page to format numbers. Introduce Version 0.1 of Image Training. Add Button to Character page to open Image Training window. Add Base pDEF based on CON/STR Add Base eDEF based on ENG/SOL Add Several New Packets for the Training System Add Upgrade Auras for New Ranks. Add Training Update Notification. Restructured Break rates. Added Real Break (No whitestone, No item; With whitestone -3) Add +2 and +3 Upgrade Success Rate. Updated Mob Markings for Strong and Weak mobs. Image Training 0.1 We have introduced a new training option for DBOUR called image training. Much like Image training in DBZ/Super You can upgrade your physical attributes by using intense mental training You must be seated, and you gain two stat points per level up after level 1. Once you have TP you can then sit down and open your training menu Select the stat you want to increase by clicking on the button. While you are sitting you will start to accrue percentage in your chosen stat When you reach 100% you get +1 to your selected stat. This is just the first version of this there will be some changes over time. Upgrade Restructuring! So after the results of the last poll we have added back in REAL BREAKs If you don't have a white stone, and you break. If you do have a white stone, Lose 3 from your current grade. The way upgrades are calculated have been changed as well Before it would check the upgrade rate of your current level Now it checks the potential upgrade first before doing the actual calculation IE if you are +5 and use a purple and random a +3 to that. Instead of using the rate for +5 it uses the rate for + 8. But with the reintroduction of that, we have made changes to the upgrade and break rates. See table below: Weapon Old New Break Old New 1 100% 100% 1 0% 0% 2 100% 100% 2 0% 0% 3 100% 100% 3 0% 0% 4 100% 100% 4 5% 2.5% 5 100% 100% 5 5% 2.5% 6 100% 100% 6 27% 13.5% 7 50% 60% 7 28% 14% 8 40% 50% 8 29% 14.5% 9 30% 40% 9 30% 15% 10 20% 30% 10 35% 17.5% 11 10% 15% 11 42% 21% 12 5.40% 10% 12 42% 21% 13 5.40% 10% 13 42% 21% 14 5.40% 10% 14 42% 21% 15 5.40% 8% 15 42% 21% ☆ 0% 5.5% ☆ 0% 25% ★ 0% 5.5% ★ 0% 25% Armor Old New Break Old New 1 100% 100% 1 0% 0% 2 100% 100% 2 0% 0% 3 100% 100% 3 0% 0% 4 100% 100% 4 0% 0.0% 5 60% 100% 5 5% 2.5% 6 50% 60% 6 5% 2.5% 7 40% 50% 7 7% 6% 8 30% 40% 8 7% 6.0% 9 20% 30% 9 27% 13.5% 10 10% 15% 10 28% 14% 11 5.4% 10% 11 29% 14.5% 12 5.4% 10% 12 30% 15% 13 5.4% 10% 13 31% 15.5% 14 5.4% 10% 14 32% 16% 15 5.4% 8% 15 33% 16.5% ☆ 0% 6.5% ☆ 0% 18% ★ 0% 6.5% ★ 0% 18%
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    (Powerin' Up!) My name is John CENA. Fixed error message when binding to same popo stone Fixed out of range crash Updated Budokai Time Format Added more informative formatting for Dragonball Hunt times. Implemented game stats window using the previously called "party search" button Press , (comma) to open game statistics menu. Login screen is now cycles through several locations. Tons of skills updated Added more total skills(Skill max before was 60 now is 120) Removed time limit from skills reset (Can now reset as long as you have the zeni) Updated the 15 minute timer text Changed boss event text Server timed broadcasts updated Client secret tweaks This is the first in a long line up of skill updates for higher level buffs/skills Some skills maybe highered or lowered during this process Mighty Majin Extreme Spirit Up Incrases Soul by 18 Extreme Critical Defense Increases Physical Critical Hit Rate by 16 Extreme Critical Attack Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 18 CHEF Extreme Scent Marking Increases Hit Rate by 297 Increase Dexterity by 30 Extreme Fountain of Smell Increases Constitution by 30 % Exreme Defense Breath Increases Physical Defense by 699 Increases Constitution by 41 Extreme Gourmet Mastery Increases Constitution by 41 Increases Energy by 70 ULTIMATE Extreme Strength Up Increases Constitution by 34 Extreme Defense Up Increases Defense Rate by 408 Extreme Miraculous Cheering Increases Energy by 37 Increases Constitution by 39 Extreme Miraculous Body Increases Max Lp by 1382 PLASMA Extreme Plasma Mastery Increase Focus by 37 Increase Hit Rate by 501 Extreme Harmonious Drumbeat Increases Dexterity by 48 Reduces Skill cooldown time by 15 Extreme Burning Rage Increases Energy Attack by 59 Increases Burn defense by 411 KARMA Extreme Karama Mastery Increases Max EP by 2701 Increases Energy Defense by 1366 Extreme Jokin Matter Increases Statuts resistance by 246 (only change betwen level 5 and 6 ) Extreme Agility Rage Increases Dexterity by 39 MARTIAL ARTIST Extreme Fortitude Increases Soul by 21 Increases Energy Critical Damage by 18 % FIGHTER Extreme Swiftness Increases Dodge Rate by 378 Increases Dexterity by 35 Extreme Fighting Mastery Increases Strength by 76 Increases Dexterity by 67 Extreme Evade Up Increases Dodge Rate by 489 Extreme Blitz Fist Increases attack speed by 15 % Upgraded from self target to aoe target at this level Swordsman Extreme Swordsman Mastery Increases Strength by 81 Increase Focus by 70 Extreme Increase Hit Rate Increases Hit Rate by 475 Extreme Increase Critical Hit Rate Increase Physical Critical Hit Rate by 21 Incrases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 21 Extreme Penetrate Increases Dexterity by 39 Increases Physical Critical Damage by 8 % Extreme Glaring Slash Physical/Energy Attack decreases by 16 % Physical/Energy Defense decreases by 16 % CRANE Extrme Focus Increases Focus by 246 Extreme Secrete Crances Success Increases Success Rate by 310 Extreme Crane Discharge Increases Energy by 39 Increases Constitution by 39 Extreme Increase Agility Increases Dexterity by 30 Extreme Resist it Increases status resistance rate by 250 Extreme Put out the Flames 3111 LP recovered RP increases by 200 TURTLE Extreme Prehistoric Turtle Mastery Increases Soul by 56 Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 17 Extreme Focus Increases Focus by 24 Extreme Clear Mirror Index Increases Energy Critical Damage by 20 % Increases Hit Rate by 560 WARRIOR Extreme Draconic Protection Increases Physical Defense by 722 Increases max LP by 2011 Extreme Draconic Righteousness Increases Energy Defense by 402 Increases Energy Attack by 21 % Extreme Draconic Spirit Increases Constitution by 24 Increases Energy by 24 DARK WARRIOR Extreme Talon Defense Physical/Energy Defense increases by 766 Extreme FOC Boost Increases Focus by 42 Increases Max EP by 41 % Extreme Rising Spirit Increases Constitution by 30 Extreme Powerful Roar Higher Agro send Ranged increase SHADOW KNIGHT Extreme Rising Spirit Increases Constitution by 30 Extreme Deception Energy Attack Decreases by 34 % DENDE PRIEST Extreme Kami's Aurora 157 EP recovered every 2 seconds Extreme Increase Resistance Increases Reistance Rate by 492 Extreme Increase Energy Increases Energy by 57 POKO Extreme Combatant Mastery Increases Max LP by 3991 Increases Soul by 70 Extreme Kami's Determination Increase Physical Attack by 72 Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 18 CHEF Curing Scent lvl 1 Now Gives 1 RP Ultimate Curing Scent Now Gives 2 RP FIGHTER Ultimate High Speed Needle Reduced to 550 %
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    Quality of What? That's right Quality of LIFE! Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed a Missing Animation crash in CCBD Fixed a null entity crash Fixed a crash with invalid item tables. Fixed Special Equipment Boxes giving max selected stat. Fixed several typos on some menus. Moved Freecam from Caps Lock to Scroll Lock Moved Hide GUI from NumLock to Pause Added Filtered Pickup to Caps Lock button Filtered Pickup will pickup only Zeni, Dragonballs, and Stones. Updated Netstore link to take you to the webstore.
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    I feel like it would be extremely early if you add SSJB. We currently have only 2 forms : Kaioken and SSJ. Here's what I suggest : Option 1 : I suggest that we do the SSJ2 then the SSJ3 then SSGod then the SSJBlue. Option 2 : SSJ2 could be SSJ with lightnings and better stats but I think that it would be useless tbh to add SSJ2, that's why I suggest skipping SSJ2 and going from SSJ to SSJ3. For the SSJ3 hair model you can make a whole new one like the amazing DBS Broly's one. Then, after SSJ3 if implemented, we'll get SSJGod (Just a glowy red recoloring for the base form hairs, pretty easy tbh, and a glowy aura). Then we finish with SSJB. Option 3 : SSJ-->SSJGod--->SSJBlue just like Vegeta (Even if Vegeta has SSJ2, let's say that the SSJ2 in the game is when you're SSJ and your equipments are +12 and gives you lightning around you).
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    You will be required to set the compatibility options for the client and launcher to be Window XP SP3, as windows 7 is no longer officially supported.
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    STR: Increases Physical Damage DEX: Physical damage/critical hit chance/dodge CON: LP and LP regen ENG: EP and EP regen FOC: Hit rate and energy crit SOL: Energy damage Strength just increases physical attack a lot more than dex. I'm not sure about the exact rates on DBOUR as they can be changed from the original DBO. There are some hidden passives such as defense rate, block rate, status resistance, status succes and guard (passive): Defense rate: Defence rate reduces the damage taken from auto attacks by 50%. The higher the defence rate, the higher the chance of reducing damage (no guard needed). Block rate: Block rate only applies when using the passive skill guard. The higher your block rate is, the higher the chance is of blocking incomming attacks (reducing the damage to 0) and blocking knockdowns. Satus resistance: Status resistance ignores the effects of debuffs. The higher your status resistance is, the higher the chance is of resisting debuffs. Status success: Status success makes the chance of landing a debuff on your opponent higher. The higher your status success, the higher the chance that a debuff will apply succesfully onto your opponent. Guard (passive): Guard allows you to guard yourself from incomming attacks and knockdown. The more skill points put into the passive, the higher the chance is that skills, autoattacks and knockdown will be blocked. Attack/defence properties: Attack properties will deter your damage done to your opponent and defence properties will deter your damage taken from your opponent. The properties of attack is determined by the property on your gloves and defence is determined by the property on your jacket.
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    Hello Universe, Ive questions regarding Image training. 1. What does exactly each attribute (STR, DEX,.. etc) increase? Does STR only increase physical power? 2. Does anyone have image training builds for each Class? What should i focus to increase for Ultimate Majin buffer? Thanks for help!
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    Hopefully you're fast all the time, not slow xD Gotta test it in the evening.
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    Anything is possible.
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    Hi everyone ! Everyone who's playing DBOUR knows that there's an automatic Anime BGM mod on the game. If you don't know how to revert back to the original DBO soundtracks, I'm here to help y'all ! STEP 1 : First of all you should go to your DBOUR's file, then click on "Game" Step 2 : After clicking of "Game" click on "mods" then "Sound" then "bgm" Step 3 ONLY DELETE THE FILES THAT START WITH "BGM" To ONLY delete the files that start with bgm, go to the "Search" area and type in "bgm" Here's also a video that I found on YouTube that will help you alot if you didn't understand Step 3 : It's in FRENCH but you can understand everything but just following the steps. Have fun !
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    Just a thought, whatever transformation wins, it should be added to the base ssj as an RP ability. It would be nice if you had to charge up before you can transform. (obviously shenron wish or something for the 2nd transformation would be still needed)
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    Sorry, I'm dealing with some pretty heavy life issues right now, and I haven't been able to finish the pages for it. I'll attempt to finish the rest of the pages, sometime this weekend.
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    From my experience, I could personally say this server is just way more fun to be on and the community is very helpful. Not only that, but there are multiple developers to help keep the game up to date and sometimes they stream on discord to show us that they're working on the game and developing. If you ask others they most likely will tell you the same thing, I'm not sure. Anyways I'm out, have fun!
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    Your progress will not be wiped. We make weekly and per patch backups. There will be no wipe.
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    Hallo zusammen, ich habe vor kurzem mit DBOUR angefangen und benötige noch ein bisschen Unterstützung. Wenn jemand Interesse hat, meldet euch einfach bei mir. :) ~Crispy
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    Ok. I was not aware of that. I appreciate the answer
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    We need you to post the Dbolog.txt so we can see what it is
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    Our major bugs compared to what DBOG 2.0 is; are negligible. a LARGE majority of crash bugs are completely eliminated comparatively. Compare Apples to Apples, not Apples to Oranges.
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    Because I didn't have anyone to do the mail tutorial I didn't know that I wasn't able to just click on the item's icon & everything else gave me the impression that I'd loose the items & Zeni from the auction house. So I just decided to take a chance on the icon that says there is a cost for attaching Zeni/items & I got it back that way. Since it didn't say that I would receive items that way as well in the help menu I had no idea what it would do beyond sending mail to someone else.
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    I would prefer SSB because I think it would feel more of a diferent transformation, yeah I know Its just a recolor, but I feel SSJ2 is going to end up Looking like ssj1 but with sparking effects? SSJ2 is more Iconic, and I won't mind following the correct order, I just feel that SSJB is easier to make it feel like something new and shining, but if you can make SSJ2 different enough of a transformation, then yeah I won't mind .
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    i can not Vote, but i prefer SSJ2
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    They can, but right now there is a lot of work (bugs etc.) before they can add maps..
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    Yes, self cast is currently not implemented. It's annoying I understand, as I used to main dende in retail as well. You can use alternative keys for now by pressing "~" to target yourself and cast the ability and then press TAB to re-target the nearest enemy. You can also set your keybinds to select specific party members as well. We hope to have this re-implemented in the future, hopefully for now this workaround can ease some frustration.
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    *Megalovania in the background*
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    Hey everyone ! I just wanna make it easier for y'all and imma post here ! Here in this post you will find everything you need about it including map where to farm Korin item. Map where you can farm Korin item for quest : Adult and Master Class Quest Guide : Step 1: Once you reach level 30, find and destroy the crate pictured below that you'll found at various locations in the Korin Forest zone. If a create isn't at one of the locations it's because someone probably destroyed it recently. You'll either need to wait until the crate re-spawns, change to a different channel, or try and find one at a different location. You can do this step, the next one, and a few others before you reach level 30, but you'll have to wait until level 30 to complete the quest line. If, when you begin to focus on becoming an adult, you notice that some of the quests aren't there, it's probably because you've done them already at an earlier level. Step 2: After destroying the crate, loot the following item, right click on it, and accept the quest. Step 3: The quest will take you to this NPC. Turn in the quest and accept the follow up. Don't worry about completing the follow up quest just yet and don't worry about no "X" showing up on your map for this quest. Step 4: Just across from the NPC in step 3 (not standing right next to him) there should be another NPC quest giver with only one quest. Accept his quest. Step 5: The quest you get from step 4 should take you to the girl pictured below. Turn in the quest and accept the follow up which should have you kill 10 enemy boars just outside of the small town. The boars you need to kill are the ones with the staves and not with the swords. Step 6: After you complete that quest. Turn it in and receive the follow up which should take you to a man at the top of a giant hill. Step 7: Turn in the quest and accept the follow up. The next quest will take you to the base of Korin's tower where you'll meet a girl. Turn in the quest there and talk to her again. She should now teleport you to to the top of Korin's Tower. Step 8: Turn in the quest that has you talk to Korin and accept the quest he gives you. You should now have an item that looks like a bit like a tea kettle in your inventory. Step 9: When you're ready, right click on the item which will summon four transparent Korins (two at a time). You must defeat all four to complete the quest. If you're having trouble defeating them you can stand where I am in the image below and fight them one at a time instead of two at a time. Step 10: Turn in the quest and you will transform into an adult as well as receive your first HTB skill. Step 11: Now, to choose a master class, talk to Korin again (choose the 3rd option). He will then present you with two items, each of which represent your master class choices. You will be permanently stuck with whichever Master Class you choose. There is currently no way to change your Master Class after you've chosen.. Click to view which master class each weapon represents Step 12: After you choose your weapon Karin will give it to you. Right click on it and accept the quest it gives you. If you're a Human your quest will take you to the Majin zone. If you're a Namekian you quest will take you to the Human zone. If you're a Majin your quest will take you to the Namekian zone. Once you get to where you need to go the quest giver will give you a unique quest with the reward being your master class weapon (although you won't be able to equip it yet). He will then taken give you another quest which will take you to a special arena where you will have to defeat a powerful enemy (each enemy is class specific). After you've defeated your enemy turn in the quest and you will recieve your master class and can now equip the weapon you got earlier. I didn't make this guide my self, it's from this thread: http://www.dbocom.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6339 Hope you liked it !
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    Well done, surely will help newbies
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    I think making a model for SSJ2 would be bit of a hassle in comparison to SSJ3 that can remain unchanged, but I'd love to see it in the game regardless. Not to mention like others said it'd make most sense lorewise. Imagine if we had to go through a questline to achieve SSJ2 though, it would create a chance to explain how would it be possible lorewise.
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    SSJ2 seems like more fitting than the SSJB in my opinion, however, how to add it into the game and what stats could it have over the regular SSJ is to discuss. Kinda like the idea of adding some lightning just to recognize it as SSJ2.
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    any legendary item, or any item with an upgrade. just blanket the warning. Yes they are, we've also got more frequent hunts. We might tune them back, but we're happy with everyone getting their transformations and dragon buffs sooner.
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    i think you can do SSJ2 first, if you want to do SSJBlue.
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    I just wanted to ask is there a way to change my password as i can't remember the client password. Can't seem to find a "Forgot password" area.
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    I don't mind waiting but it would be nice to at least know if a way has been added and if not maybe an update when it would be instead of just ignoring my 4 day old thread and answering other questions.
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    No worries thanks for the update.
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    Sorry i was at RL work I have applied your points. but it shouldn't take longer than 8 hours to apply. Basically as long as im awake. I get the email and i process them.
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    It's unfortunate, but that's the price of new features. For those wanting to see an example of the new Aura types that are up on the cash shop.
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    Developers here actually give a fuck about your opinion and they aren't dickheads.
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    "wrong camera fov" means "wrong camera FOV". The bug you are describing is something really different and has nothing to do with the FOV. The one I fixed was related to your camera fov being reset to 45 each time you get into tmqs. The one you are describing is indeed not fixed yet but we already know about it
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    I can wait to try out the image training but would that require one to create a new charater if that already are like max level or 2+ levels?
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    Hang tight. I am uploading a new download. Apparently there was a 50/50 on whether it would patch. So im uploading the latest available verison to mediafire right now, and will mirror on mega, and a couple other places. I just have slow connection so give me like 20 minutes?
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    I bet SSJ Blue has just more requirements like another pack of DBs or stuff, i'm only assuming.
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    SSJ still needs DBs if i'm correct.
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    https://www.strawpoll.me/20298886 Vote for your opinion on the current or potential changes in the upgrade system!
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    Places: 5

    Applicants: 16

    Hello guys!!! We are interested in recruiting new moderators to join our team. Moderators help their fellow players by answering questions in-game and by keeping the chat clean, as well as assisting with a few chat events. Please take some time to read the information provided below. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us! If you are interested, simply create a new topic with the information below. Requirements: •At least 18 years old ▪Have a certain knowledge of the game (the more you know, the better) •Have good writing skills •Being open and regularly available on Discord •The ability to work well within a team (with the other moderators) •Sense of humor •Knowing that being a moderator is a responsibility and not a "power over others" position (impartiality, no abuse) Essential information when applying: -Provide a short presentation about yourself (name, age, main occupation, hobby?) -Let us know your availability (weekdays, weekend) -What motivates you -Explain your experience as a moderator, if any -Your location (geographically) Your applications will be studied and stored; if selected, you will be contacted by an Administrator. We are looking forward to receiving your applications!
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    Hello guys! I want to give some basic information about this class. Builds: My PVP build https://universe.dborevelations.com/tools/skillcalculator/?class=Shadow-Knight&build=0500501140010010403001000000000015154410011131343401 My PVE build https://universe.dborevelations.com/tools/skillcalculator/?class=Shadow-Knight&build=0500500140010000103000000030000415254410011433003401 Shadow Knight is one of the best PVP classes in the game, this class has huge damage whith very large LP amount. Well if our SK is well gear we dont have problem to beat any class. So PVE section is not best for SK, but also not a bad option due to the large number of LPs and the ability to kill mobs. So, in warrior section we must have 3 buffs, Dragonic Protection, Dragonic Righteusness and Dragonic Spirit, for debuffs we need 2, Dragonic Owerpowering and Curse. The most powerful skill for SK is Bold Strike, so with good axe and good + (min +13) we won't have a problem killing mobs or other players in the PVP section. Also passive powers are very important in both cases, as they give you CON. Gear For PVP: Jacket: %Anty Crit, %LP recovery Pants: %LP recovery Boots: CON Gloves: FOC Axe: %E.Crit Necklace: succes rate Earrings: 2xpros, 2xdecrase bleed,2xdecrase fear, Ring: 2xFOC, 2x phy reflect, 2xdecrase bleed, 2xdecrase confusion 1 For PVE: Jacket: %LP recovery Pants: %LP recovery Boots: CON Glove: FOC Axe: %E.Crit Necklace: prop which you have in your weapons Earrings: 2xprops Ring: 2xCON, 2XFOC Warrning! Also need 58 lv TMQ armor with high stats and deffense with large + (minimum +12)!!!