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    An even Smaller Patch Hoi Poi Salon He has setup shop at Dende's Lookout He will able to style your Hair, Hair Color, and Mysteriously Skin Color and Face. He's only charging Zeni for his services starting at 50,000 Zeni, upto 50,000,000 at Level 60+ Levels 1 - 9 50,000 Zeni Levels 10-29 250,000 Levels 30-39 1,000,000 Levels 40-49 10,000,000 Levels 50-59 25,000,000 Levels 60+ 50,000,000 Added Color to drop icon based on Rank (Superior, Excellent, Rare, Legendary) Stone are Green with Sparkle VFX Added Twenty-Seven Backpacks that you can now equip Yes, we've just made every quest backpack a separate item You can now have the Turtle, Baby Goku, or Milk Bottle forever The "New" Backpacks, also have Dogi ball slots They have no equip restrictions/constrictions Added Bonus EXP icon in the bottom right You'll see this when the Bonus EXP is running Added Honey Bee Event icon in the bottom right You'll see this when the Honey Bee event is running You will receive all the normal announcements Added Preliminary Code for BOSS event icon It's been started, but not ready this patch The Great Saiyaman's Undersuit has arrived! Fresh from Outer-space, Legendary SSJ Outfit! With Undershirt, and without The original Majin Buu outfit has now been materialized Dragon Scramble This will only run on Channel 1 Event Added Event Icon (Bottom Right) Channel Icon For when Event is running Add Scramble Name Color Removed Scramble Debug Messages in Lobby Added Event Application GUI Added Scramble Event Channel Dojo War This isn't ready yet. Fixed Missing Dojo Info Added Dojo Logging Added Dojo Debug Messages Fixed Missing Dojo Application GUI South Fran Fran Desert Added South Fran Fran to the Main World Map Added South Fran Fran to the World Map Added South Fran Fran to the Teleporter Map Removed the Double Portal from Splish Splash Sewer South Added Ten Landmark Icons for the World Map Created but Placement needs work. Ranked Battle Updated RankBattle Added Night Time Budokai Arena West City again Added new Mini-map (Forgot to include last patch) Added new World Map (It looks considerably more populated and dense now) Add Collision to the top of the Monorail you can still enter from the bottom. but the glass is now collidable Character Select Fixed Giant Square Visible on the new Namek Character Select menu Removed Chocolay Tower from Day Time Namek Character Select Added Day and Night to the Character Select This is based off your local timezone 8:00PM - 6:00AM - Night 6:01AM - 7:59PM - Day Named all the currently Unnamed Outfits/Dogi Icons will come in a later patch Names are not final on a few Changed Default Ink Thickness Black character Outline is now thinner by default Universe Points are manually allocated currently. TMQ Launch and Land Animation doesn't play Some TMQ Effects don't show/play Plasma Majin Masterclass Item is still bugged Grand Chef Ball Transformation is still incorrect Glasses and Masks are still incorrect on some children/adults Fix Large Majority of Disconnects Fixed Crash on Mob Hunt Quests Fixed Training Point Reset Bug Fixed Some Bugs relating to Party Fixed Missing Material Error on Main World Budokai Teleport Bug Please Report any other issues Or If we missed any Fixed Party Leaving Bug Added Solution to "Account Already Connected" issue Will Boot Active Sessions, if you're stuck online Flight using Mouse and Keyboard Fixed still requires double tap W to accelerated flight for now Fixed the Portal not showing when Exiting Freeza's Spaceship in TMQ7 Fixed the new Hairstyles not being Transparent when the camera hits just right Fixed missing "Loading_Transform.swf" error Super Saiyan 2 Icon appearing Blue Instead of Yellow for some reason Fixed the Alpha Transparency on a lot of Dogi/Outfits Started fixing the glasses for several race/genders Majin Male Child Majin Male Adult Majin Female Adult Namek Warrior Human Female Adult Human Male Adult Dungeons RP1 World Map Alpha Transparency has been fixed Map 1 and 2 RP2 World Map Alpha Transparency has been fixed RP3 - World Map Alpha Transparency has been fixed Water Fixes Missing Water was added to Lumpy Lake in Porunga Rocks South Missing Water was added to the 3 pools at Dino Valley in Porunga Rocks North Missing Water was added to the 5 pools at Makan Lake in Porunga Rocks North Missing Water was added to the Pond at Namek Fountain in Porunga Rocks North Decreased Client Lag Removed Prop Log Spamming from Server "Packet isLocked" Error message is now more descriptive so we can find which packet is causing an issue for you Added Collision to the Floating Namek Altars in Snail Village Corrected Spelling of Various Outfit/Dogi Added Black Recolor of Kaio Outfit Icon for the Black Recolor Kaio Outfit Added Super Saiyan 2 (Icon & Name) It's still not available to unlock however. The Green Room is now Greener Added Several Surface Lights Kraken(BiD4 - Machine Octopus) Accessories are now Bind on Equip (BoE) Means these are tradable now Can use a seal coin, to unbind these items to sell after equip now CellX (BiD2 - CellX) Accessories are now Bind on Equip (BoE) Means these are tradable now Can use a seal coin, to unbind these items to sell after equip now Fixed A large amount of incorrect text Lowered the Logo on the Start Screen to not clip as badly on lower resolutions Logging Add Missing Effect Logging Stop DBOLOG from being deleted once it reaches 10kb We'll be able to check and resolve issues easier! Added Exception Handler for Better Detail in our Logs Karin Forest Fixed the bus overlay it's properly aligned now! Lilly Pads in Karin Village now have Collision Lilly Flowers in Karin Village now have Collision
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    Lol this patch basically shitted on every other dbo server out there not gonna lie.
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    What a rush. "Decreased Client Lag", finally Diab will stop complaining about lag