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  1. NEW COSMETICS New Dogis Xeno Piccolo Dogi (Namekian Only) Casual Krillin Dogi Raditz Dogi Saiyan Saga Vegeta Dogi Martial Artist Dogi Martial Artist Dogi #2 Great Saiyaman 2 Dogi (Female Only) Heles God of Destruction Dogi (Female Only) Bardock Bandana (Human & Namekian Only) White Bandana (Human & Namekian Only) View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery NEW BOSS MOBS DBS Vegeta Baby Vegeta DBZ Broly Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience Tweaked Female Intro Dogis Tweaked all new Boss Mobs Stats Turles Wrath State Broly Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Great Ape Broly Goku Black Goku Black Rose Fused Zamasu
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  2. i cant update my game .it said "update process failed!' what should i do
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  3. the opposite actually, Windows 7 is now officially supported by our Launcher.
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