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  1. [CM]Mєℓιο∂αѕ娃

    你好!! 下载将在几天内发布, 邀请你所有的朋友来这里
  2. [CM]Mєℓιο∂αѕ娃

    Stay tuned on our Discord also: https://discord.gg/EXVatKN
  3. [CM]Mєℓιο∂αѕ娃

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to all new players who have joined us in our universal adventure, thank you so much to everyone who supports us. We are extremely thankful for your patience and love! Here's some information about the Download link that everyone has been asking for so much... Where is the download link? Even though the forums are available, the game's download link is not. Our development team is currently working on some big updates, so the servers will be up soon! We apologize for the inconvenience. We all have ideas for improvements that can be made for this project, but you must understand that everyone on all the teams are not paid, none of us have this as our jobs. We've all put time, effort, heartache and sweat into building this community, and we all do it out of love for this game! I hope you all have a great morning/afternoon, and I look forward to seeing you guys in game when our download link is posted! Thank you. Stay Tuned With Us♡
  4. [CM]Mєℓιο∂αѕ娃

    Welcome, hope you enjoy this project, Stay Tuned on forum for new update!