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  1. Shyruni

    Dis boi has got some taste. As for me, it depends on the name. Shyruni was a name I invented a long time ago and has stuck with me ever since. Occa was something I came up with based on the Ocarina, a musical instrument using naming conventions similar to Piccolo.
  2. Shyruni

    Do you mind elaborating a bit on the differences, Blak? I don't mean to pry too much, but as someone who isn't familiar simply saying "it's different" doesn't really explain everything.
  3. So today I'm doing a little bit of an environmental lore study of Mushroom Rocks. Obviously without any translation there's a limit to what we can understand about the region, but there is a lot one can gather through simple observation and curiosity. I am focusing primarily on the East portion of Mushroom Rocks since it's the most interesting to me at the moment and has the most interesting bits to look at. So what is Mushroom Rocks? Well, it's a largely rural area where everything is mushrooms. Trees, plants, structures, even some of the enemies are based around mushrooms. It has a heavy autumn feel to it with a lot of red and yellow-ish green along with a sky that seems to look like a constant sunrise. It's probably one of my favorite places in the game, although that's not saying much about since I am very fond of DBO's general environments. There's some rather...colorful characters hanging around as well. However, a closer look at the environment begins to reveal...something very strange about this mushroom jungle, and no, not just the bikini-wearing beetle. Metal pipes can be found embedded in the sides of hills, strange water-tower-like structures with "FUEL" written on them can be found, construction robots consist of a fairly decent portion of the enemies in the East, and there's piles of junk and toxic waste just lying around. What exactly is going on here? After searching the area and stumbling upon a factory, I have deduced that for some unknown reason, the mushrooms of the region seem to be a valuable resource. Crates of "processed mushrooms" can be found lying around, silos with mushroom images plastered on them, and whatever is going on here seems to be a full scale factory operation. While there are old vehicles lying around, there are almost no people to be seen, the factory seemingly entire run by robots without any form of insignia on them. Many of them look terribly rusted and moss-covered, and others are labelled in the current odd translation as "overworked", implying that these robots have been running this place for quite some time and seem to have little to no personal maintenance. Even the factory itself is poorly maintained, but it seems to be running pretty much nonstop regardless. What appears to be going on here is some form of deforestation operation, where the mushrooms are being taken from the environment and used as some important resource for some company. It's hard to judge exactly how devastating it has been to the environment as the forest seems to remain pretty large for the most part, but there's definitely still a fair bit of waste, fences, and other things around, suggesting that whoever is running this operation cares very little for how it affects the region. The obvious question this begs is...who is running this operation? An easy answer would seem to be Capsule Corp, due to the ships with their name sort of on it as well as having a Capsule Museum somewhere nearby. It might be that the mushrooms have something to do with the development of Capsules themselves, which would explain why these mushrooms are such a valuable and highly sought after resource. The mushrooms could also be some kind of fuel, due to the silos labelled "FUEL" found around the area, or perhaps some form of fast food delicacy. That being said, there is little DIRECT proof of Capsule Corp's involvement outside of name on the ships, would could honestly just mean it's a ship made by Capsule Corp and not used by them since...Capsule Corp makes pretty much everything. What is REALLY strange and interesting of what I found was that there are SOME signs of the Red Pants army either having been stationed here or actively being stationed here. The only main source I could find was an abandoned tent, but it is a really weird thing considering that the Red Pants generally aren't found around this area, and the base is on the literal other side of the world map? Were they here at some point and then kicked out? Is this their factory run from afar to help support the main base and thus that's why the mushrooms are shipped by sea? While it doesn't explain everything, this as well makes some sense and imo is about as equally likely as Capsule Corp being directly involved themselves. As for other possibilities? There's always Mira but I...highly doubt it. Mira uses very futuristic and alien-looking tech, so a rundown factory run by regular construction robots doesn't really seem like the work of his army, although I can't really disprove of it either. It could also just be some standalone human-run factory, but given the importance of the commodity it's unlikely that it's just a small-time business...but once again, it's still possible. Overall the romp through this part of Mushroom Rocks was interesting, and it was fun to see what I could piece together. I hope you all enjoyed reading, and maybe learned a thing or two. DBO has a lot of details you might miss if you don't take a closer look sometimes, and you can find some truly interesting details the creators threw in. They were passionate about Dragon Ball after all.
  4. Shyruni

    Hey ya'll, hope you're doing well! So I wanted to start a discussion for both the purposes of both helping others as well as myself. As many of you are aware TW (Taiwan) was the main server that most of us have played on and is the server that DBOR and DBOG were based on. While the different projects had their own takes and changes, it was still based around the same core meta, and concepts. And as you may know, DBONU is instead using KR (Korea) as its server and while adding TW elements in, is going to be primarily based around KR's system. To be honest, I really don't know ANYTHING about KR. I know it was different and more "balanced", but I'm very unclear as to why and in what ways, and how the game overall played differently. I am also guessing I am not the only one who is in the blank about this, as I've been running into people that didn't even know KR existed. It seems to have been a much more unknown server compared to the far more utilized TW. Therefore, I would like to ask those of you who either played KR or are well versed in its mechanics and gameplay if you could explain to us, those who aren't familiar with it, what the key differences between it and TW were as well as just how people played the game in general. I'm aware DBONU will have its own balancing and its own changes, but understanding the core gameplay will help understand what to expect as well as what improvements could be made, what could be added, and just understand more about DBO's origins as a whole. I feel like this discussion has a lot of benefit to it, and so I pass off the question to you all. Thanks!
  5. Shyruni

    Every once in awhile this question or poll always pops up, but I wanted to propose it again since every new forum and project brings new people and new thoughts. So what is your favorite class, and if you want comment on why that is! My favorite class is tricky, but Dark Warrior is kind of my personal favorite. I like Namekians and I prefer the claws over the axe, even though SK is OP. That being said, Ult Majin is a cloooose second.
  6. Shyruni

    Oh yeah, that's not a great idea. Energy Siege needs to be for DW as DW is supposed to be the AoE fighter.
  7. Shyruni

    I like the change of making Martial Artist much more physical oriented. Personally I would have just changed some buffs around to make energy Fighter more viable (because let's face it, Fighter had some boss energy skills), but giving it more of a melee focus cleans it up quite a bit better and is more fitting to the melee/energy split. I wouldn't make Final Flash a physical move though, that just makes no sense. I do think Fighter needs somewhat of a nerf as their ability to stun and deal consistent damage in PvP is hard to deal with, but that's a lesser issue. In terms of Swordsman I like the skill layout, but they still need another buff skill or two or upgrades to the energy buffs to make Energy Swordsman more viable statwise. Again, not that it isn't viable, but it is more statistically inferior than perhaps it should be. Dark Warrior is fine, though maybe a bit of a buff in some way to make it less inferior to SK. Imo, SK needs rebalancing and nerfing in some way. Multiple players I know strongly believe that not only is SK one of the best classes in the game, but it's also superior to DW in pretty much every way, and I completely agree. SK has so many super good skills, from the 75% movement debuff to the life steal and being much better suited to use Energy Attacks which the Warrior's buffs complement best (the defense buffs give a boost to Energy Attack but not to Physical Attack) that beyond DW being somewhat better at PvE, the two still need better balancing. I dunno if just taking away Fear would be enough, or if stats need to be more directly affected, or what, but I think SK needs some serious looking over.
  8. Shyruni

    Definitely. I look forward to your guys' take on this game. You guys are already suggesting some large changes, so it's interesting for sure.
  9. Shyruni

    Hey everybody, hope you're all doin well! I know this might not be the right place but I couldn't find a "introduction" thread so let me know if this needs to be moved or anything. Anyway I'm a fellow Dragon Ball fan, gamer, and have followed a number of different DBO projects. As they have had a mixed history to say the least, I wish you all the best of luck and hope things work out well!