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    Sent your points to you just now. Sorry about the wait.
  9. The Great Moistening ( Added Dende's Lookout above Korin Tower (PVP Arena) Just fly up! Added Weapon Particles Particles Back (Weapon Upgrade Effects) Added Armor and Weapon UV animations back (Armor Upgrade Effects) Added the new wings from the poll we took last week (Method to obtain to come) Starting video is now randomized between Age 1000 and Base of Tenkaichi both can we watched from the dbour/game/movie/ at any time. You can now edit world textures using the mod loader Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Re enabled 3D Positional Sound. (Someone disabled it) Added all water back to the game that was missing. Fixed Sound Fade in/out Fixed environmental sounds Fixed named colors for mobs. 11 Level Difference for gray names Fixed missing effects on some Dogi and accessories. Fixed Fountains and Popo Stones to have their effects. Rotate the bridge in dojo to prevent abuse Has been rotated 90 degrees to remove spawn rushing. Fix Fall under map glitch in dojo under textures bug be damned. Zoomed out on character select screen. Ultra-wide users can now finally see their characters. Add New Wings Divinity! Add dust and rocks to all Charge Auras Ground crack will be coming eventually. Update some guard auras. Added male Majin flight aura. Properly attached flight aura.
  10. SanGawku

    @ Dumke is so happy about this
  11. SanGawku

    I only mean useless for crash reporting in the meantime. If it ends up being because of bugtrap i will see if i can't get away with compiling it into the exe statically.
  12. SanGawku

    I can give it a try. It will make the next release semi useless for fixing crashes. But if that helps get rid of the false positive. In the next patch ill remove it to give it a try.
  13. SanGawku

    Its @unstuck
  14. SanGawku

    So i believe it is either related to my anti-cheat dll(That is currently disabled, but it has references to it in the code) or it is because of bugtrap.dll Since im using #pragma include (bugtrap.dll) and bugtrap isn't signed. The first instance of it being flagged was when i reenabled bugtrap after i had disabled it for some time. Every version i submit to microsoft they unflag. Its just having to send every version to microsoft to not flag it is annoying especially because i have to wait for it to be flagged the first time, before i can submit it.
  15. SanGawku

    Send me a message with your playername when you are online in the game. and ill distribute your points and some extra for missing ya.