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  1. SanGawku

    You just have to wait on that one. it was a long big patch. And i am a fail hard and forgot to add progress updates in the text bar. It took me 20 minutes on my pc for that patch to apply.
  2. SanGawku

    20/5/2019 YOU MUST REINSTALL THE LAUNCHER OVER YOUR CURRENT INSTALL. THERE WAS A MASSIVE BUG WITH IT THAT REQUIRED AN UPDATE THAT HAS TO BE MANUALLY INSTALLED. Download from here : Major bug with the sound system that was causing a random crash Upon loading, players were crashing from receiving a packet before they were created on the client Fixed a crash related to party packets Fixed a crash related to animation duration Fixed Dragon Ball Indicator on the mini-map (You can see them clearly now.) Other characters auras were not showing while charging. Proper error message for Invalid Dogi or Emblem. Fix Giant Scouter bug for Dragon Clan. Removed Broken Vegetto hairstyle. Removed Quest Debug Window. Refactored Launcher patching algorithm for much smaller and efficient patching. Disabled "Remember Me" and "Forgot Password" buttons on the launcher, (will be re-enabled later on) Added client version numbers in DBOLog.txt Updated Discord Rich Presence for the client. Added proper versioning for more effective bug tracking. Added new bug reporter to the client. Redirected launcher to correct registration website. E-mail verification required on launcher again.
  3. SanGawku

    Please redownload the launcher from the original location and then login again. We had to make some core changes to the launcher which required the installer be remade.
  4. SanGawku

    Create your own topic in the bug section of the forums
  5. SanGawku

    Client 2.0 Released Greetings(xd) New Launcher now available along with new registration page. Click the register button on the launcher to register your new registration. But in all seriousness. We have come a long way to bring you this update. There are still quite a few things that don't work properly(TMQ/TLQ for example) We need some die hard bugtesters out here making some bug reports so we can bring you a flawless experience. There have been major overhauls done on both the client and server side of things, and we will bring you patch notes this afternoon. But for now enjoy the smooth goodness of a higher than 60fps experience with tremendously larger render distance. You can download the new launcher from And you can register your account here: If you have downloaded this launcher already please do so again, there was an update to the launcher to allow self patching. Look forward to seeing you all out there! o7
  6. SanGawku

  7. SanGawku

    Still looking for 3d and 2d Content creators.
  8. SanGawku

    Some of the same tools. A lot of the tools we have reworked for our specific causes, and we have made several of our own tools as well. For example, a Table editor for all the files in game, and several other tools we won't disclose.
  9. SanGawku

    Just wait til you get Mac banned for using cheat engine... ahhh that will be nice. I have done pentesting for the last several years, and implemented my own anticheat on "The WarZ" as well. Don't worry cheaters will be dealt with harshly.
  10. Hey there. Small patch for you guys today. Client Performance fixes for the client Added Fight Indicator on status bar. Fixed bug with some admin tools Fixed aggro conditions. (within 5 levels of the mobs to be chased) Some graphical changes on the character creation menu. Added A couple GM items so you know who we are. Added more options to option window Added "Your name" toggle to turn it off Added "Other Names" toggle to turn all other names off Texture updates All windows are now in English. Attack Textures Updated with English (Thanks Ebon) Server Character deletion timer Mob energy overflow Fix auto attack from command Test with auto attack smoother Aggro on direct damage Party timer increased to 10 minutes Scouter value fix Might have some more for you guys later today Dragonball Black GIF from Dragonball GIFs
  11. SanGawku

    Here is a small overview of recent things done in this update. Added GM tag for GMs.(Now you know who is really a GM) Fixed a bug in DRP Fixed multiple crash bugs in Cell Games Area. Fixed multiple crash bugs in Buu Memorial Area. A work in progress Stats tab has been added to the character page. *You will see why its WIP* Several performance fixes on the client. Thanks for taking a look, have fun bug hunting. -SanGawku
  12. SanGawku

    Currently we are looking for 2-3 Content creators for the server. They will be in charge of adding new content to the game. Currently, we are looking for people to add new maps/quest lines to the game. Shortly we will have quests working so right now the main thing is to add new areas to the game. We have a suite of tools available for this reason specifically. (World editor, quest editor, cinema editor) If you are interested drop an application in the Staff Application form with your experience and other important infos you can find in the staff application announcement thread. Looking forward to hear from some future content creators. -SanGawku
  13. SanGawku

    Here is a short overview of the patch notes with the latest patch. Fixed scouter placement bug Fixed multiple crashes with some animations being incorrectly defined Updated several 3rd party libraries for more modern ones. Increase Dash Distance Fixed Client Crashing on client close Fix Client Disconnect without notified. Discord Rich Presence Fixes. Added New Tatami in Karin Town Fixed Mound of Poop on Dojo login screen. Keep your eyes out for more fixes and content coming your way. Along with keeping your eyes out for these patch notes. We will be doing them more often. Other than just saying "New patch out, fixed things, etc"
  14. SanGawku

    Can now load Taiwan World files.
  15. SanGawku

    Newest Progress On Client. We can now import custom models, and objects into game.