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    Revving up the power!! ( Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed Mouse getting locked when using both mouse buttons to move. Fixed accelerated flight not staying synced with the server and other clients. Now mobs/people don't Despawn when flying with keyboard Fixed movement not being synced when slow flying and using keyboard to move up/down. Fixed settings not being reapplied when logging in. Fixed rotating particles not rotating correctly Fixed Desynchronization with the server causing people to be teleported to plat randomly. Fixed the Budokai info window not displaying any text. (Hopefully) Reduced the amount of DC's while playing due to timeout. Fixed Online players not showing correct amount. Fixed non-English characters unable to be displayed in chat. (Tested Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish) Fixed buying items from shop giving wrong transmogrify tblidx. Fixed Lv30 minimum level requirement for sending mail. (should have never been the case.) Fixed false positive for windows defender by recompiling all libraries using visual studio 2019 Fixed Settings crashing launcher. will now regenerate settings if they are corrupt or missing. Server side performance enhancements Add Silver coin and honey block to caps lock pickup Changed mouse sensitivity for camera slightly. Changed heading update time. Update movement with fast flying. Added Seamless Loading. Major client side performance increase. Test Human Hairs have been removed, Old Hairs have been returned. (Goodbye Kermit de frog.) Increase terrain mobility of vehicles. Add new tatami at Baba's Palace in south Fran Fran. (First circular tatami. ) Added file check before client launch Added Fallback Launcher image, if video doesn't load, or doesn't exist (will be customizable next patch) Translated Budokai Language strings Updated Help Menu (H Key in-game)
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    Bug Busting!! ( Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fix Property Container Crash Fix Crash when Loading Emblems for some people Fixed crash on server update state. Fixed Skill Container Crash Fixed force disconnect from Air Accel Fixed Heartbeat sound not playing when low on health Fixed fullscreen not using all of fullscreen. Fix Terrain and Object ranges not applied properly Fixed the Giant black hole in the sky Fixed some other misc. disconnection bugs. Server side performance enhancements Add Huge Honey Blocks to caps lock pickup Allow Bosses to be HTB'd Again. Lots of work on the World Editor prepare to see changes to the world soon HOTFIX IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO UPDATE TO THIS VERSION DOWNLOAD THE FOLLOWING CLIENT https://www.mediafire.com/file/zz15p8cd1s7vm7s/DBOUR1072.7z/file HOTFIX Fix some DC in CCBD Fixed bus crash Fix texture crash with some items. Fixed more sound related crashes.
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    The Great Moistening ( Added Dende's Lookout above Korin Tower (PVP Arena) Just fly up! Added Weapon Particles Particles Back (Weapon Upgrade Effects) Added Armor and Weapon UV animations back (Armor Upgrade Effects) Added the new wings from the poll we took last week (Method to obtain to come) Starting video is now randomized between Age 1000 and Base of Tenkaichi both can we watched from the dbour/game/movie/ at any time. You can now edit world textures using the mod loader Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Re enabled 3D Positional Sound. (Someone disabled it) Added all water back to the game that was missing. Fixed Sound Fade in/out Fixed environmental sounds Fixed named colors for mobs. 11 Level Difference for gray names Fixed missing effects on some Dogi and accessories. Fixed Fountains and Popo Stones to have their effects. Rotate the bridge in dojo to prevent abuse Has been rotated 90 degrees to remove spawn rushing. Fix Fall under map glitch in dojo under textures bug be damned. Zoomed out on character select screen. Ultra-wide users can now finally see their characters. Add New Wings Divinity! Add dust and rocks to all Charge Auras Ground crack will be coming eventually. Update some guard auras. Added male Majin flight aura. Properly attached flight aura.
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    Its my item and they want it now!! ( Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed bus crash Fix texture crash with some items. Fixed more sound related crashes. Fixed Server Crash on Logout Fix some DC in CCBD Fix missing Emblem error. Server side performance enhancements Fixed bind on Account cash items. Relaxed the cash shop item restrictions Add new options for Remove Notification bar(Break/upgrade) Add New Option for Hide Gloves(Only takes effect after equipping gloves) Refactored code to allow for multiple char/chat/query servers.
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    If you have any issues patching as of last two patches or before ( OR Please re-download the client, We're sorry for the inconvenience! Don't forget to backup any screenshots, or user settings if you plan to delete and reinstall. dbour/game/screenshots/ & dbour/game/user/ https://universe.dborevelations.com/download/
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    The Forgetful Patch ( Added new Flight auras ( +1 - +17) Added new Block Auras ( +1 - +17) Begin working on PVP Server/Channel logic. Add pmob and pnpc commands for Game Masters (It's begun.) Added Training point reset at Class Trainers. Added User and Screenshot folders backup function to Launcher One Click Backup and Restore for new Client installs and re-installs. added fps limit, discord rich presence, gamma, showfps to the settings options. Option to disable video and have static image instead place any image with the name "placeholder.jpg" into media/ Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed the Incorrect Flight Animation Attachment. Increase cost of Training Points and Skill Resets (Zeni Sink) Scales with level, prices are still affordable at lower levels. Fixed the Dragon Ball Reward Menu to show only items that apply to your class/race (Quest, Scramble, Hunt) Launcher More clarity to the settings values corrected some incorrect maximum values will correct if there is both mod and .mod in the game folder
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    World Martial Arts Tournament! ( Stop the crashes pl0x. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed Crash when client is unable to detect your mac address. Fix some disconnects. Fix more transmog related crashes. Fix Auctionhouse Crash Fixed Crash on loading. Fixed a random crash with buffs. FIX COMMON BUDOKAI TELEPORT CRASHES Fixed too many quests being displayed on the quest indicator gui. Fix Unable to Get Mac Address. Fix Cancel Transformation bug Server side performance enhancements White stone Break now only drops 0-3 levels. (So yes there is a chance you will not lose a level with whitestones) LAUNCHER SETTINGS NOW FULLY WORK! HOTFIX: Fixed quest indicator closing on every step of the quest. (
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    Great patch! No more ugly gloves ruining the best armor/dogis
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    Thank you for caring about your community and presenting a quick solution to many problems. Excellent core team!
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    To begin with the anti-virus threat. It is in fact not a trojan. Microsoft however is the only anti virus providers that detect it as a trojan. This link here is proof of that as gawku even ran a scan and posted the results https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZTg3YmQwMzY3OGIyODcwZGRiZjBhOTY2OGQzOGRkZDE6MTU5NDY5MzEzMQ==/detection. The windows defender usually tends to delete client.exe or stop patches. So its best to allow both those files pass your anti-virus. There will be no wipe. There are no plans to make one. The only way a wipe could happen is if some bug is discovered and then abused. However that would most likely cause a small rollback as devs and a lot of players will notify of this incident instantly as its found out. A lot of old content remains and still a few more to be added and polished on. New content however is very huge and a lot of it will be added. A lot has been added so far as there is a whole new system known as TP training which can boost an individual characters stats by a certain amount and can be divided into many different stats for personal and unique builds for all classes. There is a 75 cap and new pvp arenas have been added, such as the cell ring and baba's palace arena. There has been new ranked arenas added. There is also another new system called transmogrification which is still being worked on but will be released in the near future and lots more to come. New transformations and hairstyles for each race is in the making. There have already been new hairstyles, eyes and skins added to namekians. Changes to classes skills making all classes very viable in PVE so no-one really gets left behind once they have the right gear for end game. There's still more features but I don't want to make this longer then it already is. Hope this helped
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    Fixed in 1 day what these other trash servers couldn't fix in 6 months.
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    We provide downloads for the client on each large rebuild. under Browse->Begin Your Adventure.
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    Reventando Bugs!! ( Problemas Conocidos: los puntos universales (cash shop) estan siendo colocados manualmente. Crashes Arreglados: -pestaña de Props crash arreglado -crash arreglado cuando la gente cambiaba de emblema -crash arreglado al actualizar el estado del server -crash arreglado en la pestaña de las skills Bugs Arreglados: -arreglada la desconexion desde Air Accel -arreglado el ruido de los latidos del corazon al tener poca vida -arreglado al poner pantalla completa y no se ponia en pantalla completa -arreglados la tierra y objetos con los rangos no aplicados apropiadamente -arreglado agujero negro en el cielo -arregladas algunas desconexiones del server Retoques: -mejoras en el rendimiento del server -agregada la miel grande a la tecla caps lock -ahora los jefes puedes recibir HTB's de nuevo -mucho trabajo en el editor del mundo preparense para ver nuevos cambios muy pronto
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    I did not read this patch, but I can see that this game is godtier. You do so much work, assist players, form entire guilds, develop stats, and inspire Daneos. Crisis will not surpass this project in time. Literally the best version of dbo I have ever played. Do shit talk Crisis, they work very hard to steal this game for those who don't deserve it. We need more neccesary hate in this community and less uneccessary hate. If you try to make this community more toxic I will shoot you with bullets. Crisis is broke army. Their project will die just like when I kill them like dog.
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    Well, You need to for 1. Make sure you have the client.exe in your game folder still. Also this problem is usually because your anti- virus is blocking the installation. So make sure you completely allow the client.exe and the launcher through the antivirus then try
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    thanks for baiting me with the gogeta hair now i look like poop with the pop hair
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    I'll be re-uploading the client for this patch. But check your DBOUR/LOG/ folder for patch.log and see what file it is failing on.
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    My FPS just used kaioken x3 WoW much obliged ! ! !
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    hahaha excatly! they are amazing
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    Coins and Honey are finally added to caplock, Nice!
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    This is because your client.exe file has been removed by your antivirus. During the most recent patch some files were added and windows defender detects them as trojans even though they are completely harmless to your PC. Gawku has done a virus scan on them which I will link for you to make your own judgement. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZTg3YmQwMzY3OGIyODcwZGRiZjBhOTY2OGQzOGRkZDE6MTU5NDY5MzEzMQ==/detection If you would like to reinstall the client.exe without having to reinstall the entire game I have uploaded the file so it could be easy access. You will need to place it into your game folder inside the DBOUR folder http://www.mediafire.com/file/sjurj496y4ouph4/Client.exe/file
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    You need to be an adult and have completed the master class quest for the lvl30 flight quest to show up
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    Omg Dende's Lookout? Is Christmas now in August?
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    This patch is amazing, better than that Z neato false "I supposebly have all the files so i'm better" trash ass server.
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    I can give it a try. It will make the next release semi useless for fixing crashes. But if that helps get rid of the false positive. In the next patch ill remove it to give it a try.
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    Mate that's just DirectX. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
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    Hi, As I've just been made aware a good majority of our players don't know about the exciting and thrilling feature that is our integrated mod loader. You should already have a mod folder placed inside your "DBOUR/Game/" Folder, and you might have noticed some of our example mods already, such as the prelogin music, and the giant Mr. Popo sun. what is included here however, is the premade folder of the moddable features of DBO Universe Revelations. All that is required is that you place the file/mod in the same folder where it originally belongs, and it'll automatically load the mod, either or on startup, or if you log out and back in, or even if you load a new location such as Kokkara to Karin. What do I do with this mod folder here? Just download it and extract it into your DBOUR/Game/ Folder, use 'extract here' as it's already in a folder. Where can I find files to mod? I've taken the liberty to organize a MEGA folder where you can find all the files that you can mod. You can find that folder here I recommend using MEGASync if you plan to use this often. This also serves as a download to all for the sounds, textures and flash for anyone wanting to explore these files, as there is quite lot of goodies. How do I know where the file goes? Hopefully the person who made the mod left some instructions on where it needs to go, but for the modders, the MEGA folder also has a perfectly intact folder structure, showing where each file belongs. How do I unload a mod? place the mod in the folder "unload", if there isn't one, create one and place it in there. You can unload all mods by renaming the mod folder to '.mods', this works for all folders. Modding sounds awesome, how can I start? There are various resources available for people wishing to get started, one of the best is from where it began, Dragon Ball Online Community Forums - Modding The best place to ask for help is here. Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations - Modding If you have any more questions about the exciting world of modding, I'll try to assist you best I can. mods.zip
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    Hey Leute, wir sind ein paar deutsche Spieler hier auf dem DBOUR Server und würden euch gerne in unsere Gilde GERFighterZ einladen. Wer Interesse hat, kann sich gerne bei mir melden. Schreibt mir euren InGame Namen und dann kann es auch schon losgehen.. Rang / IGN Master: DasWunder Jr. Master: nicohan
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    Hey all, I used to play a lot on the TW server of DBO maaaaany years back (must be almost a decade now, gosh), and I stumbled upon DBOUR a few minutes ago. Have some really fond memories from that time, so massive thank you to the team here for keeping DBO alive, and for all the hours I imagine you have put in this. Very excited to listen to the OST and play a bit, the nostalgia rush will be intense! And emotional I have the following questions: 1) I have spotted various posts around bugs, freezes, crashes etc. Is there any maintained documentation on game breaking bugs, or a sticky post of some sort that I and the community should be aware of? I have read the common problems in the support page (e.g. lack of Visual C++ and DirectX DLLs etc.), but aside from that, am I good to just download the client and get playing? 2) Overall how does it compare to the official server back in the day in terms of playability (with regards to crashes etc.)? 3) Not exactly sure if there's a cash shop supported, but am I able to donate to an email address via PayPal? Not really interested in getting any in-game item/zeni, only wanted to contribute to keeping the project alive and show some appreciation. I have a massive soft spot for anything DBO related! 4) Has the English patch of Citrinate (from dbocom) been further developed? What's the translation stage of the game? Thanks a lot! (Sorry if some of these are already answered, made sure to check around before posting but might have missed some)
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    try again. had to change the link, first one failed.
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    Yes we know please be patient. we are trying to get the patch out as fast as possible. it caused a ton of issues. we are looking into a new patch solution as we speak.
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    im haveing the same problem i tried reinstalling the game but it would not work i really wanted to get some dragon balls too
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    We do plan on localization for many languages. German is one of them.
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    I prefer the first option. I love ssj 2, their hair style and the Gohan story behind it. But I would like to ask what will happen with the others races? Will they have any other transformations or something to add? Thanks! :)
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    when coming this dogi ? and explorer dogi is avaible, but hat is not, i want explorer hat, and this dogi *.*
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    I bought a KidClock just so that my character would not be seen with afro. Will you return custom hair styles ?? Is there a way to change my hair style? By the way, I would like you to take into account all the people who bought cash to turn your character into a child only just for hairstyle (like me, clearly). Good job correcting so many bugs
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    Place these both in your DBOUR1.0.5.4/Game/ folder. We had some issues with last patch. temp.bak Client.exe
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    No, Because I only know this off of talking with gawku. I'm not sure if all these changes are in the patch notes but I asked for them already to hopefully make a post about all of them soon.
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    Gohan Face By Sora_Heartless
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    first one close to the start of RP HQ Second one behind the doors where you need to use the dynamite on Third one behind the door where you need to use slippery oil on Fourth one behind the door that is opened by using the lever. Bascicly have to always complete the quests of the previous murasaki in order to get to the next one.
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    Where am I going?! ( Quest Navigation! Since you have been asking, we finally obliged! Now the quest log contains an arrow that shows where you are going for your quest. Transmogrification!!!(IN PROGRESS) We have begun work on the transmogrification system. But there were pressing bug fixes that needed to be pushed. Transmogrification will work as such. Go to NPC, Use Keepsake Box and Item you want to add to your Transmogrification collection. You can apply your transmogrifications to items of the same type as long as they are not Gender or Race specific And you aren't applying higher level transmogs to lower level gear. Keep your eye out for the completion of this! Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed Crash when client is unable to detect your mac address. Fixed crash related to emblem palette. Fix Crash when targeting a dead/unattackable player. Fix some disconnects. Fix Party Popo Fix Guild Teleport. Fix Saiyaman Dogi. Fix Saiyaman Dogi in Cash Shop. Fix Exp Rate Display Bug from Scrolls. Server side performance enhancements Add Honey blocks, Devil coins, Event Currency to Capslock Pickup button. Disable default Max MSAA Tons of work to add quest indicator and Transmog System. Increase Version Number Add Bugtrap back to Client. Changed Exp Scrolls in cashshop. A bit of Attribute Restructuring Modify Max Exp Rate Bonus Update Weekend Exp bonus to 75% from 50% Launcher Logic Fix. Basic Launcher Settings Working Now. Lowered max range of dash attack skills. HOTFIX: Fixed random crash due to transmog stuff. ( Fixed Auctionhouse Crash. ( Fixed Crash on Load. (
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    STR: Increases Physical Damage DEX: Physical damage/critical hit chance/dodge CON: LP and LP regen ENG: EP and EP regen FOC: Hit rate and energy crit SOL: Energy damage Strength just increases physical attack a lot more than dex. I'm not sure about the exact rates on DBOUR as they can be changed from the original DBO. There are some hidden passives such as defense rate, block rate, status resistance, status succes and guard (passive): Defense rate: Defence rate reduces the damage taken from auto attacks by 50%. The higher the defence rate, the higher the chance of reducing damage (no guard needed). Block rate: Block rate only applies when using the passive skill guard. The higher your block rate is, the higher the chance is of blocking incomming attacks (reducing the damage to 0) and blocking knockdowns. Satus resistance: Status resistance ignores the effects of debuffs. The higher your status resistance is, the higher the chance is of resisting debuffs. Status success: Status success makes the chance of landing a debuff on your opponent higher. The higher your status success, the higher the chance that a debuff will apply succesfully onto your opponent. Guard (passive): Guard allows you to guard yourself from incomming attacks and knockdown. The more skill points put into the passive, the higher the chance is that skills, autoattacks and knockdown will be blocked. Attack/defence properties: Attack properties will deter your damage done to your opponent and defence properties will deter your damage taken from your opponent. The properties of attack is determined by the property on your gloves and defence is determined by the property on your jacket.