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  1. Welcome, DBOUR Players Sorry, the past few update patch notes weren't the most in depth, I will try my best here to explain everything. Some of these changes you might already know about, but never put explicitly in previous patch notes. In-Game Changes: Text Size Increased. Added Hourly notifications. Open PvP Battles by command now work. Netpy points now accumulate. Dragon Balls drop during hunt. Party: LP and EP values are displayed numerically, not by percent values. Characters: Name Rendering distance increased from 40 to 100. Frame Rate: Increased from 55 to 200 FPS. Textures: Rendering distance increased for both Objects and Terrains. New Levels: 256 → 512 → 1024 → 2048 Old Levels: 200 → 300 → 400 → 512 Upgrade Rates have been changed. Old New 1 100% 100% 2 80% 100% 3 30% 100% 4 60% 100% 5 30% 100% 6 20% 100% 7 0% 70% 8 20% 70% 9 10% 50% 10 5% 50% 11 0% 30% 12 2% 20% 13 0% 10% 14 0% 5% 15 0% 3% Break Rate on item rarity has been changed Old New Common 50 25 Uncommon 60 30 Excellent 70 35 Rare 80 40 Legendary 90 55 Miscellaneous Changes: Several Server Crash issues were fixed. Login Screen has been changed to the DBOUR. The multi-client feature has been disabled. An In-Client Bug Reporter feature has been added. Modding Feature: a folder has been added for YOU (the player) to add textures, GUIs, music, sound effects, ETC. To add a modded texture for a specific item, put your correctly formatted file into For Example: If you want to replace the existing SSJ Texture, you would put the "ik_super_saiyan_01.png" in "mods/texture/effect/" and the client will load your new one as a replacement of the older one! Easy as 1, 2, 3. WORK-IN-PROGRESS Changes: (These are the changes you might expect in the upcoming patch notes) Increased amount of Hair Styles increased amount of Hair Colors. An all new "Who's Online" Menu to help players out. Added Sound Effects on Scripted entities. New Textures, Sound Effects, and Music to be added in. Please Stay Tuned for further updates, and thank you very much for your very appreciated support! DBOUR
  2. B4D4SS

    unknown error

    "Few Days Ago" sadly doesn't work @chris1200 Same goes to you @rorro son You need to have the download come fully from: https://universe.dborevelations.com/download/ And you need to create an all new account for the new server from here: Servers were switched 2 days ago, so you need a new account.
  3. ALTERNATIVE APPROACH: First, download this: https://universe.dborevelations.com/download/ Use the installer and get your folder set up. It should look like this: After this is done, try downloading this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1idrykaI8Q8eXQAK0wQgmMbflp5W_U49I It contains everything for the Client, but not the launcher. Once you have it downloaded, it will look like this: Click on "Extract To" and extract it to the folder that you installed (which should be in your C drive!) This should be the final outcome. Simply log in and the game should work!
  4. B4D4SS

    Can't Launch

    I recommend you download the Google Drive version from Discord. After you're done with that, extract it to the folder that the main launcher creates in your C drive. That way all files will be present! See if that works, if it doesn't work, contact us here again!
  5. Those who voted YES But for some reason, your poll says "". Seems like you bugged it somehow. Either way, this is not a topic that is open for Discussion. Dual Clienting ruins every game it is ever allowed in, there is enough evidence to prove it. Want a buffer? Ask for one, that's why the game is online and relies on forming alliances. Can't get one? Tough luck, the game is not meant to be that EASY. Have Fun!
  6. @Scrancher I'm no longer sure if you're disagreeing because you have concrete points or simply just to disagree. Personally, this will be my last reply to this thread until another side of DW balance is presented. 1- Obviously, attack speed is an issue that would need some control, but I still believe it is pretty important to have anti-speed on Dungeon Bosses (Since, as you said, this class needs to be very strong in PvE). 2- As Dohko said, it wasn't my suggestion to increase Cyclone's range to 15m, so you can't claim that it was my suggestion and then send me a celebratory wink. I was simply putting together the compilation of suggestions you guys put together. 3- What I clearly said in my first post was this: "I am heavily against adding a KD effect to this skill because I think giving an AoE move a KD effect generally gives bad results. I am also against giving this skill any sort of CC effect." As per the highlighted "this", I simply mean that giving CYCLONE CC or any sort of effect similar is an awful idea. Giving other skills CC should be discussed separately, as there is a lot of unmitigated effects. Let me explain why even further than I did last post, since you decided to disagree again. Let me give you a visual interpretation of what "NO TARGETS" looks like. In this example, I'll be using Violent Slice (which is admittedly quite a strong skill) and Cyclone. They are both AoE attacks, however, Cyclone is independent of targets. First, this is a visual of what a violent slice to 4 randomly placed enemies slightly far from each other. On the most well placed target, Violent Slice takes a MAXIMUM of 2 of those Enemies. Slight displacement within this group would easily change that to a 1. Now, let's look at a visual of cyclone used on the same randomly placed enemies. This is setup so that the circles match the 12m range of Cyclone and the 15m range of Violent Slice. A Skill that doesn't target is one that can be placed anywhere, which means it can be VERY HEAVILY taken advantage of. 4- You returned my words back to me and called me narrow-sighted, although you didn't read, which only further proves how narrow-sighted you are. What I said was simple: "You are looking at it in a narrow point of view in PvE and 1v1, I'm talking about all aspects of PvP, many of which rely on multiple players. " Now, that includes 5v5, but it also includes a good variety of other aspects, like Scramble, Dojo, Preliminary Budokai rounds, etc. I only used 5v5 since it was an easy example to understand. 5- Yes, "all aspects of the game should be considered", meaning that even if it breaks 1 game mode, it is technically over powered and will be abused. 6- Not suggesting a change to a part means that you want to leave that part UNCHANGED, that's called Logic and Reasoning. You not suggesting there be a Cast Time means that it didn't even occur to you that it needs Cast Time, which automatically excludes you from knowing how to balance skills. 7- Regarding your 2 questions: - Yes, Hellzone was not a skill that could be dodged. - I think the Soul Passive is OKAY where it is, though I personally would take both SK and DW towards a more Physical Based skill approach, so I would replace those values with STR values instead. @Dohko, that build is pretty weird. They tried to factor in PvP aspects by running 5/5 Hellzone, but they chose not to add any other very important PvP skills, like Confusion and Dragon Strike. It is also a poor PvE build because Dragon's Punishment and 1/4 Demon Wave after that buff are very ridiculous choices. Anyways, I hope this was informative. I don't want any sort of flaming, nor do I want clever remarks without proper, educated, information. Have Fun, B4D4SS
  7. If game remains similar in aspects of attack speed (which I doubt it will since I'm strongly against it and I know most of the team is), the changes I put into Disastrous Blow should be effective. It is simply a spin on KR version. Not to mention, reducing attack speed of Bosses can be very effective in Dungeons (that's why Speed Shackle is relevant) Also, it's kind of unfair to assume that I'm against giving DW some sort of better CC. That isn't true. I support the idea, but I simply think that none of the skills suggested are a good idea for several broken pvp reasons. You are looking at it in a narrow point of view in PvE and 1v1, I'm talking about all aspects of PvP, many of which rely on multiple players. Giving CC to a skill with large radius, medium cooldown, NO needed targets, and NO cast time is quite insane. DW will simply bust into the field and completely shut down entire groups with simple skills. If you want AoE CC, we need to significantly change one of DW skills to fit that mold... You can't simply Cyclone should get CC effect, especially after suggesting increasing it's radius to 15meters... That's wrong in multiple ways, most of which I explained.
  8. @Dohko, I have a few things to add regarding what has been said. 1. Great idea for Dragon's Protection. 2. I remain by my standard that Deep Strike should KD at lvl 2 instead of 1. Other than Karma and Plasma, no skill has level 1 KD with short cooldown. Every other KD skill at level 1 is given over 24 seconds of cooldown, Master Fan Out has 30 seconds. As I said, only exception is Karma and Plasma and I'm against them having 8 second cooldown with level 1 KD (should be level 2 in my personal opinion). Not to mention, Plasma and Karma are VERY KD combo heavy, I don't think that should be the case for a Tank class. 3. SK AoE stun is target based, not Radius from Player without cast time. In 5v5, this means you can simply dash into the opponent and twirl with 24m diameter circle (taking a good portion of the place) and stun all targets around YOU. If targets are separated even slightly, landing AoE stun isn't going to be SUPER effective. This isn't the case with a move that YOU (the DW player) can decide where to land it, meaning it becomes very easy to stun multiple targets. It sounds okay in PvE, but it is way too powerful in PvP. Have fun, B4D4SS
  9. A few suggestions I would like to address, First of all, I am not sure why TW murdered Disastrous Blow, I think 50% range decrease maybe a bit much but I don't think dropping it down to 10% instead was a good idea. I would personally start it at 30% and level 2 should be around 40% (I believe it didn't have more than 2 SP). Attack Speed should drop to 20% for 1/2 (instead of 26%) and should become 30% for 2/2. I really dislike this skill, so do you two it seems, but I disagree on how to change it. In a 5v5, a party is very hard to kill when there is a DW and an Ultimate present, there is too much tankiness (for lack of a better word) going on in one side. Buffing and small heals can be very annoying to deal with. That being said, I think having it be an AoE Grab would be a generally bad idea that will cause nasty setups. My suggestion makes it pretty useful the way I see it. Increase your Hit rate by a % and Decreases your own Dodge Rate by a 5. Hit rate: 1/5 = +5% 2/5 = +8% 3/5 = +12% 4/5 = +15% 5/5 = +25% Dodge rate: 1/5 = -5% 2/5 = -8% 3/5 = -12% 4/5 = -16% 5/5 = -20% Duration is 10 minutes instead of 1 minute. Same Cooldown, Same EP Usage. Reasoning behind this is because I was the one to consistently nag at the DBOG team back when I was a Mod about a change to the Passive "EP Boost" from EP to FOC. The change was later implemented. If we do the same, we'll be trying to copy them (even if the idea was originally mine, the community will see it negatively). So instead of doing that, make this skill have that effect! The reason for decrease in Dodge rate is simply because there is no use for it to begin with (and I personally think Dodge and Hit rate should work differently) Otherwise, I would keep it with just increasing hit rate. A simple increase in Damage and effective range will help this skill go long ways. Change to 10m Radius instead of 8m. Later, when % Damage is discussed more closely, we will have a better idea of where this skill should be in terms of damage output. Adding a KD effect to this skill at level 2 will help DW very well in PvP. That also means this skill's cooldown needs to be increased. I am heavily against adding a KD effect to this skill because I think giving an AoE move a KD effect generally gives bad results. I am also against giving this skill any sort of CC effect. However, a change to it will be decrease opponent's Dodge Rate. 1/5 = -10% 2/5 = -15% 3/5 = -20% 4/5 = -25% 5/5 = -30% You can see what I'm doing here. Just slightly decrease the gap between hit rate and dodge rate so DW has an easier time landing a hit. Same Duration, Cooldown will be changed to 15 seconds instead of 12. EP Usage stays the same. Instead of making this just a Taunt curse, this will have no Curse properties (meaning it doesn't revolve around Success rate and Resistance Rate). A reliable taunt that works 100% of the time instead of missing it against CC bosses 3 times in a row -.- These are some of the changes I would like to see being buffed in the DW toolkit. Have Fun, B4D4SS
  10. By "big change" I mean a fundamental change to the entire process of development. @DohkoYes, both games closed in 2013, but their big changes happened before their game released.
  11. The Detail this game holds can be truly marvelous. It's so sad that it doesn't get the love it deserves. Awesome topic, well deserved like as well. Thank you for sharing. Have fun, B4D4SS
  12. They are very different games. First, Fundamental changes: - The KR client can be edited much easier than the TW client. - Core functions are different, naming of multiple files can be confused between one another. - TW has much more MATERIAL in it (At least KR can have that material added to it ) - I believe last big KR change happened during 2005 (Somewhere between that and 2007 I remember), while TW had its last big change in 2010. Second, and mainly answering your question, practical changes: - KR was quite a bit more balanced because : Statistics like Soul and Strength had some actual use to them. Specializing in 1 stat still didn't give much advantage so multiple classes had more than ONE thing going into them. One-shot was a ton harder with Scouter Chips and proper crit values that didn't rip an entire health bar. Damage was significantly less than TW's damage, DMG %s were lower than those in TW and the Crit Success wasn't as prevalent. I could go on to be honest, but I won't to make this more useful. - TW had very strong items that made games go much quicker and generally decrease the difficulty of the game. Giant %s on items that shouldn't get that much effect. - Damage Formula is different - Fighters were much differently balanced, as well as Cranes, SKs, and DWs. I prefer KR Fighter, Cranes, and SK, but TW did a slight better job at dealing with DW issues (every other class was so much stronger though, so it has its drawbacks) In the end, both are DBO, so yeah. This is just some insight, if we were to talk about how they are actually different in every aspect, this will take forever. Hope this was helpful. Have Fun, B4D4SS
  13. Hello DBONU Community, A new server update is up, thanks for your patience. To Download the Updated version of the game, please visit: System Fixes: Trading system now works. Fixed Scouter slots on client side. Skills now work (Buffs, Debuffs, DOT, and Damage) Skill Buff now saves in the database. Skill Cooldown now saves in the database. “Whisper” now works in the Chat. Play time (Character) + total played time (Account) => need client UI integration RP can now be Charged properly. Scouter Chips now work. Item Attributes now work. Some RP Effects on Skills are now working (Knockdown and Guard Break do not work yet) Consumables (Common items, Popo Items, Food and Potions) now work. Vehicles and Mounts now work. Party target sharing Multiple new objects have been added to the world. Bug Fixes (All issues stated below have been fixed): Learning skills sometimes caused a server crash. Moving around the map when teleporting resulted in a server crash. Mob Respawn time was buggy at some points. Player Characters sometimes had the ability to walk after they die. Players couldn’t see other players casting any skills. Character Arrow sometimes didn’t show up in the minimap. Teleporting to Cities caused some issues. Many server issues were also fixed. Know issue: Auto attack does not work as intended. Mob life is sometimes left unchanged about skill is used Skill duration bonus is not completely working Mob can stay dead on the ground for longer than proper time Party missing features Items are not removed when used (Potions, food, etc) (This issues is intentional as of now!) Dash can be a little buggy when using keyboard. To-Do List: Guard / Counter Skill time & bonus Attributes (funny, honest, etc) Transformation Stats: Super Saiyan Stats: Dodge rate - increased by 30% Hit Rate - increased by 20% Physical offence - increased by 30% Energy offence - increased by 30% Movement speed - increased by 25% Attack speed - increased by 25% Pure Majin Stats: EP - increased by 200% Physical offence - increased by 40% Energy offence - increased by 40% Movement speed - decreased by 20% Hit rate - increased by 10% Dodge rate - increased by 20% Block rate - increased by 20% Curse resistance rate - increased by 10% Attack range - changed to 35 Giant Namek: LP - increased by 30% EP - increased by 30% Physical offence - increased by 30% Energy offence - increased by 30% Physical defense - increased by 200% Energy defense - increased by 200% Movement speed - decreased by 30% Attack speed - increased by 20% Dodge rate - decreased by 20% Block rate - increased by 40% Curse resistance rate - increased by 50% Attack range - changed to 6 Great Namek’s 10 minute time limit has been removed, more EP is drained from usage instead. Kaioken is still under testing. For more information, visit: Development will be paused for a few days after the release of this patch in order to fix the upcoming bugs and features. With much more coming on the way, I wish you all a great time until then, B4D4SS, DBONU Staff
  14. A release date has not been issued as of yet since there is much to be done still. Stay tuned to Announcements and Patches to know what's going on, maybe you'll find us posting a proper release date at a later time. Till then, enjoy DBONU, B4D4SS