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  1. Greetings and Salutations. In response to the need for staff I felt the need to place my hat into the ring. While I may not have been with the game long, I'm very familiar with working in a team as well as taking action and responsibility for all things that occur around me. In my normal career I work as as Supervising Director for End User Services and am familiar with working with and recording information in a real time scenario. Additionally, my presence in discord is there and I feel my personality as well as focus on important topics and try to steer conversations to a more resolute solution without the need for devolving rhetoric and insults. This is due to my history on other forums and communities (corporate and private) where I have taken on the responsibilities as team lead or project manger. As for Age Requirement, I am 35 years Old and a Father of Two. I live with my Wife and three pets. I found this game thanks to a multiple sources, the least of which were friends whom have been playing the game for quite a long time. In my years I've worn many badges from Customer Service to IT Support, From Project Management to Direct Team Management. While my In-game knowledge may be a bit lacking, I make up for it with years of experience in this type of position. Admittedly I have had one issue on the Server thus far - this came in the obvious irritation of a junior member whose name is known. I do admit, that in reaction to him I may have lost my temper, though I assure many that this is not my normal response to such levels of irritation and I did do my very best to resolve issues with him in a calm manner. I bring this up because I feel that transparency is important to a position such as this and I want those reviewing applications to know that I regard such issues as important both for public record and for future instances. If chosen for such a position, I bring the following skills with me; - Experience in writing up reports, lists and Review Logs - more than 16 years in customer service and of that nearly 9 years of Management and Project Management Experience. - A Father of two; While this sometimes does not regard as a strength - I have developed a high sense of understanding and patience for others thanks to this trait. - Access to Microsoft Office Products in full including but not limited to Teams and Visio. - A level of IT Understanding for translation into Lamens. WIth this, I hope that Ive given enough information to make a good decision in regards to my application. If you have any further questions or wish to speak to me about this, I'm nearly always available in Discord. Thank you for your consideration; Sincerely, Oboe, Guardian Of Namek.
  2. Great Updates and well made list of patches. Appreciate the game!
  3. Oboe

    Login Bug

    This topic has been resolved thanks to the team on the Discord! Thank you again ShadowZ!
  4. Oboe

    Login Bug

    Currently when I attempt to downloadable the client, I'm receiving this error; Is there another location to download the Client currently outside the Alpha thread?
  5. Oboe

    Login Bug

    Q: What happened? A: When Attempting to Sign into the Client and Enter the Game - I recieve the error in the Image Below. Q: For log purpose, when it happened? A: Anytime I try to Login. Q: How the bug happened? Q: How we can reproduce? A: Unsure Q: Please, post a print or at last a video for we check and reproduce the error to fix it ASAP A: