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  2. Vote for your opinion on the current or potential changes in the upgrade system!
  3. There is an option to change the FOV in game Minimum FOV: Maximum FOV:
  4. Pants --will give charge an aura color Boots --will give dash and flight aura colors Chest --will give guard an aura color Armor piece upgrade are: +0 = White +1, +2, +3, +4 = Blue +5, +6, +7, +8 = Green +9, +10, +11, +12 = Yellow(with sparks) +13, +14 = Red(with sparks) +15 = Purple(with sparks)
  5. •At least 18 years old ▪Have a certain knowledge of the game (the more you know, the better) •Have good writing skills •Being open and regularly available on Discord •The ability to work well within a team (with the other moderators) •Sense of humor •Knowing that being a moderator is a responsibility and not a "power over others" position (impartiality, no abuse) -Provide a short presentation about yourself (name, age, main occupation, hobby?) Hello, my name is Kasey. I'll be 27 in a couple weeks. I work on airplanes as an electrical and environmental specialist. I enjoy the work I do. Hobbies include: Fishing, working on my cars, woodworking, watching tv, hiking, and eating. Oh and DBO I guess -Let us know your availability (weekdays, weekend) I'm on discord most days as it is and in game a few times a week. -What motivates you I don't know if it's motivation or what but at this point my sole focus is on helping others for the betterment of the community. I have been in the DBO community since late 2009 and even though at times I have been called a "troll" the one thing I take seriously is assisting others. -Explain your experience as a moderator, if any I talked to Tempest once so I'm a pretty big deal -Your location (geographically) USA The only reason I am applying is the community is growing quite large while it seems half the moderators have left since the hiatus. I have not really taken a break myself and as active as I am it would help me to assist others better as a moderator.
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    Nice nudes mate, keep it up, proud of ya. yas
  7. There is no playable client at this time
  8. Lies den Thread, den du kommentiert hast ... [--Link--] <--- Klicken Sie auf diesen link, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten
  9. Between now and 2050 is the current ETA.
  10. CURRENT STATUS: ONLINE (testing phase) DOWNLOAD LINK DISCORD LINK -- Use this discord server to keep up to date with the existing community and any news/potential updates as they come. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This project is still under development and has no playable sever as of this time. This means that you will be unable to log in or download the game. Please don't make any threads requesting information on when it will be working again. As of now there is no expected time for the servers to return but they are expected to return eventually. Use the forum and discord to familiarize yourself with the rules, lore, and history of DBO until it does come back. Be respectful and check back to see if any updates have been posted!
  11. Firstly, don't piggy-back forum treads for support. If you have a genuine issue feel free to start a new thread with your issue so it can be discussed and resolved there. Secondly, please do light research before posting. It will help declutter topics in the future for issues previously resolved. Lastly, there are currently server issues they are working to fix. There will be NEWS postings in the future to let people know the current status.