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  1. Monkey D, Luffy

    There is no playable client at this time
  2. Monkey D, Luffy

    Lies den Thread, den du kommentiert hast ... [--Link--] <--- Klicken Sie auf diesen link, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten
  3. Monkey D, Luffy

    Between now and 2050 is the current ETA.
  4. Monkey D, Luffy

    CURRENT STATUS: OFFLINE Expected time to server start: Undetermined DOWNLOAD LINK -- Currently not working due to server status. DISCORD LINK -- Use this discord server to keep up to date with the existing community and any news/potential updates as they come. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This project is still under development and has no playable sever as of this time. This means that you will be unable to log in or download the game. Please don't make any threads requesting information on when it will be working again. As of now there is no expected time for the servers to return but they are expected to return eventually. Use the forum and discord to familiarize yourself with the rules, lore, and history of DBO until it does come back. Be respectful and check back to see if any updates have been posted!
  5. Monkey D, Luffy

    Firstly, don't piggy-back forum treads for support. If you have a genuine issue feel free to start a new thread with your issue so it can be discussed and resolved there. Secondly, please do light research before posting. It will help declutter topics in the future for issues previously resolved. Lastly, there are currently server issues they are working to fix. There will be NEWS postings in the future to let people know the current status.
  6. Monkey D, Luffy

    Wasn't this the "Trojan" that chrome detects? It's a false positive
  7. Monkey D, Luffy

    Player base activity ranges from 0-12 online typically you will see about 4 people on. When this new patch is live I expect there will be quite a bit more players active. If you are ever in doubt type "@who" for a list of online players while in game.
  8. Monkey D, Luffy

    I don't know the current server status. The game is online and you can play with your friend though. Always as a reminder bear in mind the current stage of development:ALPHA So expect to encounter problems and bugs you can review patch notes for specifics.
  9. Monkey D, Luffy

    Imagine being able to view gear setups and items. Get promotional news and forums updates. Dbo tools, control panel, and maybe even guild management and live player stats someday. All on your phone.
  10. Monkey D, Luffy

    That's odd. I have not gotten this issue before but I am now. I ran as exception and re-downloaded and it works fine.
  11. Monkey D, Luffy

    If you are stuck into an infinite loading screen 1. Quit game 2. Follow this link: 3. Login using your in-game account 4. Press the "Fix!" button on your character 5. Enjoy! Quests state Quests that require an interaction with the world are not completed yet. (Ex: Picking item from the ground, Popo Stone)
  12. Monkey D, Luffy

    Sorry kirokeishin you will likely experience this error or similar when you have entered a wrong username/password. In this case the authentication server was down. Hopes this helps
  13. Monkey D, Luffy

    This link may help <------ The link above will move your character to Korins Village. If that doesn't work you can create your own thread on this separate issue in the support section of the forums. Please provide a description and if possible a picture or video of the issue.
  14. Monkey D, Luffy

    Second character dashed into water at popped grease beach. Stuck in water cant move but all other functions work (scouter, menus, etc.) @stuck fixed it didn't know about this command. Original character still stuck in loading screen.