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  1. Finally db hunt is a bit more challenging.
  2. Attack speed is useless again... Also something is wrong with the dmg calculation cos sometimes I only hit like 4k dmg in certain mobs with my aoe attack when I'm grinding. (+17 lv70 btw). Defense is weird too. My +14 lv70 DW barely survived ud1... Please look into it. Thx
  3. Just a thought, whatever transformation wins, it should be added to the base ssj as an RP ability. It would be nice if you had to charge up before you can transform. (obviously shenron wish or something for the 2nd transformation would be still needed)
  4. ye it's fine for me, too many people are complaining how low the drop rates are and i just dont understand...
  5. The db droprates are insane imo. Back in the original game you could be happy if you got 1 db in 1 week. Here you can get like 2 sets of dragonballs in 1 day.
  6. Ssj2, I’m not really a fan of DBS, that’s a little bit too child friendly for me, so SSJB is meh... I don’t know how ssj2 could work so it’s not unfair for others yet is still enjoyable for the user, cos martial atists have such bad ENG they can barely sustain ssj without buffs. Also ssj2 in dbz was about the crazy speed+power, well I’m a fighter main so if I get more speed I don’t mind, but then the speed’s gonna be crazy op.(but ffs dont nerf speed it suffered enough already) So I guess it should buff the stats that basic ssj gives with like +5% more and the drain should be 5% more too, or something like that. And the requirement should be to have SSJ and a higher lv, maybe lv60.
  7. In the original game (if I remember correctly) you got a pop up message if you tried to sell a rare/legendary item asking you if you were sure about it. Nice job with the update btw, you should add mystery item pickup too.
  8. Developers here actually give a fuck about your opinion and they aren't dickheads.
  9. ssj blue尚未發布,您需要等待大的更新,我們不知道何時發布
  10. Great job with the updates! Could You adjust the item drops so the item is red/purple if it's rare or legendary? Like on the picture. Thx!
  11. yenska93

    Bank Bug

    Since the last update (30/05/2020) every time I try to open my bank the game crashes.
  12. I think he means that if you are lv75 you cant finish the quests for the tmq fuel cos there are no mobs that are in the -/+lv5 bracket, or at least I couldn't.
  13. Try to manually delete the 4 stars in the password bar before you enter your password.
  14. Yes, I got the third place. In the original game You get the title for the 3rd 2nd and 1st place.