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  1. Gotta love Dumke patch notes. Didn't you know? Humans and Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe only have 4 abs! See?
  2. Scan the nearest monster instead and then talk to the NPC.
  3. 5 hours ago, Dohko said: My Turtle on TW. You were a dentist!
  4. And that's why you're named MasterAllan3?
  5. I can relate so much to this! It's not related to my name, though. I was already going by Tofu online before this. I found out about DBO through... probably YouTube. I found DBOCOM and did my research on how to play the game. I found out about the KSSN thing and even tried getting some online to register myself, but they were all used already. RIP. Then, DBO TW came out, but I didn't find out until around the time when the LV UP 33 item was being distributed. I made a Martial Artist and used the item. I then started building towards the energy attacks, because they were cooler and I've always liked the energy aspect of Dragon Ball more. As I played more and more, I found out about the Spiritualist and the Turtle Hermits. I noticed I had made a huge mistake (especially since, at the time, energy Fighters weren't really viable or that good and I had no reset book to fix my skills). I then started again with a Spiritualist although LV UP 33 was no longer being gifted around. I leveled up all the way to pretty much the same as my Fighter or maybe a few levels further but then I think my PC broke down or something and couldn't continue playing. By the time I tried returning, the game was already dead.
  6. I think at first, that's the best option. Keep the game as it was and add new content in that way. However, I don't think it should be like this forever. I believe new content should be added later on. More TMQs, more UDs, maybe new level caps (or just gear scaling so that you have to beat previous content and get that gear so that you can participate in newer stuff), and stuff like that. While it's a delicate topic, I trust the team can come up with good, new, fanmade content that we can enjoy. Another possibility, a bit too ambitious but can't completely discard it, is that this project actually gets enough success to have Bandai decide to save the game and invest in it yet again. I can dream, Harold!
  7. It's the one and only. The true Super Saiyan Master!
  8. In that thread, there's a link. Download the file there and install the game again. Then just move all the files in that to the old game folder and you should be good. This launcher updates itself so you won't have to do it again.
  9. Did you update to the new launcher?
  10. The hairstyle is a known bug. It'll likely be fixed by release. About being stuck in the Kame House island... I know the tutorial is currently disabled since it's still not ready, so if you do the tutorial you get stuck there and I'm not sure how you can skip it. I do know @Niadid get this problem too, but I'm not sure how he got out.
  11. Tofu

    Can't Launch

    Oh, my bad. Thought it was suited for this one. Thanks.
  12. Alright, as promised, here's my story. A few people here know the story already, but not everyone does. Besides, the ones that do probably don't remember. It's not a big deal, but I like telling my stories with a lot of details. Back when I was young, I always struggled to pick an online name. I'd use alternate versions of my real name or translate it to other languages and go with that. I eventually came up with the name Ryoku, but it was generally taken so I had to do other versions (I even remember naming myself Ukoyr in Adventure Quest back in the day) but I never really liked any of those versions. When I was 12 or so, I traveled to Vancouver with my family. My uncle (and godfather) has lived there with his wife since I was 2 years old so we spent a couple of weeks at his place. During that time, we went camping with a bunch of my uncle's friends. Back then, there was A LOT of stuff I didn't like to eat. One morning, one of my uncle's friend asked if I wanted bacon on my egg wrap, as he was about to put cheese and turkey on it. Everyone ate their egg wrap with cheese and turkey. I told him to stop because I didn't like cheese, turkey or bacon. I barely even started liking eggs a few months before that trip so the idea of an egg wrap already disgusted me enough. Dude was like "are you for real? You don't like cheese or turkey?" I really didn't. I still don't like turkey! Turns out the egg wrap was really good. He did put cheese on it, even though he promised he didn't, and I didn't notice. Later that day, they were making sandwiches and my mom went "do you have liverwurst? My son likes liverwurst on his sandwich." I didn't. I only tolerated it and my mother insisted I had to eat something other than peanut butter and jelly on my sandwiches. However, the same guy that made the egg wraps started laughing. "You don't like cheese or turkey, but you like liverwurst? You eat weird stuff! I'm gonna call you Tofu!" I've never had tofu, hence, I don't like tofu. Don't call me Tofu. Fudge you (keeping it rated E). Not long before we left the camp weekend, everyone went to this river for a swim. I didn't want to go in because the water was way too cold. I'm used to tropical beaches, not Canadian rivers! They all kept telling me to join. They even started cheering my new nickname to get in. Eventually, I jumped in and the same guy that called me Tofu said: "You have now been promoted from Tofu to The Mighty Tofu!" Suddenly, the nickname Tofu didn't feel that bad. I figured out they weren't calling me Tofu to make fun of me. It was actually a way to show affection. They kept calling me Tofu the rest of the vacation, and my uncle's friend invited me and my sister to spend a day with him and his wife. We went betting on some horse races and then he treated us for dinner and he bought some tofu for us to try. I didn't like it, but he did say it was poorly cooked. Once I was back home, I went back to my normal life. No one called me Tofu. The whole thing was over until one day I had to come up with a new IGN for... I think it was Mu Online. I spent a while trying to come up with a name until I remembered the nickname. I named myself Tofu and I've always used that name since. When taken, I've used alternatives like The Tofu, Tofoo, The Mighty Tofu... I even went with "if it's taken, I'll just add an X!" Tofux and The Tofux were pretty common names I used at first. Anywho, that's the story. Lots of unnecessary details, but that's what makes a story fun!
  13. Tofu

    Did I Bork It?

    Way to go, Nia!
  14. Tofu

    Can't Launch

    When I open the launcher, I get this message: I know my drivers are up to date since there haven't been any updates since like 2013. I don't have a dblog.txt file to attach. I already talked with Dumke about it and seems like we just gotta wait for some sort of patch but I figured I'd post it here anyway. It's pretty weird since I was able to run DBONU just fine a few months ago before the merge. I'm running Intel HD Graphics 3000. The integrated Intel graphics.