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  1. this is one trash patch not going to lie. Shit get less fun with each patch
  2. Hello, Today I've tried to log in and was un-able to log in as it simply states 'the SSL connection could not be established'
  3. Oh ok, fair enough. Sorry if I sounded a bit tweaked off. Just annoyed losing all that progress. Yes I would be fine with the reimburse of UR points (I can show proof of my purchase of it back then if needed). As for other things, is there anyone of the Core team I can contact about any further aid ? I heard from my mate that they don't like getting 'pinged' to comments so just asking the proper way going about it.
  4. I understand although am not going to lie to you and say am not pissed about it. Started playing last year December, stopped at around June this year and comeback now and my account is lost... ESPECIALLY after I actually donated (440 UR points) to this project so having all that progress and effort lost is annoying man. Also regarding the recovery thread, in all honesty most people that have went of the game for periods of time are not checking a forum of a one version of a dead game from 2010. There is going to be plenty of people like myself that didn't know about the news of the issue only after returning and way too late to post in such a thread. And there's going to be more people after me that return to same BS. I've read the post about the loss of account and the recovery thread and that it was only for the month after August. But in the headline it clearly states: 'We're going to offer account recovery for the next month, past this date, it will be by a case by case basis'. By case by case basis I would assume meaning have to be done specifically for each individual and implying that they can be something done after the recovery thread expiry. So am confused here lol Oh and am not asking to restore my account, I know how data works and I get that. Am not asking for a recovery as more of a replacement (At least the amount I donated), the in-game stuff like leveling up and dragon ball wishes that I stated before I can get again. Although quite frankly having to redo everything like a damn server wipe for only myself is a BI@#%.
  5. AM|Kyrie

    Lost Account.

    Hello, So I've not been on DBOUR for numerous months now, was playing at around June this year. I heard yesterday from my mate that new things have been added so I thought might as well check it out. I Re-downloaded the client and updated it; after I tried to log in and wasn't able to, thinking I just forgot my password (My Username was saved from previous play) I proceeded to try to change my password in which I put my email that was required and it stated that it did not exist. I then noticed on the forum that there was an article made about an issue that happened at some point with the data storage of the client and such and some people can have potentially lost their accounts. My first initial question, is that the case in this scenario? (I know, my username and email used for the account so no way I've simply overlooked) And I have registered a new account on that same email so I guess that's confirmation that the account has been lost sadly. Second question is there anyway to recover or replace what I've lost ? Key information that I Know of last time playing: Had a character (Named: AMKyrie) : LVL 75 last known (Have pictures) - Human, Swordsman Had wished for: SSJ, Swordsman HTC (I had also wished for all the dragon buffs) Had bought 440 UR on that account. Had 8 dragon ball sets ready to wish lol. If there's nothing that can be done than I understand and sorry for any inconvenience. I guess back to the grind for me lol (That be the 6th time i'd had to get to 70 from 0 over numerous DBO's )