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  1. Nox't

    The game is released already and there are no wipes. It is still under development phase, but its working! Come on discord, cause there is more activity and fast answers to your questions!
  2. Nox't

    Indeed! But it's gonna be also an additional way to stay always in touch with the game. Imagine to play your companions and earn additional items for in-game, for example
  3. Nox't

    That sounds amazing! Just I said it because I was thinking would be cute to have the dbour logo at phone as app Another idea that right now appeared to me, but this may be in the future or is a small dream, is to make a gateway and play with the pets you have in the game to level them up. Sounds selfish, but could be an idea to grind some experience with pets and raise up their levels. I took the inspiration from the old Gateway of Neverwinter :
  4. Nox't

    Hello guys, I am not sure if that was posted already, but I am asking: Do you guys plan to make a DBOUR app in future? I think would be cool to have one app and get up to date and more in touch with the website, and surely would be easier instead to navigate with the browsers. (It's a suggestion, just I thought to say it here instead to use the suggestion category because there are mostly games suggests)
  5. Nox't

    Hey kohi, what you just made is the forum account, not game ones. for play the game you have to make another account on the following link Register for the game . Cya!