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  1. G0DInstinct

    you can reset your skill for zeni
  2. G0DInstinct

    Hey, i dont found Angel wings in cash shop how to get it?
  3. G0DInstinct

    the @unstack command doesnt work for me i write it normally into the ALL chat Control panel dont work either
  4. G0DInstinct

    Hey, Wanted to know if i need to just fly threw the map and see if i find sind db mobs or i Need to kill mobs first and After they spawn they are db mob sorry for my english
  5. G0DInstinct

    Hello, my launcher doesnt open dbo when i press launch the launcher just closes what i need to do
  6. G0DInstinct

    Hey, i saw the SSB Skill can we actually wish for it? Cause i dont saw anyone in SSB.
  7. G0DInstinct

    Addet mich: G0DInstinct (mit null)