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  1. Vegetto

    Dogi ball effects

    The maximum effects may vary depending on what type of Dogi Ball you use: (Excellent, Rare, Legendary).
  2. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character: Vegetto (Human:Turtle Hermit) Level 75 Zeni: 100 million Craft: Level 35 (max) Title: Wrath (bought) Wishes: Super Saiyan Dragon buffs: All HTBs: All Weapons: Bacterian gloves legendary lvl 70: Crit Energy Damage +11 Level 70 bacterian energy crit wand +12 Armor: omega gear top rare lvl 70: (CON): +11 omega gear pants rare lvl 70 (CON) +12 omega gear pants rare lvl 70 (FOC) +11 omega gear boots rare lvl 70: (CON (and FOC pair) +12 Accessories: Cell x earring cooldown 26 x2 Cell-X Rings con 20 x2 Inventory: z32 x4 Pink candy scouter (aria waterfall cave) Dogis: Entire SS4 Gogeta set :Hair, outfit, tail etc(spent more that I liked to obtain this) Vegito. Trunks ( sleeveless Vest) Halo/Wings (Yellow and White) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
  3. Because this is from DBOG when they made it open-source
  4. Nah they dont work right now
  5. I'd like to know this too. Peeps saying there's gonna be a wipe while others say its gonna be avoided this time around
  6. Vegetto

    Hiatus Over

    Im hoping it'll burst with vitality once again