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  1. @Maikel Here are some OP dogi suggestions. Iron Man (Human males only), Endgame Advanced Tech Quantum Realm Suit (all races and genders), Deadpool (all races and genders). Some other possible dogis: Captain America , Spider-Man.
  2. Agreed All DW physical skills needs drastically increase in damage on every level of skill. Whirlwind aoe increased to 10m. If Sharp Slice stays single target skill it needs alot of increase in damage, or change Sharp Slice to aoe damage skill (range 35m and aoe 10m around target), like SK Violent Slice but without stun or cc/debuff! Cyclone increased aoe to 15m with decrease opponent's Dodge Rate just like B4d4ss wrote. This skill dont need any type of cc! DW must have better taunt skills than SK! Dragon's Will skill removed from SK skill tree and moved to DW skill tree. DW Powerful Roar taunt aoe radius increased to 30m (when maxed), and SK Deception skill taunt aoe radius decreased to 18-20m (when maxed). EP Boost passive renamed to Spiritual Boost and changed icon. It should give Focus and EP.
  3. Damn mb. It was ~44-45 on tw when you needed almost double exp for lvl up than previous level. @Shyruni gameplay wise, you dont need nothing to worry about it. If you played tw client, you will have no problem on kr like client. This was stupid af. You needed to waste alot of sp in order to get key skill(s).
  4. TW had the same thing. When you leveled 50-51 faster than 49-50
  5. A better comparison would be as you have two bicycles, you know how to drive them, but only difference is they are made from different manufacturer.
  6. It's basically the same. You dont need nothing to worry about
  7. But you will (should) be banned! You even confirmed by yourself above that you are using 3rd party softwares (cheats/hacks).
  8. Copy-pasterino Can confirm @AllForOne made this dende guide.
  9. Agreed. It's not a event anymore... Unless it is weekly event when you need to collect xy items in tmq/ud for example and exchange them for a reward at event manager. DB hunt shouldnt last entire day, it wouldnt be 'hunt' anymore. It should last 'x' hours per day and 'y' times per week.