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  1. well hello again, well i already made an application on becoming a community manager in the pass ati (atidote i call him ati for fun) saw it before the the category got deleted and he taught it was fine so i'm making it again. hi i'm kai discord name kai#0132 i'm here to apply for moderator and community manager. (i want this one the most i was asking for it for over 2 years lol) Well i don't really need to introduce myself because you all know me and my personality already like the back of your hands. i used to be the most active member in the community used to be number 1 and talking to everyone and even helping out san back then in the past (before i got banned for a dumb reason) (san you remember this lol when you wanted to take a picture for a reason) and i still want to help out as much as i can now you guys know i played the game for years even back in the original DBO and i even helped out with the balance at the start of the development with damage and defense i also posted alot of bugs in the past and i had the bug tracker role on the discord because of it. i even remember when i was sick and had to get surgery the server missed me and everyone had my name lol it is great to be loved like that. (like this one) i admit this i'm not as active as i used to be because of real life problems but when they settle down i will be back as the most active member as i used to be. me and everyone on the server are on good terms and here on the forums i have the most messages and have some good likes and i don't need to say this because you already know i like to joke around and have fun (especially with atidote3 he knows he my fav to tease a lot and he does the same to me) and i am only serious when needed to be. well that's it thanks for reading and i hope i get in this time lol and yh its kinda short lol (that's because i already made on before in the past). your regards kai hehe XD
  2. welll isn't that something
  3. no one know when the open beta will happen and only san knows when the next update will happen they are alot of bugs in the game so it our job to report it
  4. for you just make sure you put in your pass word right or username i got it before i had my password wrong just make sure you have a password is easy to remember for you
  5. thats some good shit there zolty
  6. i didn't see it coming and i the most active fucker there tho i heard about it but mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. i literally did not see this coming like what the fuck DBOR and DBONU comign together the donation will be coming from me
  8. this is a great idea and a good thing to do this is like a god send IT MAKES ME WET DBOR was god ki but sadly ity shut down thanks to you know who and things happen but seeing this DBOR devs and DBONU devs join forces to make this it makes me cry i hope you keep up the good work and keep surprising me with god ki shit you faggot i love
  9. the game will release when it ready right now it just at its test faze so don't worry but it will take some time
  10. well i am here again so duel client lets get this thing moving should it be allowed or should it not this will have a poll i down for having duel client but only for 3 extra windows for my two buffs and denda it could be just 2 extra windows too because i just keep the denda here just in case but anyway duel client discussion i want to hear your take on it this is thread maker and idea cancer kai out
  11. these are my suggestions i admit i am no expert for DW i never played the class back in retail this is just my opinion i only seen people play and explain things to me about it the dark warrior skill tree doesn't have anymore knockdown skills than Dragon strike which you get it at lvl 2 when you hit lvl 53 the more i thought about it the more i see that they should have a knockdown but only for one skill which is Deep strike the more i thought about it the more i see i know its for single target only but thats make better DW has great defense thanks to its skills like talon defense and dragon protections and the skill in the warrior skill tree as well but you must have a great build for it tho but i have to come back to this later to i need more knowledge on the class to come back all i see right now with the knowledge i have on it is that i see it need more knockdown skill i know ith have some for the warrior skill tree charge fist , charge masanko and special beam cannon they have knockdown but thats warrior skill tree tho.
  12. as much i would like to argue which is better i never played kr so i could only state facts about tw and hk
  13. hmmm i have somne custom dojis i still have but you have to replace them with goku doji or any the more i think about it hehe look i had goku battle damage custom doji and vegeta doji and his rof one as well and teen gohan doji i just have to look for them