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  1. Kinda late reply but sure. Just join the discord server and ask any moderator or translator, or find the translator application here on the forums.
  2. It'd be nice of players talked about dbour on more mainstream social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. That way more players would know about the game most likely. My assumption is that when dbog launched it got mainstream and thousands of players played it to the point people where struggling to get a spot in the overfull channels. After it died most people probably thought the entire dbo game died with it. Sad to see that they're wrong about that. So yeah, there you have it. Talk about dbour on twitter and instagram and reddit, open up interresting topics, that's how u get the attention of the masses.
  3. Aye lad, ati is right. The team is quite large and everyone got their own task. Sure, we're making new content like mobs and hairstyles, but the developers aren't really set back by that because they're not focussing on it at all. That's what the 3d modelers and lead designers are for. And sure, of course we're trying to get the old dbo up and running again, it's not like we've only been focussing on new content haha. And you might wanna reconsider the order of which you want things done. If we state the game is "fully released" before we have balanced classes, we will hit the same rock bottom as global did. Stable server --> balanced classes --> beta release --> new content --> constant maintenance.
  4. Thanks, never thought of these! I'll see what i can do and keep you updated.
  5. Nah mate i meant actual new dogi's. And could you provide images with actual costumes. I can't do much with just textures.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for costumes you would like in the game? Xeno Goku, SSJ4 vegeta, Buu saga vegeta, Grand Priest, whatever. From ripped costumes like SSJ Namek Goku till fanfiction versions' character clothes like female gogeta for all i care. Could you please post a picture along with your suggestion? It would be very appreciated.