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  1. Uhhmm the people talk and talk i like this server i will hope but your tell me now. I will try a good player for the community i will interesting for pack founder and donate your server San. But idk how is gm in this server.
  2. Hello how are you? I hope that very good I ask this question because I have seen characters with weapons of +10 up, people with wings and dogis, such as; mercenary dogi, hail wing. I mean that those players receive that help and those of us who want to invest money to have the z32 can't we? Could it be that SanGawku is giving things to people he knows for no reason? we would all have to start the same way and not that these things happen, it is very unmotivating to play dedicate a lot of time and that they come because the admin passed items +10 or +15 does not make any sense it seems to me that they are failing at that point, people are going to leave unfortunately it's a circus.
  3. Hola sigo preyectos de dbo servidores privados desde que cerro tw,hk y demas. Quisiera saber cual es su objetivo? Esta en heavy alpha aun? Podran hacer hacer un servidor establa y sin bugs? Que los motiva a hacer este servidor? En que % actual estan desarrollado el juego?