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  1. PuddleWater

    hi all, how do i get to papaya island? i figure its by quest but im not in that area yet so tried flying there and.. thanks for your time
  2. PuddleWater

    oh wow thats kinda far off of what i was thinking, thanks man, never really even known how aura worked back in dbog too lmao and god damn it my favourite colour is the hardest to get
  3. PuddleWater

    Hi all, was wondering if someone could explain to me how charge aura colour works, I have a rough idea about its relation to gear upgrade level and rarity but still not completely sure. thanks for your time
  4. PuddleWater

    ask in support, this is for guides for new players. please delete this thread and ask in support
  5. PuddleWater

    cheers man
  6. PuddleWater

    Hi all, i want to know which exact quest starts the quest the grow up because i dont want to fuck around doing every quest in korrin forrest because i dont know where it it. if you do know i'd really appreciate being told. thanks for your time
  7. PuddleWater

    for quest 'guardian forest korin man' near forde farm,'.need to get police dog collars but police dogs display name is savage dog
  8. PuddleWater

    the time quest for the dash skill is becoming more broken. as it stands the initial cutscene with the guys you fight with chi chi has trouble playing, will come up with 'execution failed', simple fix was to walk away and come back. but now sometimes bringing oolong goku back to chi chi the cutscene wont trigger and the boar villain spawning will crash the game. cannot finish the time quest or gget dash with these problems update: the initial cutscene with the two martial artistist no longer plays, therefore the time quest has stopped working completely
  9. PuddleWater

    Playing the db hunt recently i realised only mobs that are my exact level would drop or have a chance to drop (be an orange dot on the mini map) dragon balls. i tested it with my lvl 62, lvl 30 and lvl 5 and got the same result. also i recorded the moment i level up the mobs loose the chance to drop dragon balls immediately here is the recording, you can see on my mini map the moment i lvl up the mobs stop having the chance to drop db's
  10. PuddleWater

    untranslated quest name, npc Researcher Moar, Yahoi east at Yahoi tomb, npc camel walk halway down path and disappears failing the quest
  11. PuddleWater

    untranslated quest name, npc soldier Drippy, east yahoi tomb area, activate freeza army scout planes, cannot activate any of the 3 planes and cannot complete quest
  12. PuddleWater

    untranslated quest, npc Reseacher Sandman, Yahoi east in turn off to tomb, coke frog smelly bag (full) dont drop so cannot complete quest
  13. PuddleWater

    how do you aquire chips and open this scouter menu?
  14. PuddleWater

    Untranslated quest, Westland, Tambourine village lake, escort fisherman Lan Pu, upon first two wallus' spawning error message 'you have disconnected from server' appears/game crashes
  15. PuddleWater

    Untranslated quest name, Westland, on the road just before the bridge between Tambourine camp and the bech in westland, npc Velian asks to retreive his cat, cannot interact with the cat