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  1. Vani


    ok cough when unban
  2. your signature is too big :l

    1. Articxs


      On my screen it doesn't look big at all LOL

      I don't call this big bro 😂

    2. Vani


      even if its not big for you its still annoying


  3. they did crash the game last time i used them and maybe they get their hands on the dbs somehow u never know (that part was mainly for developers tho)
  4. so i cant be bothered making this look nice, and since ur most likely a nub(or kaiboss) reading this you shouldn't care. basically: grind mobs, we literally have 10x exp to pvp/trade and shit like that you need to target someone, then you click the orangey-yellow icon next to their race icon (top-center of screen) dont ask for gm (unless ur me and somehow has gotten away with it like 20+ times) dont make guilds, they crash the game dont use buffs, they crash the game dont do anything, or you might crash the game dont ask for gear teleporters are in slightly different locations from dbog, so dont go around saying that they're gone dont do quests, theyre not done yet (i believe they are in v3 or v4 tho, so just ask around) dont use ssjb/ssgss as an adult dont swim dont summon shenron, you will just get stuck in the dialog (btw u need to fix that san, i kinda forgot to report it) dont have cell shading on
  5. I mean that they're over the top (prepared for battle would be good tho)
  6. Not a bad idea, but it's something that'll probably end up happening anyway. (and those names are a bit cringy)