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    Happy Australia Day. Reminder that our "Goodbye 2020 Promotional Event" has Ended, Rewards Have been distributed. Included in the Download Everything that is required for the game and the launcher to run is now included in the REDIST folder Found in DBOUR/REDIST/ Windows 7 Fixer and Permissions Fixer are also Included in this download Run Windows 7 Fixer if you are running Windows 7 ONLY Run Permissions Fixer if you are running from Program Files Permissions Fixer can be safely run on any config. Winter event has ended Snow removed Jingle removed You can now see the mobs are that required to be defeated on the mini-map Quest Givers will now also appear on the mini-map. Added animation to denote LP/EP filling and un-filling. Target LP/EP will now abbreviate once the amount exceeds certain thresholds 10,000 = 10k 1,000,000 = 1m Surprise, Properties have returned, what we had planned wasn't working out, so we've re-added them. Sorry for the inconvenience. You will now see them on the top left of your screen As well as on Target Revert back to Latest Retail Balance Due to re-adding props, we thought it would be best to revert all our balance changes thus far We plan to see how training points and props co-exist Starting balancing fresh from this data. Property Changer has been added to Upgrade Merchant. Has a 50% chance for success Requires another of the same item with a different property Trade channel has returned Universe channel still exists as it's own dedicated channel Add Volume Control to Logo Videos/Intro Videos These are now linked your main volume control in settings Added Commissioned Dogi from Nemix Shanks Base of Tenkaichi Dogi New Dogi and richness options in the token shop capsules Universe Points are manually allocated currently. You can't save login info on multiple launchers Some TMQ Effects don't show/play Increased LP/EP Legibility for Player and Target Scouter UI has been revamped, and localized Power Level Calculation and Display have been adjusted Chat colors have returned to retail values Server and Channel Counts now have the retail colors Some Language Tweaks Gamble Capsules have been rotated More opacity for chat options (0 to 255)