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While I do not like the idea of real breaks, I think its nice to be getting a buff on the success rates. Make it less annoying for real players of the server and people who are just trying to be on top of their game. Compared to removing breaks but the upgrade chances are lowered, it honestly might kill motivation for grinding stones. But that's just me, I never played TW or old DBO.

And I also saw it being talked about in the discord server, but maybe give a "small" buff to white stone drops as well :senzu: Make the update more exciting and take away depression of real breaks:burdock:

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I feel like, there shouldnt be break card in the game, i belive stones should be acquired by doing games hardest content like structuring ccbd floor's to drop on certain level's red, blue on lower floor's and purple and green or very difficult top floor's, so when you do get an upgrade it feels like an actual feat rather then gambling simulator, i belive that the RNG part that this game highly relies on needs to be adjusted in a way so that there's also a feeling of accomplishment for the players invested time.

I've played DBO for over 15 year's if there is one thing that breaks this game for me, is that RNG overlaps the importance of Player's achievement through gameplay and effort.

I know this would mean that gameplay would have to be adjusted to this restructuring, in a sense that it would mean mobs themselves in some of PVE content would have to hit harder, which is also a concern that needs to be addressed, since alot of content in the game is relativly easy to glass through.

This way your killing two birds with one stone, and you are genuinely separating yourself from the competition.

Hopefully this helps you guy's, keep it up love the work you're doing right now.

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