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  1. aries

    Hello. When you get a chance, please DM me ingame at Blue/art Or send a friend request on discord to aries@4977. Looking forward to speaking with you soon and helping with your problem.
  2. aries

    Great patch! No more ugly gloves ruining the best armor/dogis
  3. aries

    If you ask me Option 3 is the best option, I'm not really a big fan of SSJ2/SSJ3, and being able to access the normal god form sounds pretty nice. And I'm not sure if other games that aren't roblox really do it. Instead of being like XV2 and skipping straight to SSB.
  4. aries

    This update was honestly pretty exciting, finally being able to use cash points. And I don't know if I'd necessarily call it P2W but finally being able to have multiple accessories or having a chance to get some with the Gamble Capsules is honestly pretty awesome. Got tired of walking around with just my base armor
  5. aries

    Have you tried @unstuck ? or maybe waited a little more for it to go away before X'ing out? Sorry for the lazy response, I've never done a TMQ on here before. If those weren't the fixes maybe the devs will come up with some soon.
  6. aries

    From my experience, I could personally say this server is just way more fun to be on and the community is very helpful. Not only that, but there are multiple developers to help keep the game up to date and sometimes they stream on discord to show us that they're working on the game and developing. If you ask others they most likely will tell you the same thing, I'm not sure. Anyways I'm out, have fun!
  7. aries

    While I do not like the idea of real breaks, I think its nice to be getting a buff on the success rates. Make it less annoying for real players of the server and people who are just trying to be on top of their game. Compared to removing breaks but the upgrade chances are lowered, it honestly might kill motivation for grinding stones. But that's just me, I never played TW or old DBO. And I also saw it being talked about in the discord server, but maybe give a "small" buff to white stone drops as well Make the update more exciting and take away depression of real breaks