Choosing the correct Race and Class for you!

Picking the right Race and Class is important to your enjoyment to the game, DBORevelations has three races, and two classes between them to start off with, once you reach Level 30 you will be eligible to complete the class change quest-line, as well as advance to an adult character.

The three races available in DBORevelations are Namek, Majin and Human, with Namek classes being Warrior and DragonClan, Majin classes being Mighty Majin and Wonder Majin, and with Human classes being Martial Artist and Spiritualist, after you reach Level 30, you will be able to choose between two new classes to change to, this is a permanent change.

The Master-classes available are as follows, Swordsman, Fighter, Turtle Hermit and Crane Hermit, for Humans, Shadow Knight, Dark Warrior, Poko Priest and Dende Priest for Namekians and Plasma Majin, Karma Majin, Grand Chef and Ultimate Majin for Majin.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Correct Class


The Spiritualist is a long range, energy based, high damage class which excels in large area of effect skills.
Along with being strong long range fighters, The Spiritualist has a large arsenal of De-buffs and buffs that can change the direction of any fight. They have abilities such as, "Destructo Disk", "Spirit Ball" and "Kamehameha".

The Master classes for Spiritualist Spiritualist are Turtle Hermit Turtle Hermit and Crane Hermit Crane Hermit.

The Turtle Hermit Turtle Hermit class adds more destructive power to play with, and is an excellent choice for competitive play, with its De-buffs and high damage abilities, however can be used in Instanced Combat just as well. The Turtle Hermit gains two more "Kamehameha" skills, "Giant Kamehameha" and "Super Kamehameha", as well as "Consecutive Disks" which is an improved version of "Destructo Disk". The Turtle Hermit's weapon is a Wand.

The Crane Hermit Crane Hermit class like the Turtle Hermit, has greatly increased destructive power, but is more aimed towards damage over time rather than instant damage, this makes Crane Hermit an excellent choice for those who prefer Instanced Combat over competitive play, but can be used in either effectively. The Crane Hermit has several skills, such as "Dodon Ray", and "Tri-Beam Cannon". The Crane Hermit's Weapon is a Fan.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Spiritualist

Martial Artist

The Martial Artist class is a short ranged, physical based, high damage class which excels in devastating single target attacks. While the Martial Artist is primely a physical damage dealer, they have numerous high damage energy attacks that damage single targets, or multiple targets, such as "Final Effort", "Energy Barrage" and "Concentrated Kamehameha".

The Master classes for Martial Artist Martial Artist are Swordsman Swordsman and Fighter Fighter.

The Swordsman Swordsman class is a close quarters combatant that defeats its opponents with quick precise slashes, often used best by assaulting unsuspecting targets from behind. Like the Martial Artist, the Swordsman also has its fair share of energy attacks, allowing the player to choose the play style that suits them, with such Energy Attacks as "Burning Attack" and "Focused Kamehameha" and Physical Attacks like "Multiple Sword Slashes" and "Flash Slash".

The Fighter Fighter class is an agile, hard-hitting, physical damage well fighter that engages its opponents with high speed strikes from its weapon, the pole arm. The Fighter's combat style is centered around fast and nimble strikes against its foes, using either its selection of either Physical or Energy based Attacks, such as "High Speed Needle", "Thunder" and "Storm Strike" or its equally devastating Energy attacks, "Big Bang Attack" and "Final Flash".

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Martial Artist

Dragon Clan

The Dragon Clan class is an energy based support class, which boasts some of the strongest healing skills available such as "Healing Wave" and "Divine Healing", they can also revive fallen players! While the DragonClan is a support class, it can still hold its own in combat, with skills such as "Antenna Beam" which can stun when maxed and "Ignite" which will hit all enemies around the target.

The Master classes for DragonClan Dragon Clan are Dende Priest Dende Priest and Poko Priest Poko Priest.

The Dende Priest Dende Priest is a support class, which increases the powerful healing capabilities of the Dragon Clan with the use of "Kami's Healing Technique" and stronger healing skills such as "Kami's Mercy". Those who prefer the healing play style will enjoy playing Dende Priest, with the ability to revive entire parties with "Kami's Revival" making Dende Priest, a must have in any party. The Dende Priest's weapon is the Scroll.

The Poko Priest Poko Priest is the offensive variant for the DragonClan; while the Poko Priest can still heal, its main focus is being an offensive support, most notably the ability to summon two demonic dragons, one for Defense and one for Offense, "Demon God's Fury" and "Demon God's Rage" respectively. The Poko Priest is effective in both Competitive and Instanced content, due to the versatility of the class. The Poko Priest's weapon is the Demon Stones.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Dragon Clan


The Warrior class is a physical based defensive tank, and has the largest base life points of any class, and has numerous buffs that give extra life points and defense, as well as several de-buffs to control opponents such as "Draconic Taunt" and "Draconic Overpowering". While the Warrior is a physical class, it has several long range high damage energy abilities, such as "Special Beam Cannon" and "Masenko".

The Master classes for Warrior Warrior are Shadow Knight Shadow Knight and Dark Warrior Dark Warrior

The Shadow Knight Shadow Knight is the offensive tank masterclass for the Warrior;boasting immense health and defenses, They are also proficient at competitive content, due to the innate tankiness of the class, and abilities such as "Intense Concentration", which can block critical hits, making Shadow Knight the perfect class for Team or Solo Competitive Content. The Shadow Knight's weapon is an Axe.

The Dark Warrior Dark Warrior is the defensive tank masterclass for the Warrior, this class can be considered a walking fortress with its arsenal of area of effect abilities, and high health and defense. The Dark Warrior is most effective when completely overwhelmed due to the Ability "Energy Siege" which will hit all targets near the Dark Warrior, and "Dragon's Punishment" which will heal based on the amount of targets struck. The Dark Warrior's weapon are the claws.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Warrior

Mighty Majin

The Mighty Majin is a physical utility class; centered around buffing and de-buffing allies and opponents alike, the Mighty Majin has the largest pool of abilities of any class, able to cover every role due to the versatility of the buffs the Mighty Majin can grant to themselves and allies alike, such as "Defense Breeze", and "Hardening Breeze".

The Master classes for Mighty Majin Mighty Majin are Ultimate Majin Ultimate Majin and Grand Chef Majin Grand Chef Majin

The Ultimate Majin Ultimate Majin further adds more utility buffs to its kit, allowing for more potent buffs for you and your allies, such as "Miraculous Recovery" and "Miraculous Spirit" which will recover health and energy based on the damage taken, this will affect the entire party on cast, making this a sought after class for competitive and instanced combat alike. The Ultimate Majin's weapon is the Horn.

The Grand Chef Majin Grand Chef Majin like the Ultimate Majin, adds more utility buffs, however while the Ultimate Majin's buffs are more defensive in nature, the Grand Chef Majin's Buffs are offensive, providing numerous buffs to increase your damage and your allies damage output, with skills such as "Spiritual Fountain Fragrance" and "Scent Marking". However the class is not without its defensive buffs, abilities such as "Fountain of Smell" which increases all allies health by a percentage. The Grand Chef Majin's Weapon is a Food Mace.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Mighty Majin

Wonder Majin

The Wonder Majin is an ranged offensive energy based class, with a multitude of single and multi-target abilities, such as "Galactic Donut" and "Human Extinction Attack", along with several strong defensive abilities that can mitigate damage, and change the flow of battle, such as "Unbreakable Elastic" and "Feign Death".

The Master classes for Wonder Majin Wonder Majin are Plasma Majin Plasma Majin and Karma Majin Karma Majin

The Plasma Majin Plasma Majin is a powerful offensive class that does well in parties with its ability to combat crowd control, with "Electrical Discharge" and "Curse Reflection" making it an effective class for competitive content such as Tenkaichi Budokai and Team Ranked Battles. Almost if not all, of the Plasma Majin's Abilities can hit multiple targets making it an effective class even in Instanced Content where there are large amounts of targets. The Plasma Majin's Weapons are the Drums.

The Karma Majin Karma Majin is a single target, highly mobile offensive class, that excels in competitive content, such as Tenkaichi Budokai and Solo Ranked Battles due its assortment of skills that can aid in taking down the toughest foes in the right hands, such as "Playful Doll" and "Hesitation", While the Karma Majin Excels in Competitive Content, It can also handle Instance Content, Such as Time Machine Quests and Ultimate Dungeons with its multi-target de-buffs. The Karma Majin's Weapon is a Mask.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Wonder Majin