Start your Journey in the world of Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations!

Experience your journey how you see fit, create your own character based on your preferences!
Select from six classes across three races, master your class to achieve the ability to select between two new classes, providing new and powerful abilities to augument your tank, damage or support playstyle!

You will start your adventure as a young teen, in one of the three starting zones dedicated to your race,
as you start to make your mark in the world, you will be able to take the Rite of Passage!

The Rite of Passage is granted only to those that have accomplished Level 30 or higher,
once you have completed the karinga trials, you will become an adult and be able to choose your masterclass!

Creating your Perfect Character!

Before you start your adventure, you will be able to create the character suited to your personal preferences, and you will able be able to choose between three races, and two starter classes between them.

There are options to change your characters hair style, hair color, face and skin color,
however the hair color option is omitted from Namek and Majin as they do not have hair to be colored.

You will find brief descriptions for the race and class on the left, these will tell you brief information about the race and class. the outfit you see in the character creation menu is the outfit you will start the game with.

Please be advised that there is a character name limit of 15 characters, be mindful of this when choosing the perfect name.

Become A Legend!

Your journey begins in one of the three dedicated starting zones based on your chosen character race, each with their own race specific story which you will be able to follow upto level 22, once you clear your starting zone, all players with meet up in Karin forest.

Each level you will receive a Skill Point (SP) in which you'll be able to spend on leveling up or learning new skills, you can receive 74 skill points in total to spend on creating the ultimate character, Your characters base statistics will also increase which can be further increased with the aid of powerful gear.

Achieve greatness, through numerous instanced story events such as Time Machine Quests, Ultimate Dungeons, and Capsule Corp Battle Dungeon or through your prowess in competitive content with the Tenkaichi Budokai, Dragon Scramble, Team or Solo Ranked Battles and Guild Dojo ownership.

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Progression System