Player versus Environment

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations offers several instanced game modes for those that enjoy Player versus Environment content. These are Time Machine Quests, Ultimate Dungeons, and CC Battle Dungeon.

You will be able to participate in these modes an unlimited amount of times, and these game modes require a party to complete, up-to 4 other players can accompany you through these game modes.

These game modes all have varying level requirements as well harder difficulties at the requirement of higher levels. You can receive exclusive rewards for completing these instanced dungeons, such as power armor, weapons and accessories.

The Time Machine Quests serve to advance the story of Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations, while the CC Battle Dungeon allows you to defeat harder bosses of ones you've defeated before, and Ultimate Dungeons, have new and old enemies for you to defeat.

Defeat old and new enemies!

Ultimate Dungeons are used to challenge players with technical challenges and teamwork. Players will recognize several enemies from these dungeons from the series, while others will be new to players. some of the familiar bosses will be Mercenary Tao, Android 18 and Dr. Gero.

There are two levels of difficulty, Normal and Hard, Hard difficulty requires a higher level requirement and will increase the health and damage of all enemies in the dungeon, not to be taken lightly! Completing these dungeons will reward the party with rare armor and weapons.

You can take a maximum of 5 people into these dungeons.

Number Ultimate Dungeon Difficulty Level Location
UD1 Red Ribbon Army Ruins Normal ~ Hard 22 ~ 30 Karin Forest
UD2 Dr. Gero's Labratory Normal ~ Hard 38 ~ 54 Westland
UD3 Paella Memorial Normal ~ Hard 45 ~ 54 Mushroom Rock North
UD4 Pilaf's Castle Normal ~ Hard 51 ~ 54 Mushroom rock South
UD5 Oil Mine Hard 54 ~ East Yahhoy
UD ??? Nuke Dungeon Hard 60 ~ Mushroom Rocks South
UD6 Narak's Fortress Hard 60 ~ Porunga Rock South
UD7 Bacterian's Hideout Hard 68 ~ Papaya Island
UD8 Abandoned Cave Hard 68 ~ Papaya Island
UD9 Underwater Cave Hard 68 ~ Papaya Island

Can you reach the bottom?

You will receive a mail inviting you to participate in CC Battle Dungeon once you reach level 55, you can find CC Battle Dungeon in West City.

CC Battle Dungeon works just like Babbidi's ship, on every floor the party must beat the challenge presented to them to proceed to the next floor. Every 5 floors, a boss challenge will appear.

Upon beating the boss, every person in the party will be given a choice of whether they want to collect their prize and leave the dungeon, or continue fighting in the dungeon to get better rewards later on, this is very important, as if you aren't all in agreement, you could lose all your rewards.

Special tickets can be used to skip a certain amount of floors when you start the dungeon.
These can save your party a lot of time, if you so wish to skip the rewards for those levels.

No LP/EP increasing or regeneration items can be used inside CC Dungeon.

Only class-skills can be used to regenerate LP and EP. Be sure to include a healer in your party.
There are special LP and EP pots designed for CC Battle Dungeon and can only be used inside the dungeon, these can also only be found in CC Battle Dungeon.

All Rewards from this dungeon are binded.

There are 6 different types of floors in CC Battle Dungeon:

  • Mob - Defeat all Enemies.
  • Ultra - Defeat all Ultra Enemies.
  • Respawn - Clear the floor four times.
  • Time Limit - Clear the floor in the time limit.
  • Bonus - Destroy all crates, gives LP/EP pots.
  • Boss - Defeat the Boss for Reward.

If your team can complete all 150 floors of CC Battle Dungeon, your team will be rewarded one of the exclusive and rare stat enhancing auras!

Going back in time!

In Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations Time Machine Quests are story driven quests that a group 5 players can experience together. The player must take a time machine and go back through a temporal rift to help Trunks and ‘GBT-HOPE’ defend time.

The player can start Time Machine Quests from level 25 onwards, the player can repeat a Time Machine Quest any time. To begin a Time Machine Quest the party leader must obtain the specified Time Machine Crystal.

Talk to ‘GBT-HOPE’ and apply to do a Time Machine Quest. Only the party leader can apply for the Quest, players need to join the party before they can enter. Only 5 players can enter the Time Machine Quest at a time. After entering a Time Machine Quest, you must complete all the stages within the specified time, to be successful.

The Time Machine Quests have multiple difficulties that you and your party can attempt, with higher level requirements as all enemies and bosses have more health, and deal more damage, should be only attempted by those that trust their companions.

Time Machine Quests are Stage quests; you must successfully complete each Stage Quest to proceed to the next Stage Quest. Every Stage quest has a time limit and must be completed within the time limit.

The following conditions will be judged as a failure:

  • Unable to complete the task within the specified time

  • Team members are all defeated

Number Time Machine Quest Difficulty Level Location
TMQ1-1 Smile Farm Easy ~ Normal ~ Hard 25 ~ 30 Karin Forest
TMQ1-2 The Journey Begins Easy ~ Normal ~ Hard 33 ~ 45 Westlands
TMQ1-3 The Nightmare Normal ~ Hard 41 ~ 54 Yahhoy East
TMQ1-4 Saiyan Invasion Normal ~ Hard 47 ~ 54 Westlands
TMQ2-1 Dark cloud over Planet Namek Hard 49 ~ Mushroom Rocks South
TMQ2-2 Namek's Fate Hard 50 ~ Fearland
TMQ2-3 The Strongest Enemies Hard 58 ~ Porunga Rocks South