Player versus Player

Dragon Ball Online Universe Revelations offers several competitive game modes for those that enjoy Player versus Player content. These are Tenkaichi Budokai, Dojo Battles, Dragon Scramble, Ranked Battle, Duels or the ever competitive Platform.

Some of these events take place several times a week, while others can be done at the players leisure.
You can participate in these Game modes either solo, or in team, except for Free Battles and Dojo Battle, which have specific requirements.

While you can participate in most of these game modes at any level, it would be wise to only participate in these games modes at the recommended levels to ensure a rich and fun experience.

Free Battle can be accessed without any requirements, as such there is no recommended levels, the player must be weary of requests to duel due to this.

Worlds Martial Arts Tournament!

Continues the tradition going back hundreds of years, held four times a week!
Want to be the strongest? Be sure to attend!

The Tenkaichi Budokai starts:

  • Junior

    • Every Tuesday and Friday
  • Adult

    • Every Wednesday and Saturday

The Tenkaichi Budokai is divided into two different level brackets;

  • Levels 1-29 is required to participate in the Kid Bracket of the Tenkaichi Budokai.

  • Levels 30+ above is required to participate in the Adult Bracket of the Tenkaichi Budokai .

You do not need to have completed the adult, or masterclass quests to participate in the Adult Bracket of Tenkaichi Budokai.

Before Tenkaichi Budokai starts, the system will prompt players to sign up (Appears in the lower right corner of the screen). Players must register through the registration interface to lodge participation, players that own a Dojo will be able to allow one of their guildsman to skip the Solo Preliminaries, there are no restrictions to joining the Tenkaichi Budokai apart from the entry requirements.

The Tenkaichi Budokai is further split in two, with the Solo and Team Divisions, for both the Kid and Adult Brackets.

Each Bracket and Division, will fight in the preliminaries to decide the placements for both Team and Solo, and after preliminaries, Teams and Solo will fight four rounds, deciding who will take First, Second and Third place, which will receive an Aura, Senzu beans, Mudosa points and a large sum of Zeni. All participants will receive small Senzu beans regardless of placement.

The Fight for Supremacy!

When your guild grows to a certain size, you can move to your own Dojo, only guild members can enter the Dojo, and open the Dojo warehouses, as well as the exclusive Dojo trader.

The cost of a Dojo application:

  • 10,000 Guild style points

  • 1,000,000 Zeni

You must find a Dojo administrator outside of each Dojo to make an application. There are a total of seven Dojos near villages and major cities.

Location of Dojo Temples:

  • Kokkara Village, Snail Village, Bee Village

  • Korin Village, West City, Buu Memorial, Mushroom Village

In the supply room, you can purchase a Dojo trader, where you can purchase supplies, such as guild Dogis, and Dojo teleports as well be able to sell items. You will also gain access to a third bank, the Dojo bank. Each Week, the leader of the Dojo can give one of his members the ability to skip Preliminaries for the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament.

Once a Dojo has been occupied, it will become the guilds Dojo for that week, and will be required to defend against any guilds looking to takeover, if no requests are made or if the guild is successful in defending, it will belong to the guild for another week, there is a limit of one Dojo a guild may own. However you will only be able to have 30 members from each guild enter each Dojo at one time.

The way you can capture or defend is by winning the "King of the Hill" type mode, the guild that controls the six Dojo pillars for the longest time, will win, the score cap is 500 or highest score after 60 minutes, owning multiple pillars will gain you more points, upon entering or defending a Dojo, you will be given a seal stone which you'll need to use on the pillars to initiate a capture, after a short cast time, provided you are not interrupted, you will capture the pillar, and will need to defend it, from the other guild.

The Hunt for Dragon Balls!

Players will need to grab a unique set of Dragon Balls, only the final winning team or person with all the Dragon Balls can summon Shenron!

Players will be prompted in the lower right corner, Scramble is only available to characters above Level 45. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to participate. When the event begins Dragon Balls, will be scattered around the map at seven different locations!

After applying to scramble, you and your team partners will glow blue, any other players involved in the scramble will glow red. When playing in the Scramble, You can see where the Dragon Balls are, and who has them by checking the world map.

Scramble has areas safe from attackers, for those that need to take refuge or for a break, these are all villages, water and other areas such as camps which have NPCs. As players have the freedom to fight against any other scramble player, when an opponent dies, you will get Mudosa points for the Mudosa Gambler. The Dragon Balls will fall from slain players and animals in the wild, after picking up a Dragon Ball, it can be traded to any of your team members.

However, when the following conditions are met, the Dragon Ball(s) will fall to the ground:

  • Your character dies.

  • Use of any teleport or Instant transmission or other ways to move instantly.

  • Move to a region that is marked as safe.

  • Leaving Scramble(Game close, Swapping Channel or Returning to Lobby).

After seven Dragon Balls have been collected, you can go to any of the Shenron altars and summon Shenron. Once summoned, you will be able to wish for exclusive to Scramble only equipment as well as your regular wishes, such as transformation and HTB skills.

Solo or Team?

Ranked Battles can be played at any time, against anyone within five level of your character or as a group of up-to five for team duels.

Rank Battles can be done up-to 80 times a day. To find an opponent you must search for opponents using the Ranked sign up system which can be found near any Dojo. if no match is found within a minute you will be automatically re-added to the queue, until either a match is found, or queue has been left. After being assigned an opponent or opponent team, all the players will automatically be sent to the venue, once the battle is finished, you will be returned to where you left.

Solo Battle:

  • 2 minutes per round, three rounds or two wins.

  • Wins Conditions: Opponent K.O or Ring Out.

Team Battle:

  • 3 minutes per round, five rounds, or three wins.

  • Score accumulates via kills against other team.

  • Win Condition: Last team standing.

After all rounds have been completed, the statistics for each round will be tallied and a final score will be presented and rewards will be added to the winning player or team, as well as the ranked points earned will be added to the Rank battle scoreboard, which can be found by pressing "B" in-game.

The player may use the mudosa points rewarded for participating in ranked battles at any mudosa gambler, found near Dojos and in West City.

Player Duel

Players can duel with other players freely, at any level, anywhere apart from safe zones, such as villages and towns. It is an easy way to practice strategies with friends, or settle scores with rivals without the penalties of death, and rank. To Begin a duel, one player must first request for a Duel against their opponent and will begin upon consent of the other.

When the Duel begins, the two players will be restricted to a duel circle and in the middle will be a referee NPC. if a player leaves the duel circle they must return to the arena within 10 seconds, otherwise the player who left the duel circle will automatically forfeit the duel, if the player leaves by other means such as instant transmission or party teleport, they will not receive the 10 second warning, but instead will immediately forfeit the duel.

Duels has no restrictions.

Win Conditions:

  • If a players Life Points go below 2LP the other player wins.

  • If the duel lasts for one hour:

    • The duel ends with the player with the most health left being declared the winner.


The Platform is an area where players can duel unrestricted, at any level, to the death. Players who step onto this dangerous arena, do so prepared to face death.

As there are no rules in this arena, players can fight any opponent who steps on the arena, with a number advantage if they so please. Players who die on the platform receive no degradation on their equipment, this does not apply to deaths that have players die from damage received from attacks after leaving platform such as bleed, or burn.

This arena is a popular spot for Guilds of all skill levels, as they can fight unrestricted to the death, which quite popular with settling conflicts and rivalries.

You can find this arena by using one of the teleporters, or any other means of travel, to get to "Korin Village", once in Korin village, be sure to set your spawn zone to Korin Village as once you are bested in combat, you will be returned to your spawn zone, with it set to Korin village you will be able to swiftly return to the fight.