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I've noticed the poor administration of this game, the developers do not care about the bugs and mistakes that the community has been having.

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I kindly request that you join our discord if you haven't, as that would be proof that you haven't looked close enough.

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You might got bad idea about this


  • We are not on Open Beta so all the stuff you do now is basically you learn the game abit BUT you're job is to find bugs and report it so that the Dev's can fix it...
  • You are welcome to play the game and waste your time doing so say whatever you feel like
  • Take in mind the Dev's asked us people to play the test run server so that they can fix the bugs people getting and such

But yeah as what Dumke said ealier the more info about the changes so say server is online or offline or what changes and such happens allot in the discord server recommended to use discord 24-7 until we get OB...

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Guest Tempest



As previously stated in this thread, we invite you to join DBOUR's discord server, in which you will be able to have quicker updates on the state of the server.


Please remember that this server is still in Alpha stage. The developers are experiencing bugs and hard at work trying to fix all they come across, however at this given point in time we cannot promise 100% server stability. This doesn't mean that there is poor administration of this game, or the developers do not care. It means that unpredictable situations do occur frequently, in which are out of the DBOUR team's control.


If you dislike this, and find the game unbearable to play, then that is fine. It's best and recommended that you wait for future updates and when the game is out of Alpha stage. That way you will have a more enjoyable experience.


But if you continue to play the game under Alpha stage and continue to complain about how the game is run, then that's on you.

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