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  1. KamiRamin

    Well Blazing said most of it anyways my opinion for reply to this thread lol Well no we won't have new transformations YET here is the reasons We are on Alpha Stage (There might not be a future if the dev's decide to give up) People wishes allot for new transformations but you may forget the part that there will be unbalanced between race (Yes it's not a easy thing to add new transformations for other races it's like adding a new item to the game bug everything up cause of that 1 small thing) If there will be new transformations then you have to wait for OB Lvl 70+ And hope for the Shenron to grant you're wish to become true
  2. KamiRamin

    after watching this it kinda reminded me of dbog pob time #2018 :kappa
  3. KamiRamin

    This pic is from DBOG (Open Beta) you ask why this picture out of anything else? Well i rather have this type of gameplay instead of dealing with drama inside the game... Back in tw days ~
  4. It's just matter of days when we see DboG goes shut down... Dbog got no content at this point they will lose players for everyday passing meanwhile Dbour at least adding future content and have it ready when the times comes
  5. KamiRamin

    You might got bad idea about this We are not on Open Beta so all the stuff you do now is basically you learn the game abit BUT you're job is to find bugs and report it so that the Dev's can fix it... You are welcome to play the game and waste your time doing so say whatever you feel like Take in mind the Dev's asked us people to play the test run server so that they can fix the bugs people getting and such But yeah as what Dumke said ealier the more info about the changes so say server is online or offline or what changes and such happens allot in the discord server recommended to use discord 24-7 until we get OB...
  6. Oof DBOR finally got out of its slumber DBOR sensed something weird and teleport into DBONU and started to do fusion dance At the end they become DBOUR
  7. KamiRamin

    Well my name was kinda under a alt char name before i made the char my main oof tbh i don't remember well about how i made sure the name got made and such cause its been way to long since i made the class Well let's start with short story A IRL friend of mine told me to play this mmorpg with him -> Accepted at lvl 1-3 i felt like OP Saiyan went and fought lvl 7 Monkey's keept dying OOF (big noob back then) -> after figure out how the quest system worked and such without the english patch i started to learn the game from scratch and from that day i played different classes had like 12 different account to keep grinding and such on from then -> decidet to make a class that my IRL friend have and called it KamiRamin -> back then i was into god names like Legendary and such oof big dreams! but yeah i figured out that Kami + Ramin fits perfect togheter for me so yeah -> SK lvl 45 STOPPED -> Playing All other Classes (Get Bored) -> Meet TheReapers (StalkerEX & his brother) -> get interested into PVP -> Notices that i needed to become strong for PVP -> (back then Fighter & SK was mostly broken classes) Decidet to go back to my SK lvl it up to max lvl farm gear and such -> be decent geared and such for pvp with trash hybrid build oof -> was able to get green book and sold it to make money -> been doing decent in pvp against few chinese that was into P2W -> earned 3rd place (Solo? Party? don't remember correctly) -> Camping in plat 24-7 -> make my name keept rising slowly to the enemies -> after few weeks before the shutdown the plat war ended and all players who supposed to be our enemies decide to give up... Had few weeks on me to spend my time on the game and ended up lvling a turtle to lvl 62 beaten lvl 60 sk outside kokkara village! before the shut down i gave up on the last day and started to play DMO and quit 2 weeks after then went to tera oof after that i don't remember what happend Basically my name been made from DBO TW Server 1 so say my first mmorpg back then where i used mini laptop to play until i bought a laptop just to play it oof back those days it's been hard to play with laptop at least now i got a ok pc that should handle all the games for now...