Client and Server Patch Notes 4.6.1 12/23/2021

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  • Properties were removed (They have been replaced with training points)
  1. Explanation: Properties were removed because they added stats to your character that were over-tuned. This means that without properties in the game all content can be cleared, however, we did not want to simply delete the system entirely and not have some sort of replacement. Hence Training Points, this way there isn't too much of a difficulty spike and there is also some difference between versions of the game.





  •         Universe Points are manually allocated currently.     
  •         Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2    
  •         Some TMQ Effects don't show
  •         TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience.     



  •  Dragon Ball Event Update
  1.  Changed Dragon Ball time to Monday Wednesday and Saturday
  2.   Changed drop rates to (2%)
  3.  Explanation: The reason for this is because dragon ball drops are way too lenient at the current point in time and considering the newly added rewards in recent updates. 

            We believe it is best to not allow for such strong items to be obtained easily.



  • Honey Event Update
  1. Changed Honey time to Tuesday Thursday and Sunday
  2. Changed Honey Drop rates Big Honey (30%)/ Medium Honey (50%)/ Small Honey (50%).

Explanation: The reason for this is because honey drops are extremely easy to obtain at the current point in time and considering rewards that are redeemed for it, we believe it is best to not allow for such quantity of honey to be dropped frequently.


  •  EXP Rates
  1. Changed Quest EXP rates to 1.35%
  2. Changed Solo Mob EXP rates to 1.85%
  3. Changed Party Mob EXP rates to 1.35%
  4. Changed Weekend EXP rate 50%

 Explanation: Simply put, EXP rates were too strong and have made leveling up too easy. Hopefully this will allow for  players to slow down progress and alongside the new upgrade system, can allow for the use of lower tier gears before getting to endgame.


  •  ZENI Rates
  1.  Reduced Zeni Rates.
  2. [5-2] Explanation: Zeni was too easy to farm in high quantities once at end game and allowed for players to easily purchase whatever they wanted with a lack of effort.


  •  Upgrade System
  1.  Upgrading without white stones will result in gear being destroying upon failing.
  2. Upgrading with white stones will put gear to +0 upon failing.

Explanation: This was done in hopes that players will slow down progress and allow for a more strategic way of thinking when using and upgrading gear. Hopefully now, the use of multiple lower tier pieces of gear can be made before finally getting that perfect higher tier piece. This should allowed for a better structured Auction House.



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