Client and Server Patch Notes 2.4.17 04/07/2021

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    Housekeeping, Housekeeping





    Major Features


Included in the Download

  • Everything that is required for the game and the launcher to run is now included in the REDIST folder 
  • Windows 7 Fixer and Permissions Fixer are also Included in this download
    • Run Windows 7 Fixer if you are running Windows 7 ONLY
    • Run Permissions Fixer if you are running from Program Files
      • Permissions Fixer can be safely run on any config.



  • Due to a mistake on my behalf, the client I have been preparing since roughly 2.4.0 has been unintentionally bloated by roughly 48% 
    • The download is now 3.09GB smaller
    • The game is now 9.86GB smaller 


  • If check the size your client and it is larger than 12.0GB you can redownload the client to free up some space
    • You can save all your current settings by clicking the "Backup user data" (screenshots, player settings) button on the launcher before swapping clients




  • JMQFerS.png Time Patrol Goku 
    • For all races and genders nowE5UJ7ESX0AINSAg?format=jpg&name=large


     View all cosmetics here
Cosmetic Gallery


    Known Issues


  •         Universe Points are manually allocated currently.     
  •         Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2    
  • Some TMQ Effects don't show
  •   TMQ doesn't give Experience     




    Crashes Fixed


  • Fixed Crash due to incorrect padding on the tables in the previous patch 





  • Lowered the Collision on the Bridge between Karin Village and Karin's Tower


Before and After




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