Client and Server Patch Notes 4.13.0 03/10/2022

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  • New Dogis
    • namek1.png Xeno Piccolo Dogi (Namekian Only)
    • krillinred.png Casual Krillin Dogi
    • radogi.png Raditz Dogi
    • ssveg.png Saiyan Saga Vegeta Dogi
    • a_hfi_04_02_j.png Martial Artist Dogi
    • 1cosoi2.png Martial Artist Dogi #2
    • gs2.png Great Saiyaman 2 Dogi (Female Only)
    • heles.png Heles God of Destruction Dogi (Female Only)
    • banbdk.png Bardock Bandana (Human & Namekian Only)
    • bandcwh.png White Bandana (Human & Namekian Only)


View all cosmetics here
Cosmetic Gallery



boss.png NEW BOSS MOBS boss.png

DBS Vegeta



Baby Vegeta



DBZ Broly

dbz broly.png


    Known Issues


  •         Universe Points are manually allocated currently.     
  •         Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2    
  • Some TMQ Effects don't show
  •   TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience     






  • Tweaked Female Intro Dogis
    • dogi3.png


  • Tweaked all new Boss Mobs Stats
    • Turles

    • Wrath State Broly

    • Super Saiyan Broly Full Power

    • Great Ape Broly

    • Goku Black

    • Goku Black Rose

    • Fused Zamasu

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