Client and Server Patch Notes 4.2.0 30/10/2021

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    Major Features


Included in the Download

  • We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location.
    • If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that.
      • If you do download another version you will need to click repair on the current install.


  • When a GM event is now active, you will be able to teleport to the host.
    • Typing @event <host's name> (example @event Dumke)
    • this command will be able to be used during any event.
  • You can now visually see whose the event manager by their Event Manager title now.
  • GM commands to add mechanics to GM hosted events


  • Party Experience is now correctly applying 25% more experience to all party members in range.


  • Boss event icon is now visible
    • Display logic has been fixed
    • Majin kill counter added on click
      • updated every 10 kills.


  • Honey Bee Event is now 21 hours a day.
  • Added a second channel
  • Fish and Fairy event has been disabled.
    • Yay? they might return some day.
  • You can now put items up on the auction house for multiple days.
    • 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and 7 days.


*all lowercase

Halloween Promotional Event, if you wish to top up your URP,

you can do so with this coupon code for 25% off exclusively with ko-fi

Valid until 3rd November 2021





  • Uub Dogi
    • For all races 
  • Several Commission Pieces
  • GT Pan Dogi
  • Vegeta Wig
  • Janemba Event Sword
  • Piccolo dogi tweaks. 



     View all cosmetics here
Cosmetic Gallery


    Known Issues


  •         Universe Points are manually allocated currently.     
  •         Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2    
  • Some TMQ Effects don't show
  •   TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience     




    Crashes Fixed


  • Fixed missing animations crash
  • Fixed guild creation crash
  • Fixed missing skill table crash
  • Fixed Backpack crash (I hope)
    • Baby Goku & Vegeta, Summer Backpacks
  • Fixed Budokai NULL value crash/bug





  • Fixed Infinite SP Bug
    • If you were affected by this bug, you will need to skill reset to get the SP Back.
    • If you are unable to login, you will need to @reload on a second character.
  • Disabled event loot drop
    • event loot to inventory takes it place instead
      • for better reward distribution
  • Added readme to media folder for launcher
    • Which will explain launcher customization.
      • if you want to put the entire bee movie in as your launcher background, feel free.
  • Removed skill rest warning that you can only do it once a week, as it's wrong.
  • Removed tons of buggy effects on items that aren't suppose to have them.
  • Backpacks are being a bit strange right now, some items are ignoring scaling, while others are just like supersize me bro.
    • so, for now, they're just doing what they want.
  • Added Halloween event capsules and bosses.
  • Revert decreased time between budokai rounds.
  • Fixed HTB2 skill use bug.
    • If you're affected by this, contact staff.
  • Added extra logic to CCBD for GM Debugging.
  • Fix the popups for Dragon Ball Hunt and Honey Bee events to be more readable.
  • Corrected the text formatting on Weekend EXP announcement.
  • Fixed the ASC and DESC buttons on the auction house
  • Hopefully the population tracker is now fixed on 
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Need InterlockedCompareExchange.DLL, ceA.DLL, mMenu.DLL, MessageW, PLS Help

Edited by ISMEvilBuu
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my progress is lost .. first of all my main character was 70 level and now is 21 level 

and my other characters deleted .. why ? 

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17 hours ago, BilleyTs said:

my progress is lost .. first of all my main character was 70 level and now is 21 level 

and my other characters deleted .. why ? 


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