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I haven't yet introduced myself, but hello, hope you're doing great.

A few friends told me about this project, but I'm unsure as to what stage of development this server is on, I've looked around and it seems you guys have just started, but you are also ACTUALLY doing work, unlike some teams who've tried to before.

So, the first question is: What stage of development is this project on (If you can tell me what has been finished lately and what will be finished soon, I think that will serve as a great answer)?

Also, I saw a picture of Kai race (Unless my eyes deceive me) and Frieza race, do you have any set ideas as to what those classes WILL do? I mean, for the many aspects of every MMO, such as buffer, healer, tank, dps, etc, what's their purpose?

And since you are actually working on other races, is there a chance you could be looking at getting the other human classes (The engineers) implemented into the game?

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Welcome :classic_smile: You can find most of your answers in the news and patch notes sections. Many of the basics (movement, chat, simple combat) have been implemented and they're working at a rather quick pace to bring the rest online

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We share the same interests you and I, since some of your questions weren't answered yet I decided to jump in and give you a small insight of the current progress!

First of all, the project only started a couple of months ago, and it is currently undergoing Alpha phase (early stages). What they have accomplished in this time-span is unbelievable, it surely demonstrates what a group of dedicated developers can achieve when working together. They have made two teams, one working on the TW client while the other focuses on the KR version.
So far they have been focusing on the very basic features of the game, like the combat system, NPC A.I., NPC shops (buying/selling), repair system, party system, teleports, consumable Items, basic Dueling system, trading system and most importantly over-all server stability.

There are still plenty of basic yet crucial features to cover such as skills (currently being worked on), guild system, auction house, crafting system, mailing system, dragonball events, PVP tournaments, quests and instances. A huge translation revamp is due as well.

I can't say how much content they have about the new races, It would certainly be great if an answer could be provided on the forums, but I can say it was confirmed (on Discord) that they will be working on them in the future along with more custom made content. I as well am eager to see what was left done about the engineer class, my guess is it was removed to keep the current races population balanced (2 classes per race).

Original DBO idea:

Again, this is what I know so far, an reply from the team would always be more reliable. All-in-all welcome to DBONU and I hope you choose to support the project!


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Thanks for the reply. It's too bad we can't confirm it yet, but I feel that DBO is in good hands with this team and has a bright future.

Great to see the main Stats being reformed, some of them gave quite a lot of advantage (DEX and FOC) and some else gave little to nothing (STR and SOL, sad Pokos and DWs all around T-T)

Dealing with P2W aspects will be difficult; however, it is still doable with the feedback of informed players. This team has already demonstrated that new content COULD be added, which is great for the long run of the game.

I always thought DBO would be the best Online Dragon Ball game if it is handled properly and, quite unfortunately, none of the teams that have worked on it thus far showed it the love it deserves. Hope this one prevails and shows this game's true colors.

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