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  1. Lark3m

    If you've got the right scouter on then it's just a matter of luck. On saturday it took a solid 10 mins of killing mobs before db icons showed up and then I only averaged 1 ball every 30 mins or so. Some people got multiple sets, I only finished a single set after 3 hours (I'd collected 9 by the end of the hunt if I remember right).
  2. Lark3m

    Were you killing mobs or just wondering around?
  3. Lark3m

    Welcome You can find most of your answers in the news and patch notes sections. Many of the basics (movement, chat, simple combat) have been implemented and they're working at a rather quick pace to bring the rest online
  4. Lark3m

    Thanks for the info dude, much appreciated. I would love to help with projects like this but all I've got under my belt so far is just some basic python. Hoping to eventually work my way up to C, C# and C++
  5. Lark3m

    Out of curiosity, which programs and/or coding languages would one need to be familiar with in order to do what the dev team here has been doing?
  6. I need to make more time so I can join in on the fun lol
  7. Lark3m

    I thought the case with dashing might have been something like that, thanks for the super fast replies.
  8. Lark3m

    I noticed the patch notes included an entry about dashing distance and I wanted ask, is there a way to unlock it besides doing the quest? Also, about flying, while didn't get to play the original dbo for too long I remember flying having 2 speeds, free and whatever the cash-shop item gave you. How is this DBONU going to handle flying?
  9. Lark3m

    Hi everyone Names Lark3m, I played TW version for a while, unfortunately I got into it not too long before it shut down and I've always wanted to give it another go so I wanted to say thanks for making the effort to get this up and running. I don't have the coding skills to help out yet (only started learning recently) but I'm rooting for the team. Lark3m