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Currently we are looking for 2-3 Content creators for the server. 

They will be in charge of adding new content to the game. 

Currently, we are looking for people to add new maps/quest lines to the game. 

Shortly we will have quests working so right now the main thing is to add new areas to the game. 

We have a suite of tools available for this reason specifically. (World editor, quest editor, cinema editor) 


If you are interested drop an application in the Staff Application form with your experience and other important infos you can find in the staff application announcement thread. 



Looking forward to hear from some future content creators. 




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Wow i would love to apply for some but i am not sure how can i do any of this stuff maybe edit quest lines but if you are looking for anyone willing to teach i will apply for it. I would really want to help the project.

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