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  1. One of the updates that made me play again every day !
  2. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character names: MesaTurtle,ApocalypseKnight,RnJesus Proof of ownership for claim:https://imgur.com/a/8M5w9UD What would you like to recover: 1): I would like to recover all levels on the characters image so my turtle 75,Buffer lvl 68,and karma atleast lvl 45 even tho it was lvl 60 i do not have newer screenshot 2) Recover my wand +17 29% en crit,+14 gloves 29% en crit,Jacket +15 Constitution 27,shoes +11 Constitution 26,That blue aura Depression,earrings 2x cd 20 no picture but i will prove whatever u want that i had em,rings were in a combo one was con 17 i dont even remember effect of the other one. As for dogis gogeta dogi constitution 9 effect,Red wings energy critical rate 9,angel halo golden i dont remember what effect i had on it. 3) IF u cant get stats back id love my silver boxes back that i had trough events. And id rather that i speak with someone on discord because i am not the screenshot type therefore i dont have lots of pictures to prove but i have a lot of friends who can confirm that i had what i had discord name: Mesa#9998 4) As for zenis i had over 200kk as i have screenshotted it once so recover as much as you can give me i will be happy with anything, 5) all dragon buffs u see on the pictures if possible,had htb too ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
  3. Wow i would love to apply for some but i am not sure how can i do any of this stuff maybe edit quest lines but if you are looking for anyone willing to teach i will apply for it. I would really want to help the project.
  4. Well first i would like to say hello. My name is Mehmed but everyone calls me Mesa,im 19 years old and im able to work as a team and im willing to put my time and effort into moderator position. Also im really bad at writing stuff like this so im sorry if im boring,but when it comes to sense of humor hohoh i have that
  5. Already so many changes and added things i especially like lvl 75 son gawku best ! And new area omg man yes keep it coming !