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  1. I can wait to try out the image training but would that require one to create a new charater if that already are like max level or 2+ levels?
  2. Wow that was alot of crashing I'm glad you guys have caught it and fixed it really fast.
  3. This game it really getting better and better and this is the best patch notes that I've seen come out. Thank you for all the hard work that you all are putting into this games development. :)
  4. It would be interesting to test out the sk class after these new changes and thank you for making sure that the token shop doesn't take dubble of the actual price of the items.
  5. [Introduction] Hello I would love to become a moderator and one day become a gm for DBOUR because I believe I would be an asset for your team as I want to help other members which I always help my peers even if I don’t become a mod I would still help this community and game grow and get better with the suggestions that i occasionally give out in Ideas-and-suggestions channel. Please don’t let my mistakes judge me not to become a mod as we are all human and we all make mistakes and I want the same opportunity as everyone else to be able to become a part of this team. I love working with you all to help improve this game and make everything better for everyone else. Also keep up all the hard work that you do. For my requirements to become a part of the DBOUR team is listed below in paragraphs. I also want to join with friends who are becoming staff members and I would love to work with them. If I do become gm one day I want to try out fun mini events like hide and seek events where if who ever can find me once I have hid they get the reward which may be a stone or a dogi or a z32 just small stuff. [Age] -I am 21 Years of age even though I certainly don't sound like it in vc because in vc I'm always very nervous to use my voice and it's hard for me to just say what I want to say because I'm shy in vc and I have autism, OCD, kleptomania, schizophrenia and am mentally delayed 3 to 9 years behind so that's why I tend to behave not of my age from time to time. I know that I shouldn't put all of that here but I have to explain why I act like and sound like a kid. I'm trying to sound more adult in vc. I want to 1 day be just as good in vc as I am as good as in sending messages through text but for now it's easier for me to just communicate thru text rather than thru voice because it could be many months before my shy and nervousness goes away in vc as I continue to speak in vc in the DBOUR discord server. I also can littray show you a pic of my ID card but I'll only post it in the dms if you still doubt my true age. [writing] -My writing skills need some improvements as in when ever I try to type to fast to keep up with the active conversation because I have a lot to say and it will have various typos as you have seen in my in-game chats in LFG or in universe chat but I am always improving my wording as you can see as you are reading this application. I can make lists like when me and Vani were working on the Id's google doc for all the dogi id's and other grand items.-I love to help random people out whenever it's in my know-how and I have helped people who were dealing with something major that was happening in their lives and I've helped them out through my advice so if anyone just needs someone to talk to I can help them in my dms. They are open to whoever is struggling with something and I will help them as best as I can. I also have trouble spelling some words sometimes. [Previous experience] -My previous experience is that I am an admin in several discord servers and own some of my own and I have tried to calm down the DBOG chats on a few occasions when things were getting out of hand and I'll jump in and end the madness that went way too far up there. I even used google translate to translate Spanish to English in one of those chat fights. It takes me a bit to be able to type out what where the Br or Spanish person said into google translate but much quicker to get out what I have to say in that language but one day I plan to learn Spanish and then Be mostly because there are so many people in my country that speak it and in any DBO project as well.-I do have the ability to work well with in a team and I always put the higher ups before me and I listen to what the situation could be as well as hear other people out and I plan to throw some useful ideas or tips to help the other members whenever I can that could get whatever problem has occurred solved. I also don't mind working with others and it's better to work as a team rather than entirely on your own because "two heads are better than one". [Humor] -Humor wise I'm still working on mine but I love to make others laugh as you guys may have heard in vc when I was making SanGawku's son die of laughter just by doing something funny in game at 10 at night. I wish to bring happiness wherever I know when people are having a bad day and I just want to make their day better. I also love to be silly sometimes as I am very silly irl. Spree-My current activeness on discord: Sometimes when I have a hard day or night due to my current irl crisis and what I refer to the "darkness or the tricks'' I sometimes feel really bad after the events to where I feel that I should not be on discord but up until recently things are final;y seeming to finally improve slowly day by day as you have seen me starting to become more active in discord and in game as well. If I go inactive on discord it will be like for a few days but I do check discord at least once everyday on my bad days but I'm slowly becoming more stable and active within the DBOUR community. [Motivation} -What motivates me is reading the constant new updates of DBOUR and seeing new members and when I see the chat has gone active when I'm around. I love to help those in need to the best of my current abilities. I also wish to give new members a very good 1st time experience within the game. I also wish to help make this community a better, more pleasant place where people feel comfortable chatting in the discord as well as in game.-I also understand very well ever since joining into the community that DBOUR staff member's shouldn't abuse their powers and vowed that if I eve become a part of the cool, awesome, and amazing staff of DBOUR that I wouldn't abuse my powers even when messing around with kai. I'll just let the other mods use their powers on him in those moment's. I'll sometimes if I have the power pin a certain post and edit the topics of the channels if they need it to be edited to where it's better for that channel. I'm the pin master for what some of my friends have called me. I use pins to be better organized and in case you all may need that certain post again in the future you can find it fast and easy without having to use the search to look for a certain post for hours.I also wish to become a gm one day and seeing my frinds become a part of the staff makes me happier. [experince] -The only knowledge I am lacking in the game (is listed from lowest to highest) budokai, ranked matches, some unfamiliar classes <-- (we all can use some knowledge of the classes that we never use) TMQ’s since I don't participate in those much, Ud's mostly for the ud's and tmqs I would heal if i can heal and buff other players sometimes I may be pretty stubborn as I want to fight as much as the others but I'm working on giving people their heals and buffs as well as helping out in combat. I also do like to collect the loot. But for the basic everyday dbo stuff I'm a pro at it. Just ask Nigilo the pro who is actually the PROgrammer. Thank you very very much all to those who have read my Honest Application to become a moderator for the DBOUR community. I would be very happy to be able to become a part of the team and be able to help you all and if I don’t I'll still try to help you all to the best of my ability. I also love to watch and see how fast this community is growing and the game as well. I’m very glad to be a part of this community with you all because DBOG is always so toxic and the other members always work each other in the discord and in this DBO I feel much safer and happier and I know that DBOUR will 1 day become the best DBO to come so far. The staff here also actually listen to you and they are also active with the community which makes me very happy. Thank you for giving me the chance to become a mod for DBOUR. I will always try to improve my character to make myself a better person as you can see that I have come a long way since I’ve 1st joined this server. Many special thanks to @#1631 for inviting me to the discord was the best thing that happened in my history of discord for me. Sincerely, Josten/Beamer/SeVen*/Rosen
  6. Here are most of my DBOG characters Chim Charm is mt personal bank in DBOGv2 Chain7 my future turtle Sidney7 Marlin7 On my very 1st and main account My Majin teleporter to to me on to turtle island Marshmallow 7 Kane7 and Shane7 will be one day be reanamed KaneHalow and ShaneHalow and I will recreate all my characters in DBOG into DBOUR but most of them won't have the 7 at the end. Reed7 Rajin7 Bufftz7 my buffer TimeStopper Zank7 my crane River7 another poko Bronze7 a poko Stream7 a plasma Beamers brother Warrior Kaka which is a remake of a ncp named Warrior Kaka who is in dragon cave south but is a NCP and a playable character GreyStone7 sk TimeKeeperZ Mitch77 might not bring him over here and dealt him in DBOG The namek version of the real life me Zalton7 a poko Me in the game expect that I have curly hair Opse forgot TheLootKing my farming turtle I have secret account and characters but I don't want to share them for reasons.