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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Tag: Spooky Crazy#3318 Things I lost: This video has some of the things I lost such as skills, dragon buffs, dogis Super Saiyan, budokai title etc. That way the post isn't too long. It was filmed in January 1st of 2021 as a joke about how poor I was in terms of zeni. With the inventory and skills out of the way, it's time for gear. I unfortunately cannot provide the stats for my gear as I did not have screenshots of such, so I will try and describe it to my best of ability and it's your call to decide whenever to believe me or not. Top: 26 Constitution 11+ Upgraded Pants: 24 Dexterity 12+ Upgraded Shoes: 24 Dexterity also 12+ Upgraded. Gloves: 12+ 27% Physical Critical Damage Stick: 16+ 27% Physical Critical Damage. All I wish to recover are those items, what was in my moveset, and what I was wearing at the time. Thank you for your time, have a good day. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////