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  1. Tempest

    Hi @ phase28 , This screenshot that you have provided does not really tell us much. Please click the submit bug button on that screen to send the information to the admin so he can investigate the cause of the crash. Kind Regards, Tempest
  2. Tempest

    Hi @ Superkeng555 , The evil santa's only spawn when the event is active, and only on channel 1. They do not spawn on channel's 2 and 3. Kind Regards, Tempest
  3. Tempest

    Hi @ Leboatskii , What is the exact message you get when the game closes? If it is the "you have been disconnected from the server" error message, then that means it is a problem with your internet connection/range. Kind Regards, Tempest
  4. Tempest

    Hi, Currently upgrade tickets/coupons do not work. There are potential plans to re-implement this feature/function, so hold onto your tickets just in-case. Regards, Tempest
  5. Tempest

    Hi, I've sent you a private message on the forums and on discord so we can discuss the issue further. EDIT: Issue has been solved so locking the thread.
  6. Tempest

    Hi @ Quetzalcoatl , Could you try to log into your account via the User Control Panel and then on the Hitze character click "fix". If your character still is crashing after performing this step please let us know and we will further investigate the issue. Kind Regards, Tempest
  7. Tempest

    Hi again Master Roxy, I talked to the admin (San Gawku) and he said that if your mail box is full it's possible that's why you lost your mail. He is going to fix the mail box next patch and you should receive your item/zenni then. If you don't please let us know. Kind Regards, Tempest
  8. Tempest

    Hi, This will be forwarded to the admins for further investigation. Sorry to ask, but did you refresh your mail box, try logging in and out and also are you the sole player on that account (as in, no other person plays on it where they could have taken the dogi)? Kind Regards, Tempest
  9. Tempest

    Hi, Sometimes players still experience crashes, including myself. The developers are trying to fix it. The time leap quest should be fixed however if you are still stuck please let us know. If your character is permanently stuck you can always fix your character by logging onto your account control panel and clicking the "fix" button here.
  10. Tempest

    Hi, I've been informed that these quests should be fixed now, however it could be possible that crashes still occur. Please let us know if you are still experiencing crashes and I'll forward your issues to the developer.