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  1. MasterRoxy

    today a new patch came out. my dogi still doesn't show up
  2. MasterRoxy

    Ok thankx so I'm already more relaxed in the sense of loving this server not for losing the dogi. keep it up, you are doing well Good work ty
  3. MasterRoxy

    I am waiting for an answer from you. character name - GokuDark
  4. MasterRoxy

    yes i am the only player in the account, and yes i also did all these processes. I remember very well yesterday, when I put up a 99.9999,999 million dogi
  5. MasterRoxy

    yesterday I put broly dogi on sale for 99kk! there must still be about 10 hours in the action house, but I can't find it and I haven't even received an email My Char name is GokuDark