(Possible?) Dragon Ball Hunt bug

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Playing the db hunt recently i realised only mobs that are my exact level would drop or have a chance to drop (be an orange dot on the mini map) dragon balls.


i tested it with my lvl 62, lvl 30 and lvl 5 and got the same result. also i recorded the moment i level up the mobs loose the chance to drop dragon balls immediately 


here is the recording, you can see on my mini map the moment i lvl up the mobs stop having the chance to drop db's

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Bro i don't even see tier 2 dragonballs on my map even though my scouter has ability to scan dragon balls do u know da wae? XD

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Usually you can click on the monster and see under the name whether it has a dragon ball or not after a dragon ball mob has spawned and it is displayed in the compass at the top right but I don't think it has been programmed in the game yet.


I hope that the drop rate of the Dragonball Mobs is increased more often and that several Dragonball Mobs respawn hope something will be done again.


In German


Normalerweise kann man das Monster anklicken und unter dem Namen sehen ob er einen Dragonball hat oder nicht nachdem ein Dragonball Mob gespawnt ist und es oben rechts im Kompass angezeigt wird aber ist glaube ich noch nicht rein programmiert wurden im Spiel.


Ich hoffe das man die Droprate der Dragonball Mobs noch erhöht das öfters und mehrere Dragonball Mobs respawnen hoffe da wird nochmal etwas gemacht.

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