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DBOUR Community strives to provide members with a thriving gaming community where they can have fun, experience in game, and meet great people in a safe environment.


We have created these guidelines to describe what is expected from all members of dbo Universe Revelations. Please take note that this may not entirely encompass all forms of inappropriate or offensive behaviour, and that the staff of DBOUR will address all behaviour that is seen as inappropriate.These rules and guidelines will apply to usernames, forum posts, signatures, and anything that is posted anywhere as part of the DBOUR community.

Please take note that being a member of the DBOUR community is a privilege and not a right. The staff of DBOUR reserves the right to restrict access to the community if one breaks these rules, including but not limited to your failure to abide to these guidelines.

If you feel we have missed something please send a private message (PM) to DBOUR Staff.

English Only:
While we are excited to have members from all parts of the world, we require members to use English for communication on the forum.

Treat each other well. Most, if not all, communities, are at their best when all members treat one another with respect and courtesy. We ask that when being a member of DBOUR you use the utmost respect towards all players in a civilised and kind manner.

Proper Posting:
Think before you post. Be sure what you are posting is well thought out , follows the rules, and add to the community.
Post in the section of the forum most relevant to what you have to say.
Respond to threads in a way that adds to the conversation and stay on topic.
Avoid repeating topics. Search the forum first to see if anyone has already started a thread about what you want to post.
Makes sure all links you include in posts follow the forum rules as well.
No double posting.
No flaming for grammar or spelling.
Do not bump threads.
Do not use DBONU to advertise any of your personal projects or try to sell anything.


Inappropriate Content:


No personal insults against another member or moderator.
Obscenity and Gore: No excessive blood, no disembowelment or dismemberment, no inappropriate references to bodily functions or structure, and nothing even remotely pornographic.


We do not allow this type of behaviour in any form, whether it is cyber or in real life.
Discrimination: We will not tolerate any discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, heritage, or religion. This includes but is not limited to language, either clear or masked, or links that:
promote hatred, allude to racial or ethnic slurs, suggest a religion or race or any people group be treated in a negative manner create groups within the community that discriminate against races, religions, nationality, heritage, or other people groups encourage others to single out, shame, or ostracise a member or group of members Impersonating a DBOUR Staff Member: This is strictly forbidden and those found doing so will face severe punishment. This includes but is not limited to:

Claiming to have a high or powerful position on the DBOUR staff
Claiming to be able to punish or ban members
Claiming to have special privileges from the staff.

Private Information:
Respect the personal privacy of others both on and off the DBOUR forums. We expect that members will not post any private information about others,.

Reporting Content:
Reported content is handled quickly by forum moderators to ensure the rules are followed and DBOUR's mission statement is being fulfilled. If you see something that looks like spam, please be sure to report it immediately as well.



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