Client & Server Patch Notes: 17/1/2019

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Hey there. Small patch for you guys today.


  • Performance fixes for the client
  • Added Fight Indicator on status bar.
  • Fixed bug with some admin tools
  • Fixed aggro conditions. (within 5 levels of the mobs to be chased)
  • Some graphical changes on the character creation menu.
  • Added A couple GM items so you know who we are.
  • Added more options to option window
  • Added "Your name" toggle to turn it off
  • Added "Other Names" toggle to turn all other names off
  • Texture updates All windows are now in English.
  • Attack Textures Updated with English (Thanks Ebon)


  •  Character deletion timer

  •  Mob energy overflow

  •  Fix auto attack from command

  •  Test with auto attack smoother

  •  Aggro on direct damage

  •  Party timer increased to 10 minutes

  •  Scouter value fix

Might have some more for you guys later today 🙂

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