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When noticing that DBOUR was open beta from various sources and that there is a way to support the creators via patreon some questions came up to my mind as I am not familiar with this. The questions are as follows;

  • Is there a certain restriction to only being able to donate  the set amount at the patreon link page (1-100$) or can this be altered?
  • Is it possible to donate more than the limit shows (100 dollars)?
  • Is there a possiblity to only pay a certain amount of money one time only and not per month and still get a reward in game?
  • If the possibility exists to only donate once and not per month, will you still be able to get the set rewards in game and will those rewards stay in game even when a month has passed after the donation date (eg. NPC with your name on it or accound bound rewards)?


Thank you for your attention and time


Kind regards





I personally feel that there is a lot of love and thought put into this project and that the developers are not being affraid to put new subject into the game (eg. taking elements from DBGT and DBS or even mentioning about creating a new race or class). This can only be done of course if given the right resources and time to develop such complex and unexplored territory. I sincerely thank the staff for putting breathing in a new life and wish all of them luck on the path ahead.


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